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Ankura Consulting’s (Washington D.C.) Insider Dealing, Criminal Conduct, & Corruption Cost Asbestos Victims Over $100,000,000.00


Ankura Consulting’s (Washington D.C.) Insider Dealing, Criminal Conduct, & Corruption Cost Asbestos Victims Over $100,000,000.00


Gary Wingo – Certified Criminal Fraudster – Ankura Consulting Thief

Ankura Consulting LLC (Washington D.C.) and it’s Principal Fraudster Gary Wingo best described as Criminals. In fact, Ankura Consulting and Gary Wingo may just be Washington D.C’s  biggest criminal yet…..

  •  Ankura and Wingo has ‘stolen’ from Asbestos Victims over $500,000,000.00 ($500 Million)…and at least $30,000,000.00 yearly through sham audits, excessive bills, costly litigation, and bad faith…
  • Simply put, Ankura Consulting LLC.’s entire business operation revolves about insider dealing, bad faith, theft of Trust funds, and deceiving dozens of Courts, tens of thousands of Asbestos Victims and the Department of Justice….

How did MIT produce such a fraud as Gary Wingo and why would Ankura hire such a fraudster? “Wingo is the definition of a pathological liar,” said one unnamed attorney regarding Wingo. “Anything he can do to steal Asbestos Trust money, he will do it. It’s mind boggling what fraudster and thief he (referring to Wingo) is….Disgraceful.”

Lurking in the Billion Dollar Asbestos Trust Funds you will find Ankura Consulting’s  and it’s “Senior Managing Director” Gary Wingo engaging in mass fraud. Record setting fraud. Billions stolen. And who is leader at Ankura – Gary Wingo has been instrumental in misappropriating BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Asbestos Victims. Billions. Simply put – he’s a criminal –

Let’s tell you why….

For decades, Gary Wingo has committed CRIMINAL violations of the Department of Justice Chapter 11 Rules. For Decades! See Section’s 152 and 153 of the attached – Wingo has violated these provisions for a decade – Department of Justice Chapter 11 Handbook – Numerous Violations by Gary Wingo.. Wingo calls himself a “Certified Fraud Examiner”, but no individual in Asbestos Litigation has committed more fraud that Wingo. No one. Insider dealing by Wingo? Check. Pathological lies by Wingo? Check. Providing false information to the Courts, Lawyers, and Accountants by Wingo? Check. Corruption by Wingo? Check. Sham Audits by Wingo (while calling himself a “Certified Fraud Examiner”)? THOUSANDS!!

It is nearly impossible to describe the ‘mass’ corruption and fraud engaged in by Ankura’s Gary Wingo related to Asbestos Trusts. Not just theft. Wingo, by conducting and overseeing sham audits, has ruined the reputation and careers of multiple esteemed Medical Doctors. Multiple Doctors. Multiple Lawyers too. 

Ankura’s Gary Wingo works as a “Fiduciary” on ‘dozens’ of Asbestos Trusts. Wingo is supposed to conduct himself with the “highest duty of care” to protect Asbestos Victims and maintain Trust funds. Wingo does just the opposite! Engages in Criminal conduct.

Amazingly, Wingo describes himself on the Ankura Website as an “Expert in Tort Settlement and Advisory Expertise”…In Truth – he is an expert in “Insider Dealing”, “Corruption”, “Theft of Asbestos Trust Funds” and “Perjury” (pathological). Wingo has served as a ‘Fiduciary’ on Asbestos Trusts in a role where he ‘should be’ working to protect Victim’s Funds from theft, bad faith, and fraud. But not Wingo.

For the past decade, while working as a “Fiduciary” on Asbestos Trusts – Gary Wingo’s misappropriation has approached that of Bernie Madoff. Billions of Dollars. Let’s give you some examples of Wingo’s and Ankura’s fraud:

  1. Gary Wingo – despite a Fiduciary duty to be ‘neutral – has misappropriated over $500,000,000 ($500 million) in Asbestos Trust Funds from just a few Asbestos Trusts – through fraud and favoritism – to one lawyer — Steven Kazan (another Fiduciary fraudster on Asbestos Trusts) by ‘passing’ Kazan from Audits (and awarding him excessive amounts) and sham Auditing other Law Firms.
  2. Gary Wingo – through sham Audits – has denied thousands of Asbestos Victims their just recovery by “banning” and “excluding” esteemed Radiologists, Certified B-Readers and Attorneys from submitting Reports/Claims to Asbestos Trusts. Since these Radiologists, Certified B-Readers and Attorneys have no ties to Steven Kazan (who uses other “experts” and competes with these lawyers for his claimants) – and despite his strict Fiduciary Duty – Wingo is ‘happy’ to ruin the careers and reputations of esteemed professionals by  engaging in sham audits of these same Radiologists/Certified B-Readers and Lawyers. 
  3. Gary Wingo has lied to Judges dozens of times in Annual Reports and Trust Analysis (Insider Dealing).
  4. Gary Wingo is an “Interested Party” who the Justice Department prohibits from working on Trusts.
  5. Gary Wingo ‘twists facts’ to appease Lawyers (Steven Kazan) while engaging in fraudulent activities (Asbestos Trusts).
  6. Gary Wingo ‘drove out’ (fired?) his co-worker  at Ankura Consulting LLC, John Brophy, who tried to stop Wingo’s fraud.

Simply put, Gary Wingo may be Washington, DC’s biggest fraudster ever. A Billion Dollars Trust in Asbestos Victim’s Funds Misappropriated. A Fraudster to the Highest Degree — Gary Wingo.

Wingo ruined esteemed Doctors careers (solely through insider dealing). Dr. Donald Breyer. Dr. Harry Smith. Dr. Mark Klepper. Dr. William Durham– that’s nearly 150 years of experience and reputation in medicine ruined by Wingo.

There is no bigger fraud in the Country than Ankura Consulting’s Gary Wingo.

Ankura Consulting’s Gary Wingo Engages in Insider Dealing/Fraud (Asbestos Trusts) – Misappropriate Billions from Asbestos Victims Benefitting  Fraudster Plaintiff Lawyers-Steven Kazan and others…

Wingo_Gary_Digital1-445x445Gary Wingo – Criminal – Washington, D.C. Fraudster

Gary Wingo is a loser!

Here’s his contact info –

Gary Wingo – 2000 K Street NW, 12th Floor, Washington, DC, United States 20006+1.202.797.1111 Main+1.202.721.0939 Direct

Here is how Gary Wingo is described on Ankura’s website (parenthesis added)- Gary L. Wingo is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura with over 30 years of experience (engaging in fraud) in the application of quantitative analysis to (infect Asbestos Trusts) and resolve in business problems, resolutions (through insider dealing) of mass tort settlements, and other legal matters (where he engages in criminal conduct). He is an expert in developing financial models (to assist in insider dealing with Steven Kazan), claims valuation strategies (to misappropriate Asbestos Trust funds), and processing operations used by mass tort trusts and settlement funds (where Gary Wingo has stolen Billions). He is based in Washington, DC (with monies he stole from Asbestos Victims).
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