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Corrupt Attorney Gary Fergus finally FIRED from Asbestos Trusts – Insider Dealing/Bad Faith

Gary Fergus FIRED from Asbestos Trusts – Insider Dealing, Fraud, Theft of Trust Funds

1631451_1Gary Fergus – Corrupt Lawyer – Trust Fund Thief – Liar – Fraud

November 30, 2018

It appears that Gary Fergus has been fired! Fired from all Asbestos Trusts. Could it be due to insider dealing? Fraud? Bad Faith? Who Knows – but the buffoon (Gary Fergus) is officially ‘gone’ from the following  Asbestos Trusts –

  1. Western Asbestos
  2. J.T. Thorpe, Inc.
  3. Thorpe Insulation
  4. Plant Insulation

Damage left in the wake of Gary Fergus?

  1. Hundreds of Millions of  Dollars stolen from Asbestos Trusts (by Gary Fergus, Steven Snyder and others)
  2. Asbestos Victims (thousands) harmed – never see recovery (due to Fergus theft/fraud)
  3. Insider Dealing Continues (Laura Paul, Sara Beth Brown, Steven Snyder, and others)

One of the most corrupt and dishonest lawyers on the planet is officially gone! Hopefully, the Department of Justice comes calling for Fergus soon. Exhibit Fergus Affidavit Detailing Adverse Interests and Involvement in Payments to Brobeck – Grounds for Disqualification!

Objection Detailing Trust Fraudsters and Bad Faith- Objection dated June 9, 2014 detailing Insider Dealing – Conflicts

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