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Corrupt Thorpe Trusts File Motion to Exclude Evidence of Insider Dealing and Fraud – Gary Fergus, Steve Snyder, Judge Bluebond

Laughable. I knew these corrupt Trusts would have to respond to my recent filings putting the Court on Notice of the Department of Justice filings which relate specifically to the J.T. Thorpe and Thorpe Insulation “insiders” who are passing fraudulent claims (for Alan Brayton/Brayton Purcell) and the massive misappropriation of Trust Funds.

So big deal – I gave the Court “Judicial Notice” of the Department of Justice Filings

Department of Justice Motion – Fiduciary Fraud

Department of Justice Press Release – Asbestos Trusts

Since Confirmation of J.T. Thorpe and Thorpe Insulation Trusts, these Trusts have hired “interested parties” (Stephen Snyder, Gary Fergus, Chuck LaGrave, etc…), and each filed Fraudulent Declarations with the Bankruptcy Court (pure fraud). As a result, insider dealing (w/Alan Brayton, David McClain) and the misappropriation of Trust funds (hundreds of millions) has taken place. I’m just putting the Court on Notice….so what’s the problem??

And these corrupt Trusts accuse me of “defamation” ? My office is centrally located in Novato, California. Please, please sue me for defamation (since “Truth” is a complete defense). Everything in my blog is 100% accurate!

Here’s the Trusts filing (another misappropriation of Trust funds) – What did they ‘bill’ the Thorpe Trust $100,000 for this filing??

Trust filings – Judicial Notice DOJ Filings

Let’s not forget the “Corrupt” Judge Sheri Bluebond – who engages in insider dealing, favoritism and fraud to assist the Thorpe lawyers – Has she once realized that she has ‘harmed’ thousands of Beneficiaries? Unethical E-Maill from Sheri Bluebond March 24, 2016 Exemplifying her Insider Dealing, Fraud, Favoritism

Letter to Judge Bluebond by Party regarding her Insider Dealing

Notice of Thorpe Trust Fraud dated April 5, 2018

Opposition to Emergency Motion for Order – This Trust had NOTICE that  Gary Fergus was an Insider Dealer and Fraud – the EXACT thing the DOJ is trying to avoid in the Duro Dyne Trust. Let’s hope the DOJ files a Motion to “Disgorge” all monies stolen by Fergus.



Steven Kazan – The Face of Asbestos Fraud

The-Face-of-Fraud-Alan-Brayton-The-RatAlan Brayton – Asbestos  Trust Fraudster (see Kananian)

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