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As Open Letter to Bates White – Time to Investigate Ankura Consulting LLC as part of the DBMP LLC Bankruptcy – Mass Fraud

Bates White – Time to Investigate Ankura Consulting LLC as part of the DBMP LLC Bankruptcy – Mass Fraud

March 28, 2022

Re: United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of North Carolina, Case No. 20-30080 (JCW); Subpoena to Produce Documents; Bates White LLC Investigation of Ankura Consulting LLC


Bates White,


I am writing about your investigation of Asbestos Trust Claims in the wake of  the DBMP LLC (Certainteed) bankruptcy and the subpoena to DCPF Personal Injury Settlement Trust (DCPF). As part of the investigation of the  DCPF Asbestos Trust Claims, it is imperative that you serve a Subpoena on Ankura Consulting LLC – a Washington D.C. based company who has engaged in criminal conduct, collusion, insider dealing, and bad faith as a “professional” hired by the DCPF Trusts for at least the past 13 years.


I have also litigated extensively with Ankura Consulting and the DCPF Trusts and can state with absolute certainty that criminal conduct is taking place at these DCPF Trusts by Ankura which impacts the DBMP litigation. By and through Ankura’s employee Gary Wingo, Ankura Consulting has:


  • Misappropriated – through sham audits and excessive payments to favored parties – at least $500 million in DCPF Trust funds.
  • Banned esteemed Radiologists from submitting medical reports to DCPF Trust Claims by entirely sham audits.
  • Been sued multiple times for their sham audits, thus wasting millions of dollars in Asbestos Trust Funds through “indemnification” despite Ankura’s bad faith.
  • Concealed the lawsuits (in #3) from multiple DCPF Annual Reports filed since 2020.
  • Lied to ‘dozens of Judges’ about their extensive involvement in DCPF Trust Claims (filing false Declarations with the Court).
  • Colluded with Asbestos Plaintiff Lawyers (DCPF ACC/TAC Members such as Steven Kazan) to ensure Audits are “targeted”, not neutral, and performed in bad faith.
  • Banned esteemed Attorneys and Law Firms from submitting DCPF Trust Claims (through sham audits) solely to misappropriate funds and appease favored ACC/TAC Members (Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton).
  • Hired entirely biased/defense doctors as “medical professionals” despite rules requiring “neutrality”.
  • Ignored Department of Justice Chapter 11 Rules regarding “disinterestedness”, “misappropriation of funds”, and “criminal conduct” solely to appease Plaintiff lawyers Alan Brayton and Steven Kazan.
  • Concealed the criminal theft of Asbestos Trust Funds by Alan Brayton (who Ankura knew used stolen Trust Funds to pay for his wedding).
  • Concealed (and enabled) fraudulent claims by Brayton and Kazan by giving them a “pass” from Audits.
  • Continued to perform “sham audits” (hundreds) – despite being sued related to the audits.
  • Valued “Individual Review” Claims with the DCPF Trusts for their “Favored Parties” – thus enabling hundreds of millions in Trust Fund misappropriation.
Gary Wingo - Certified Criminal Fraudster - Ankura Consulting - MTO's Corrupt Client

Gary Wingo – Certified Criminal Fraudster – Ankura Consulting

Please note that the attorney identified for DCPF in the subpoena’s served – Mary Ellen Nickel –  has a long history of insider dealing, bad faith, and fraud related to Ankura while working for the DCPF Trusts. I have no doubt Ms. Nickel is colluding/engaging in insider dealing with Ankura and various Plaintiff lawyers (Steve Kazan) regarding a response to the subpoenas. Please note that these Plaintiff lawyers (while colluding the Ankura)  ‘effectively’ run the DCPF Trust.


In Bates White’s investigation of relating to in re: DBMP, LLC, we can point you specifically where you can find corruption, fraud, and theft in the DCPF Asbestos Trusts and those responsible. First off, we strongly recommend that you investigate the claims of the Law Firm of Kazan,  McClain, Satterley, & Greenwood. Steven Kazan is the principal of this Firm and also an ACC member for DCPF Trusts. By and through Melissa Ankura, Kazan’s DCPF Claims have received not just favorable treatment, but were paid grossly excessive values. Another ACC Member, Alan Brayton, receives similar treatment for his Law Firm’s claims (Brayton Purcell). Ms. Ankura has known of Mr. Brayton’s fraudulent claims, and insider dealing for at least 20 years (see Kananian), and despite her strict Fiduciary Duty, has done nothing.


In your investigation of the DCPF Trusts, you will also note that most all of the claims filed by the Brayton and Kazan Firm’s were not filed in “Expedited Review” but in “Individual Review”. As a result, their Firms’ claims with DCPF do not have a ‘normal’ review process but are reviewed by ‘designated processors’ (Ankura) to ensure grossly excessive payments (on every claim) and favorable treatment (when sham/fraudulent evidence is submitted). Ankura, Brayton, and Kazan have spent decades breaching their duties to the DCPF (and all) Trusts and Asbestos Victims.


Should you have any questions regarding the documents produced (especially since Ankura is a known insider dealer/fraudster), Please reach out to me at any time. You can reach Ankura Consulting LLC at 2000 K. St., 12th Floor, Washington, DC 20006. (202) 797-1111






Michael Mandelbrot

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