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40 Years of Fraud – Alan Brayton (Brayton Purcell) – California’s Most Corrupt Lawyer – Criminal Theft, Fraud, Insider Dealing –

August 2023

40 Years of Fraud – Alan Brayton (Brayton Purcell)

California’s Most Corrupt Lawyer – Criminal Theft, Fraud, Insider Dealing




Alan Brayton – Bay Area’s Most Corrupt Lawyer

Alan Brayton. Decades of fraud. At least. And still occurring to this very day. One cannot overstate the amount of fraud, racketeering and bad faith Brayton has been involved in. Likened to a Mafia Leader. Cartel Kingpin of Asbestos Litigation. There’s Alan Brayton.

Everyone knows too. But his overwhelming influence in asbestos litigation allows him to escape justice. Favoritism? Of course. Misappropriation of Trust Funds? Most estimate Brayton’s misappropriation at close to $1 Billion dollars. Pure greed? Of course. There’s Brayton. Paying off  Doctors and other lawyers? For at least 25 years – there’s Brayton. Let’s crown the title now – California’s Most Corrupt Lawyer is Alan Brayton (#Braytonlaw; An undeniable THIEF.



While it would be nearly impossible to state all of Brayton’s Fraud, Bad Faith and Misappropriation – Let me just provide some timeline examples…

1990-Present: Brayton Commits Asbestos Trust Fund Fraud – Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Alan Brayton infects nearly every Asbestos Trust (over $40,000,000 in victim’s funds)  in the Country by hiring/appointing  (in violation of D.O.J. Rules) “interested” parties, friends, and former colleagues. Brayton then has ‘subtle’ rules inserted allowing his “buddies” to value Brayton’s claims. As a result – at every Asbestos Trust – favoritism and misappropriation of Trusts funds takes place where Brayton’s buddies award Brayton outrageous Trust fund awards (often 5-10 times identical claim values from other Firms). In addition, all of Brayton’s claims receive favorable treatment (again, a violation of D.O.J. rules). From the early Asbestos Trusts (Johns Manville) to “New” Asbestos Trusts (Pittsburgh Corning) – Brayton receives favorable treatment at every one. (Accurate) Estimates indicate that Brayton has misappropriated at least $1 Billion Dollars from Asbestos Trusts from 1990 to the present. As a result of Brayton’s fraud and use of Asbestos Trust Funds as his personal piggy banks – every present and future asbestos disease victim in the entire Country receives less money than they should.

HERE IS ACTUAL CHECK FROM THE TRUST TO BRAYTON’S WIFE! – FOR HIS WEDDING – Actual Check — Snyder – Brown paying Brayton’s Wife!

Actual Check — Snyder – Brown paying Brayton’s Wife!

Invoice Paid To Brayton’s Wife from Victim’s Funds

10th Anniversary T-Shirt Party – Stolen Asbestos Victim’s Funds – Millions of VICTIM”S FUNDS spent on this party – sending flying dozens to San Francisco for 3 Days of theft…


Brayton uses EVERY Trust Fund as his personal piggy bank – files fraudulent claims, and steals nearly a hundred million dollars! Attached is proof! See below. Brayton and Kazan were not entitled to Attorney Fees – they were Fiduciaries of the Trust?! This is PURE THEFT.

Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Victims

Exhibit C – Order Detailing Brayton Fraud – Brayton getting caught!!!

1999-Present: Brayton “Pays Off” Unions to Refer Brayton Cases

Why do at least 50% of mesothelioma victim’s treated by Dr. David Jablons end up being retained by Alan Brayton? Payoffs. Pure and Simple. Everyone knows it. I personally called Dr. David Jablons office and they admitted they Alan Brayton (Brayton McClain’s) Intake Packet in their Office. And not surprisingly, they refused to take any others. Brayton is paying off Dr. Jablons to refer him cases. Maybe he ‘hides’ it as a research donation – but we all know the ‘Truth’. Brayton’s payoffs to Unions is even worse. I personally had a signed contract  to sponsor an Asbestos Union luncheon. 2 days later – the Union called and said they “didn’t need any more sponsors”. Brayton paid them off to breach their contract with me? In his modus operandi to ‘wipe out’ Competition, Brayton convinced the Union to dump me so he could fund the luncheon. After I had a signed contract. Brayton paid them off. Could Brayton be any more of a corrupt piece of shit?

