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Ankura Consulting – Conducting Sham Audits of Asbestos Claims! Tom Florence/Marla Eskin Stealing Victims Funds

Ankura Consulting Conducting Sham Audits of Asbestos Claims – Misappropriating Millions

The Audits being conducted by Asbestos Trusts are a Sham! A Complete Sham. Hundreds of asbestos victims are suffering while sham audits of Asbestos Claims are being conducted AND (at the same time), millions of victims funds are misappropriated to interested parties!

Why are Audits of Asbestos Claims being conducted by “interested party” Ankura Consulting? Simple…

  1. When the Department of Justice comes calling (misappropriation of Trust funds by Fiduciaries Steven Kazan/Alan Brayton), the Trusts and Ankura want to be able to mislead the DOJ by saying “…what are you talking about, we audit claims all the time…”
  2. To misappropriate victims funds to Tom Florence (a Trust Fiduciary, insider,  AND a partner at Ankura)
  3. To mislead the U.S. Trustee that  no fraud is taking place.

Who is being Audited by the Asbestos Trusts? 

  1. All Attorneys EXCEPT the “Fiduciaries” of the Trust (who are committing the fraud) – i.e. Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton, and others with mostly mesothelioma claims
  2. Doctors – The frauds at Ankura are not only trying to blackball lawyers, they are also attempting to “Blackball” doctors who not coincidentally don’t work with the Trust “Fiduciary” Firms – Steven Kazan

If they really wanted to Find Fraud in Asbestos Claims – Where should they Look?

  1. Across multiple Asbestos Trusts on claims filed by Alan Brayton and Steven Kazan for the same victim….and pay close attention to the Value of the Claim!     Example – Kazan represents an individual who worked on one home remodel project say in 1967 with asbestos – Kazan then files 7 different asbestos claims alleging drywall exposure to 7 different manufacturers (i.e. USG, National Gypsum, Kelly Moore etc….) all from the one home remodel job. The ‘proof’ is an affidavit signed years before the claim is filed. All 7 Kazan claims are paid extraordinary values. This is fraud! Ankura’s audits are a complete sham.

Asbestos Trusts Hire “Interested Party” Ankura Consulting to Conduct “Sham” Audits

The Asbestos Plaintiff Lawyers and Asbestos Trusts knew the Attorney General was coming. Asbestos Trusts had been misappropriating funds to certain Plaintiff Attorneys (Stephen Kazan, Alan Brayton and others…) while evading Medicare responsibilities for decades. But these Plaintiff lawyers think they are “above the law”.

So what did the Asbestos Trusts do  in collusion with Plaintiff Lawyers in an effort to continue the ongoing Plaintiff Attorney fraud and insider dealing?

Misappropriate  Trust funds to an “Interested Party” (Ankura Consulting) to Conduct Sham Audits of Plaintiff Lawyers…and thus deceive the Attorney General – Let me introduce you to the ‘face of fraud’:


The Department of Justice Prohibits a Chapter 11 Asbestos Trust from the hiring of “Interested Parties”. B. Thomas Florence – the “face of fraud” is both the Executive Director of Asbestos Trusts (Armstrong World Industries, Pittsburgh Corning, and others) and the definition of an “Interested Party”. But wait – B. Thomas Florence is also the Senior Managing  Director of Ankura Consulting. Florence is an insider clearly engaging in fraud. “It is well known that B. Thomas Florence and Plaintiff Lawyer Steven Kazan have been misappropriating trust funds, engaging in insider dealing, favoritism and fraud for decades,” said one experienced Plaintiff Attorney. “And now, since Florence is also misappropriating funds from the Pittsburgh Corning Asbestos Trust, thousands more asbestos victims and honest Plaintiff lawyers lose.”

Attached are actual Pittburgh Corning Unibestos Asbestos Invoices being concealed by the Fiduciaries (Florence et al) – THIS IS FRAUD

see – this is a 3 billion dollar sham to divert money to Florence and other ‘interested’ favored parties

Pittsburgh Corning Invoices – Unibestos Sales (concealed by Trustees)

The face of Fraud and Corruption


“Corruption” Defined – B. Thomas Florence
Senior Managing Director of Ankura and a Central Figure is most Asbestos Trust Corruption. Ankura is supposed to be “Independent”. They are not! Florence is a Managing Director at Ankura (who does Trust Audits) AND Florence is the Executive Director of Asbestos Trusts who hires Ankura (Insider Dealing at it’s finest…).

B. Thomas Florence, PhD is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura Consulting Group based in Washington, D.C.  Dr. Florence has over 40 years of experience in management consulting and research.  He has significant experience in class action and mass tort case management, liability risk assessment, forecasting, large-scale …..insider dealer – fraud.

See Also – Kathleen Campbell Levine – The “Queen of Corruption” – who works closely with Florence
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