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An Open Letter to Corrupt, Racketeering Los Angeles Bankruptcy Judge Sheri Bluebond (Asbestos Trusts) – Stop the Fraud!

June 2024 –

I was ‘forced’ to write Corrupt Judge Sheri Bluebond again!!!

The Most Dishonest Judge in American History

The Most Dishonest Judge in American History- Sheri Bluebond – Biased – Enables Asbestos Trust Fraud

The most corrupt Judge in America is about to sign off on  the 2023 Annual Reports for multiple Asbestos Trusts knowing the Annual Reports conceal racketeering, fraud, and criminal conduct from the Asbestos Trust Beneficiaries. So corrupt is Judge Sheri Bluebond, that it became necessary to copy the U.S. Trustee (as Bluebond would conceal the letter). The letter is below –


Mandelbrot Law Firm

1400 Grant Ave. Suite 150 Novato CA 94945

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June 7, 2024


Sheri Bluebond

United States Bankruptcy Court – Central

Edward R. Roybal Federal Building and Courthouse

Los Angeles Division – Courtroom 1539

255 East Temple Street, Suite 1534

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Re: 2024 Annual Report Fraud –Racketeering, Criminal Concealment – Thorpe Trusts Counsel Eve Karasik Ongoing Racketeering


 J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Settlement Trust, and Thorpe Insulation Settlement Trust – Case No. 2:07-bk-20016-BB/2:07-bk-19271-BB


Hearing Date: June 12, 2024


Dear Ms. Bluebond,


I am writing regarding ongoing racketeering, fraud, and concealment of criminal conduct (issues germane to Trust Beneficiaries) by Thorpe Trusts’ Counsel Eve Karasik, and the Thorpe Trusts’ Fiduciaries in the 2023 J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Settlement Trust, and Thorpe Insulation Settlement Trust (collectively referred to as the “Thorpe Trusts”). Reports filed by your close personal friend and Thorpe Trusts Counsel Eve Karasik (who authored and signed the 2023 Annual Reports), conceal and misrepresent facts germane to the Thorpe Trusts Beneficiaries including, but not limited to, ongoing criminal conduct (scheme to misappropriate Trust funds) among Thorpe Trusts’ Fiduciaries (enabled by Karasik), racketeering lawsuits against Asbestos Trust ACC/TAC members (Simmons, Hanly, Conroy) reflecting on the Simmons Firm’s many Thorpe Trust’s claims, as well as Karasik’s criminal libel of me and my office in the 2023 Annual Reports.


Please see the attached article entitled “Big Asbestos law Firm Accused of Cheating It’s Way to Billions” referring to the Simmons Hanly Conroy Firm. The essence of this lawsuit alleges that Simmons Hanly Conroy fraudulently deceived both Asbestos Defendants and Asbestos Trusts in dozens, if not hundreds, of mesothelioma cases to maximize recovery (even through racketeering, insider dealing, and fraud were involved). The estimated damages from this Simmons Hanly Conroy Racketeering is well over $1B (billion). Simmons Hanly Conroy has filed dozens, if not hundreds, of fraudulent claims with the Thorpe Trusts which depleted Thorpe Trusts funds by at least $10-$20 million. This information is germane to the Thorpe Trusts’  Beneficiaries and known, and criminally concealed, by Trust Counsel Eve Karasik. This lawsuit, and all details thereof are “germane” to Beneficiaries.

Undeniably, for the past 10 years, you have been aware the exact same criminal conduct has taken place at the Thorpe Trusts among its Trust Advisory Committee members. I provided you with irrefutable proof that Thorpe Trusts Chairman of the Thorpe Trusts Advisory Committee Alan Brayton was using Thorpe Trusts Funds “like a Bottomless ATM,” by filing fraudulent claims (see the Kananian case) and receiving favorable treatment. The Thorpe Trust Fiduciaries (including YOU,  Laura Paul and all Thorpe Trusts Fiduciaries) have knowingly enabling and concealed this criminal conduct at the Thorpe Trusts. In fact, I provided you with an actual TRUST CHECK (with invoices) which showed Thorpe Trusts’ Fiduciary (Alan Brayton) used Trust Funds to PAY FOR HIS WEDDING (like a ‘bottomless ATM”).

Additionally, you were also aware of these same Trust Fiduciaries (Karasik, Brayton, McClain, Paul, you) misappropriating millions in Thorpe Trusts Funds relating to the 2013 ‘sham’ lawsuit (A scheme to divert Trust funds) against my office in which you presided.