What’s amazing is the Brayton testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee and nearly 20 years and ‘complained’ of Institutionalized Fraud? Brayton is the King of Institutionalized Asbestos Trust Fraud, Corruption and Misappropriation – but he accuses others of the same. He’s a story of his (false) testimony…Brayton – Fraud before House Judiciary Committee (2002)

Unbelievable how Brayton accuses “others” of recruiting Plaintiff’s for profit.!. It’s Brayton’s method of operation.

2013-Present: Brayton Misappropriates Millions in Asbestos Trust Funds to Audit/Wipe Out His Asbestos Plaintiff Competition and Esteemed Doctors Used by Competition: Having a completely unblemished reputation around the Country, I was shocked to show up to my office on January day in 2013 to find 3 Lawsuits filed against me by Asbestos Trusts (and the expensive lawyers at Morgan Lewis they hired). Who was behind it? Alan Brayton (and his partner in crime Alan Brayton). The goal? Wipe out my office and the thousands of Asbestos Victims I represent so there is more money in Trust funds for him! He had already ‘stolen’ hundreds of millions from the Trusts suing me – but that wasn’t enough the ‘ganev’ Brayton. He needed more. Those lawsuits cost Asbestos Victims (in lawyer fees paid to Morgan Lewis and Gary Fergus) at least $5 million dollars. But Brayton doesn’t care. He’s a ‘traitor’ to asbestos victims. Holding himself out as a ‘hero’ while throughout stealing from asbestos victims. As stated, every present and future Asbestos Victim receives less money due to Alan Brayton.

In 2018 – Brayton was at it again. This time – his target was one of the most noted Asbestos Doctors in the Country. Dr. William Durham, M.D. Why would target Durham? Simple – Durham’s clients were Asbestos Plaintiff Law Firms – but not Brayton’s. By wiping out Durham, Brayton could wipe out thousands of claims from his Plaintiff lawyer Competitors. And wipe out Brayton did….Same methods as ridding the Trusts of Mandelbrot’s claim – “sham audits” – overseen by Brayton’s buddies with one goal in mind. (…analogy – Trump threatens to withhold funding unless Ukraine will investigate it’s rivals…here – Brayton threatens Trust Fiduciaries jobs and to stop approving their ridiculous bills unless the Trusts/Trustees investigate Dr. Durham. 

2004-Present – Brayton “Steals” Millions from Trusts Funds by Listing them in Annual Reports as “Attorney Fees”

“If we are all stealing and no one complains to Bankruptcy Court – we can get away with it….” And boy did Alan Brayton get away with it. Here’s just one example – Brayton, Brayton, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Victims – See Page 11, Line 4. 

There it is – Brayton ‘breaking off’ $12.1 Million Dollars from Victim’s for himself. And over $30,000,000 to Brobeck as a payoff for allowing Brayton to get away with Fraud. Brayton, Brobeck, Brayton, Morgan Lewis had conspired to steal these funds. And they did! Would you be surprised to know that Brayton had already receive well over $250,000,000 from the same Asbestos Trusts for completely fraudulent defaults (prior to Trust confirmation). $250,000,000 wasn’t enough. The greedy  Brayton needed more. (Note – being of Jewish descent – I know Brayton actions hurt ‘us all’…)….

2000-Present – Brayton Improperly Influences Judges to Rule for Him (secret deals/payoffs) – 

Judge Ken Kawaichi – Guess who the Judge was on the case above where Brayton misappropriated at least $250,000,000? Judge Ken Kawaichi – Brayton’s ‘local’ Judge. Guess what Kawaichi did after that case? Kawaichi ‘retired’ from the Bench and began working (in essence for Brayton) at a number of Asbestos Trusts. Clearly – insider dealing took place. How did Kawaichi get those jobs? And what has Kawaichi done since that time? Followed Brayton’s ‘mantra’ – Wipe out Brayton’s competition and Doctor’s his  Firm doesn’t use so more $$$$ can be misappropriated to Brayton. It’s sick.

Judge Sheri Bluebond – For my money – the most corrupt Judge in the Country. Unlike her counterpart in Northern California who dismissed the cases against my office, Bluebond was determined to follow Brayton’s lead. What did Bluebond do? Well – what didn’t she do. She allowed convicted felons to testify against my office (and found them credible). Excluded extensive properly submitted evidence to assist Brayton’s sham cases. Ruled for the Trusts (Brayton) on everything against my office. Bluebond is also well known to engage in ex parte communications with Brayton and other counsel. A real corrupt Judge and a perfect person for Brayton to ‘payoff’.

Alan Brayton – Personification of Fraud.




Brayton – Asbestos Trust Fund Thief!

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