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Corrupt Asbestos Trusts (J.T. Thorpe, Inc. and Thorpe Insulation) try to Silence Mandelbrot – No Chance!

The most corrupt Asbestos Trusts in the Country filed a Motion in Central District of Los Angeles (in front of their ‘buddy’ Judge Sheri Bluebond) to try and silence Mandlebrot. Here is their (laughable) Motion – Corrupt Thorpe Trusts Filed Motion to Strike (AP). The Motion was literally laughable – with the substance simply – “we don’t like Mandelbrot exposing Thorpe Fraud so we want to prevent him from filing more facts about out corruption…”

Responding to this Corrupt Motion was – of course – my pleasure.

Motion – Opposition to Trust’s Motion – but the best part of this Motion was the Exhibits!

Another Chance to Display Trust Fraud –

Exhibit 1 – Alan Brayton confirmed Fraud (concealed by the Trusts)

Exhibit 2 – Brayton Settlement Report – Displaying Money Stolen from Trusts

Exhibit 3 – Brayton’s “Fraudulent” Brief – Misappropriated over $500,000 due to this Brief!

Exhibit 4 – Proof the Trustees of the Trust (Steven Snyder and Gary Fergus) represented the Debtor and are Disqualified

Exhibit 5 – Proof of over $50,000,000 in theft/misappropriation by Alan Brayton, Steven Kazan, Steve Snyder (Brobeck) and Gary Fergus (Brobeck)

Exhibit 6 – Proof of Judge Sheri Bluebond’s ‘propensity’ for unethical Ex Parte Communications – as she did during the Mandelbrot v. Thorpe cases

Exhibit 7 – Letter to known Perjurer Benjamin Smith attempting to shut down this blog (he failed!)

Given that this Motion will be heard in front of (insider dealing) Judge Sheri Bluebond (who should have recused herself years ago!)….and that Bluebond has ruled for her buddies (and against me) on EVERY occasion – I’m sure she will probably rule against me again on November 28, 2018. But I can assure I will “make a clear record”….

Here’s some more documents/pictures of the Frauds at this Trust –


Brayton – Asbestos Trust Fund Thief!


Steven Kazan – The Face of Asbestos Fraud – has his “dirty” hands in nearly every Asbestos Trust

Corrupt-Judge-Sheri-Bluebond-Insider-DealerThe most corrupt Judge in the Country – Sheri Bluebond (insider dealer)

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