As indicated to you (but ignored), this case against my office (2014) was solely to ensure Brayton, McClain, Kazan, and Karasik could continue to use Thorpe Trusts Funds “like a bottomless ATM,” and to continue filing fraudulent claims (with Karasik favorable treatment).

Judge Bluebond, as a direct result of your active concealment and ignorance of these facts raised in that Trial, at least $250,000,000.00 in Thorpe Trusts funds have since been diverted by Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Karasik. Give yourself a medal.

Your “Duty” was to make a report to the U.S. Trustee for referral to the Department of Justice. You were provided with irrefutable evidence of Thorpe Trusts Fiduciaries engaging in criminal conduct in violation of the Chapter 11 Department of Justice Rules. Couldn’t at least investigate?

As presiding Judge, you Judge Bluebond, have that duty to stop criminal conduct, to stop fraud, to ensure equal treatment, and to follow the Law. As you have done countless times in the past, please do not ignore these duties again to further enable Karasik and Thorpe Trusts’ Fiduciaries criminal conduct.


Eve Karasik - Judge Bluebond's Corrupt Buddy - California Lawyer Instrumental in Massive Asbestos Trust and Medicare Fraud

Eve Karasik – Judge Bluebond’s Corrupt Buddy – California Lawyer Instrumental in Massive Asbestos Trust and Medicare Fraud

Your close and personal friend Eve Karasik, Thorpe Trusts’ Counsel, has breached her Fiduciary Duties to the Trust by concealing and enabling Thorpe Trust Fraud for the past decade. Ms. Karasik has known of Trust Advisory Committee fraud  and done nothing but enable the same.

For example, in 2010, Ms. Karasik knew the Chairman of the Thorpe Trusts Alan Brayton filed fraudulent Trust claims (Kananian). Karasik concealed this information in Annual Reports.

In 2012-2014, through litigation with my office, Karasik became aware of insider dealing and self-dealing among Trust Fiduciaries. Karasik concealed this information in the Thorpe Trusts Annual Reports thus (again) breaching the duty of loyalty to the Trust and Beneficiaries.

In 2016, Karasik became aware that Brayton (Chairman of the Thorpe Trust Advisory Committee) was using Beneficiary Trust Funds – with the assistance of Fiduciaries at the Trust – as his personal piggy bank. Karasik was presented with an actual Trust Check wherein Beneficiary Trust funds were used to pay for Brayton’s wedding. Karasik concealed this information from the Beneficiaries to further additional Trust fraud.

And now, in the 2023 Thorpe Trusts Annual Reports, Ms. Karasik not only conceals information germane to the Beneficiaries (Simmons Hanly Conroy complaint), but also  misleads beneficiaries regarding me (Michael Mandelbrot) and my office (the Mandelbrot Law Firm) by indicating that I have been “publishing” falsities related to the Thorpe Trusts. Trust.

Simmons Hanly Conroy has filed claims worth well over $10M with the Thorpe Trusts – many of which are fraudulent or misleading. This is information germane to the Beneficiaries being concealed by Karasik. Karasik’s duty is to suspend Simmons Hanly Conroy and to audit every claim they’ve ever filed.

I suspect Ms. Karasik is referring to my blog at when indicating that I have been publishing falsities. Let me be clear – everything in my blog is 100% accurate, true and supported with facts and documents. Everything! I put the Brayton wedding check on my blog which Karasik concealed? Is that inaccurate? There is information about your close and personal connection to Karasik – is that inaccurate? Ms. Karasik makes a blanket statement about Mandelbrot inaccuracy in the Thorpe Trusts 2023 Annual Reports yet fails to cite one example of the same. Ms. Karasik’s statement is not just defamatory, but it is designed to mislead Thorpe Trust Beneficiaries from Karasik’s criminal endeavors and theft.

Please request Ms. Karasik remove these defamatory references to me and my office. My writings are accurate. If Ms. Karasik is going to reference my blog as inaccurate, please require her to state which of the posts is inaccurate (none are).

Judge Bluebond – you have been intimately familiar with and have enabled the ongoing criminal conduct at the Thorpe Trusts since at least 2010. Your duty is to ensure that the Annual Reports are accurate and contain information germane to the Beneficiaries (such as a Billion-dollar lawsuit against Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries). Please do your job for once.



