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An Open Letter to New Asbestos Trust Executive Director Steven Bray….

Mandelbrot Law Firm – February 7, 2020

1400 Grant Ave #150. Novato CA 94945



Steven L. Bray, Executive Director

300 East Second Street, Suite 1205

Reno, NV 89501


Congratulations Mr. Bray. It appears you have been selected as the new Executive Director of multiple Asbestos Trusts in a very high paying role. The Trusts you will be overseeing as a Fiduciary include:

  1. Western Asbestos Settlement  Trust (
  2. Thorpe Insulation Settlement Trust (
  3. J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Settlement Trust (
  4. Plant Insulation Settlement  Trust (

You no doubt realize the importance of the role you are playing Mr. Bray? As a Fiduciary for Trust Beneficiaries (victims), there are billions of dollars under your control. Billions set aside for victims. Victims, not lawyers. Are you going to embrace this role as a “Fiduciary” or follow in the footsteps of your corrupt, dishonest, Trust fund stealing predecessors Stephen Snyder and Sara Beth Brown who “retired” just as the Department of Justice began investigating the Trusts above (and theft of your predecessors?). Let’s hope it’s the former.

Have you even been made aware of the misappropriation, theft, and fraud which has taken place at the Trusts above (2000-present) under the corrupt eyes of your predecessors Stephen Snyder and Sara Beth Brown over there in Reno? Here’s a brief (very) summary for you.

  1. Chairman of the Trust Advisory Committee Alan Brayton has filed Fraudulent Claims with the Trusts above – all concealed by your predecessors. Brayton has never paid back the millions ‘stolen’ from the Trust. Here’s proof of his fraudulent claim(s) – Exhibit C – Order Detailing Brayton Fraud; Exhibit 6 – Judge Hanna Order Detailing Brayton Fictionalized Claims; WMAC Release-Jack Kananian 2004; Fraudulent Brayton Claim – Kananian was never at Hunters Point.
  2. Chairman of the Trust Advisory Committee Alan Brayton used Trust Funds to Pay for his Wedding! Really! Everyone was there too (in Marin County) using Trust Funds – everyone! Barbara Malm. Sara Beth Brown. Laura Paul. Stephen Snyder. Hundreds of thousands stolen from victims. And everyone was a part of it. Especially your new co-workers. Again – Here’s proof attached. Actual Check — Snyder – Brown paying Brayton’s Wife for his wedding! E-mail proof included!  E-Mail dated September 25, 2015 from Trust Accountant to Brayton’s Wife; E-Mail dated September 25, 2015 to Brayton’s Wife from Trust on Reimbursement for Wedding Dinner.
  3. Current Director of Claims Laura Paul Should be Fired Immediately for Theft, Fraud, Perjury and Insider Dealing. Chances are Mr. Bray – you will not encounter someone more dishonest, disgraceful and unfit that Laura Paul in your career! Laura Paul has stolen and engineered the theft of hundreds of millions of dollars from the Trusts. Since the confirmation of the Trusts – Paul has given FAVORABLE treatment to Alan Brayton’s claims (and Steven Kazan’s), while criminally suppressing, denying, and rejecting perfected claims from other Firms. Even worse, Paul’s initiation (in conjunction with Snyder) of a “sham” lawsuit against my office harming thousands of victims (while putting millions more in lawyers pockets). Paul is a disgrace to Reno, asbestos victims and should be in jail. The 1st thing on your agenda when adjusting to Reno Mr. Bray should be to immediately fire Laura Paul (and make a report to the DOJ). Here’s proof of Paul’s theft and sham lawsuits. Attached – Declaration Detailing Trust Fraud – 2015; Declaration of Michael Mandelbrot.Objection to Annual Report; Mandelbrot Declaration – Sham Lawsuit; Here’s some more good stuff for you Mr. Bray – Laura Paul (and Barbara Malm) using Trust/Victims Money to Pay for “The Bachelor Viewing Parties” – Attached: E-Mail – The Bachelor watch party PAID FOR BY THE TRUST 2016 – Mr. Bray – imagine this times 100 – How much do victim’s lose?
  4. Chairman of the Trust Advisory Committee Alan Brayton has Committed Tax Fraud (attempting to hide stolen monies from the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust). Here’s proof – Brayton Tax Fraud – 10 million in fraud! Bottom line: Alan Brayton is criminally corrupt insider dealer who has breached his Fiduciary Duty to Asbestos Victims for 2 decades. Removal is necessary.
  5. Next Mr. Bray – it’s time for YOU, as Executive Director to take a look at the following sham/perjured-driven/bad faith lawsuits filed against me and my office by your predecessors Stephen Snyder and Sara Beth Brown. Why did the Trusts file these cases? Simple – My office was successfully passing claims with the Trusts (for victims) and Chairman of the TAC Alan Brayton saw these Trusts as his “personal piggy bank”. Snyder, Gary Fergus, and Charles LaGrave (all former Defense lawyers who I litigated against) colluded with Brayton to file a sham case. The lawsuits below have now harmed thousands of Trust victims (who can’t file claims). As a Fiduciary to victims, it is clearly your DUTY to bring justice to victims and my office. Note that the cases below were heard before “The Most Corrupt Judge in the Country” Sheri Bluebond (Los Angeles Bankruptcy Court – Central) – who had a bias against my office due to her close and personal relationship with Trust Counsel Eve Karasik (who should also be terminated immediately). Here’s the cases: J.T. Thorpe Settlement Trust et al v. Mandelbrot et al –2:12-ap-02182-BB; Thorpe Insulation Company Asbestos Settlement Trust v. Mandelbrot et al –2:12-ap-02183-BB. Note that both of these cases were successfully Appealed by my office – only to end up before (the very corrupt) Sheri Bluebond who – like in the underlying case – excluded ALL of my clearly admissible evidence so she could (create bad law and) rule for her buddies. Disgraceful Judge.

Mr. Bray, I am happy to get together at any time and share the voluminous evidence of Trust fraud I maintain as well as provide any information you desire. Your predecessors misappropriated hundreds of millions in Trust funds (a ‘billion’ if you include Brayton’s theft well known to your predecessors). I can show you exactly where in the Annual Reports (always ‘ignored’ by Bluebond) this was hidden.

Good luck in your new job. Time to ‘step up’ and ‘clean house’. I’m providing a copy of this letter to the Supervising Judges of each Trust (including Bluebond). You’ve got a lot of work to do. Time to get to it. Beneficiaries of the Trusts will be watching. And hopefully, the Department of Justice and Supervising Courts too. Remember, Fiduciaries must act in good faith and not allow their personal interests to prevail over that of the Trust. Your predecessors (Sara Beth Brown, Stephen Snyder) ignored this fundamental rule. Please don’t do the same.



Michael Mandelbrot



  1. Hannah L. Blumensteil – Courtroom 19, 450 Golden Gate Ave. 16th Floor, SF, CA 94102 (Case No. 13-31914-HLB).
  2. Sheri Bluebond – USBC, Central District of California, Edward R. Roybal Federal Building and Courthouse 255 E. Temple Street, Suite 1534/Courtroom 1539, Los Angeles, CA 90012.
  3. Department of Justice
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