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Asbestos in Schools – California Schools built with Asbestos

Over 5400 Schools, Colleges and Universites were built in the United States with Asbestos

The Mandelbrot Law Firm – on of the Country’s top Asbestos Attorneys – Publishes the Most Comprehensive List of Schools, Universities and Colleges built with Asbestos.

Is your California school on the List?? Have the Asbestos products since been abated/removed from the school??

List of California Schools built with Asbestos – Sorted by City

Every school on the list is confirmed to have been built with Asbestos Containing materials.

Should you be concerned? Sure – However, many school have abated or removed some asbestos products. How do you know? School are required to keep an Asbestos Management program available for public viewing.

My general rule? If you are attending a school or building that was built before 1972 – if it has any of the following, there is probably still asbestos in your school: original walls, tile floors, exterior stucco, ‘cement’ water pipes, or popcorn ceilings.

I am also adding to the list all the time as new information is received.

How this list was created? 20 years of personal review and compilation of millions of pages of asbestos company sales ledgers, documents, site lists, Court filings, contracts, invoices, and any other reliable documents. For every site on the list, I can tell you some of the specific companies whose asbestos products were present.

Asbestos in USA Schools – A Link to your Comprehensive List

While this is the most comprehensive list ever published of Schools, Colleges and Universities in the United States with asbestos, it is in no way complete as many asbestos companies have concealed or destroyed their records.

Comprehensive List of United States Schools Built with Asbestos – Is your School on List

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