Michael Mandelbrot


Cc: Trevor Fehr – U.S. Trustee (

Documents Detailing Sheri Bluebond’s and Trust Fiduciaries (Alan Brayton, Steven Kazan, David McClain, Eve Karasik, Laura Paul) Racketeering, Criminal Conduct, and the Concealment of Fraud – NOTE – Every Trust Fiduciary was Aware of the Below Documents

  1. Newspaper Articles Detailing Brayton Fraud – – Newspaper Articles 2007 Detailing Kananian and Bankruptcy Fraud
  2. Judicial Complaint – Filed Against Corrupt Judge Sheri Bluebond – Insider Dealing, Fraud, Favoritism – Judge Bluebond
  3. Successful Appeal Filed After Bluebond’s Corrupt Rulings
  4. Proof – Improper Relationship -Eve Karasik (Thorpe Trusts) and Judge Sheri Bluebond – FAVORITISM
  5. Exhibit 8 – Eve Karasik (Bluebond’s Corrupt Buddy) Campaigning for Bluebond WHILE actively litigating before her (insider dealing)
  6. Exhibit 2 – Misconduct, Insider Dealing Presiding Judge Sheri Bluebond
  7. Chart – Judge Sheri Bluebond – Following the Money – Following the Corruption
  8. 07.22.21 – Letter to Sheri Bluebond
  9. Typical Stamped Signed Order – Bluebond
  10. Response to Judge Sheri Bluebond’s Sham State Bar Complaint which closed the sham Complaint
  11. Bluebond as Keynote Speaker – For Profit Event – Specifically for Active Litigants w/out Disclosing to Opposing Party (Mandelbrot)
  12. 10 years of Notice to Bluebond of her Fraud and Theft – Compilation of Letters to Judge Bluebond (Notice)
  13. Asbestos Trust Check used to pay for Brayton’s WEDDING – Signed by Sara Beth Brown-Trust Executive Director
  14. Kawaichi (Kazan’s former Judge, now Asbestos Trustee) – Kazan – Insider Dealing – Bad Faith – Interested Party- Kawaichi is precluded from Asbestos Trusts
  15. Kazan – Fraud before House Judiciary Committee (2002)
  16. Proof – $Billions Gone – Kazan Reaping Billions from Trusts – Insider Dealing-King Of Double Dipping (Kazan)
  17. Honeywell v. NARCO Asbestos Trust – Attorney Steven Kazan Using Trust Funds Like a Bottomless ATM
  18. Insights And Inconsistencies – Asbestos Trust Fraud Kazan Fraud Brayton Fraud
  19. J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Annual Reports – Detailing Kazan stealing millions – Annual Reports – Millions of Dollars Misappropriated to Kazan, Brayton, Snyder, Brobeck, Morgan Lewis (all “Interested” parties)
  20. USG Dept. Of Justice Letter Investigating Kazan-run Fraud
  21. Deposition of Stephen Snyder – He’s a PERJURER – Executive Director of the Western Asbestos and Thorpe Trusts
  22. Newspaper Articles Detailing Brayton Fraud – – Newspaper Articles 2007 Detailing Kananian and Bankruptcy Fraud
  23. Brayton E-mail – Lying to his own Law Firm about Kananian – Brayton Stole a Million Dollars from the Western Asbestos Trust
  24. Fraudulent Kananian Western Default – Filed by Alan Brayton – Paid by Western Asbestos Trustees Jack Luikart and Sarah Hernandez who Concealed this Fraud
  25. Attempt by Alan Brayton to “Cover Up” Manville Kananian Bankruptcy Fraud
  26. Fraudulent Default Judgment filed by Alan Brayton – Kananian case
  27. Trust Fiduciaries Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Trust Victims
  28. Exhibit 5 – WAST Annual Reports – Detailing Theft of Funds by Snyder, Fergus, Brayton, McClain
  29. Proof Interested Party and Criminal Gary Fergus still employed at Thorpe Trusts
  30. J-M Manufacturing v. Simmons – Complaint 5.10.24- NOTE – Kazan McClain and Brayton Purcell (All Trust Fiduciaries) have a nearly identical “Playbook” to Simmons – All Asbestos defendants should sue Kazan and Brayton for racketeering too… Need more..?
  31. Letter from Trust Counsel re: Mandelbrot Blog and Truthful comments re:  Benjamin Smith – re Laura Paul
  33. 13-43677.Objection to Annual Report – Western Asbestos – Details Mass Trust Fraud – Bluebond (as usual) Ignored/Enabled Further Criminal Theft
  34. Declaration of Michael Mandelbrot.Objection to Annual Report-Detailing Trust Fraud and Insider Dealing
  35. 10th Anniversary T-Shirt Party – Stolen Asbestos Victim’s Funds
  36. E-Mail – The Bachelor watch party PAID FOR BY THE TRUST 2016 – Laura Paul Theft


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