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Corrupt Asbestos Trust “Fiduciaries” the United States Trustee should Investigate! Disgraceful Lawyers!

Have you seen the new Forbes Article – Cleaning up the Asbestos Litigation Mess: A Role for the Department of Justice? …..

This is too good to be true! As these corrupt Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries have fraudulently attempted to harm me personally, let’s give the Department of Justice a “Top 10 List of Asbestos Lawyers for the Department of Justice to Investigate”….

Top 10 List of Asbestos Lawyers for the Department of Justice to Investigate

  1. Steven Kazan – the King of Asbestos Trust Corruption and Double Dipping- @Kazanlaw, Oakland, California


    Steven Kazan – The Face of Fraud

  2. Alan R. Brayton – Has misappropriated hundreds of millions from Asbestos Trusts (w/Kazan’s help). @braytonlaw. (415) 898-1555. Novato, California.The-Face-of-Fraud-Alan-Brayton-The-Rat
  3. Tom Florence – Misappropriates millions while protecting Brayton/Kazan’s corruption. Sham Ankura Deal to Misappropriate Trust Funds
  4. Mary Ellen Nickel – Delaware Claims Processing Facility – Oversees multiple Trusts through fraud, bad faith, Has misappropriated millions!
  5. Mike Rooney – A dotard. Former defense lawyer actively attempting to conceal Trust Fraud. Notice of Thorpe Trust Fraud dated April 5, 2018
  6. Bethany Recht – Corrupt Ohio Attorney assisting in Asbestos Trust Fraud and coverup. .
  7. Sander L. Esserman (new entry!!) – Texas Fraudster misappropriating monies from approximately a dozen asbestos Trusts. Currently trying to get his dirty hands in the Bestwall LLP Asbestos Trust.
  8. Steven Snyder – California Attorney. Misappropriated billions to Kazan/Brayton through fraud. Akin to a Nazi soldier to asbestos victims.
  9. Gary Fergus – California fraudster. Lied to Trustees/Courts for Decades to assist in the misappropriation of Trust funds.
  10. Marcellene Malouf and Molly Spieczny – Has turned the Halliburton/Harbison Walker Trusts into a charade of fraud. Misappropriated millions to Steven Kazan. Concealed documents. Misappropriated to themselves –  millions.
  11. Melissa Metzfield – CRMC Trusts – Favoritism, fraud, bad faith is her m.o. A liar.

“Dishonorable Mention”

  1. We can’t forget Judge Sheri Bluebond, Central District – CA – the “worst of the worst” – has misappropriated 50 million in Trust funds to Kazan/Brayton.Chart – Bluebond – Following the Money – Following the Corruption – Here’s another Exhibit which displays Bluebond is a Fraud – Opposition to Emergency Motion for Order
  2. Sander Esserman – Texas Fraudster. Sham artist. Corrupt Attorney. Has misappropriated hundreds of millions. Assists Kazan McClain with mass fraud. The Department of Justice would have a ‘field day’ with this loser.         2323 Bryan Street, Suite 2200
    Dallas,Texas 75201-2689
    Telephone: (214) 969-4910
    Facsimile: (214) 969-4999

Sander L. EssermanTexas Fraudster and Asbestos Trust Corrupter – Sander L. Esserman.

Here’s some good documents for the Department of Justice:

Chart – Bluebond – Following the Money – Following the Corruption

WMAC Release-Jack Kananian 2004 – this is a million dollar fraud by Alan Brayton and there are hundreds of other similar claims!! All paid by Steven Snyder and Gary Fergus (above). Every inflated/fraudulent Western Asbestos default taken by Brayton had fraudulent/boilerplate interrogatories, inflated/fraudulent damages states, and were solely sent to retiring Judge Paul Alvarado (who willing signed them on his way out the door…).

Annual Reports – Millions of Dollars Misappropriated to Kazan, Brayton, Snyder, Brobeck, Morgan Lewis (all “Interested” parties) The “M.O.” of Brayton/Snyder/Fergus/Kazan – bury misappropriated funds in the notes to  Annual Reports knowing judges (like Sheri Bluebond) will sign them.

Exhibit P- Tax Court Stipulated Order and Ruling (2002)- Al Brayton-Deficiency over 3 Million plus Penalties Over 500 K—-Concerns 200 (1) – Alan Brayton got caught committing tax fraud w/ Asbestos Trust funds he ‘stole’

Department of Justice Handbook – Select Pages – Here are the rules being violated by Alan Brayton/Steven Kazan and all those above…

The-Face-of-Fraud-Alan-Brayton-The-RatAlan Brayton – The King of Corruption and Double  Dipping – Brayton Purcell


Steven Kazan – The Face of Fraud

Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Victims



Cleaning Up The Asbestos Litigation Mess: A Role For The Department Of Justice?

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