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Ankura Consulting Sham Audits and Criminal Conduct Continues Despite Facing Multiple Lawsuits

Washington D.C.’s Ankura Consulting LLC’s Criminal Conduct Continues – Asbestos Trusts Fund Theft

Despite multiple lawsuits being filed against Ankura  Consulting LLC in 2021 for “sham audits” by noted and esteemed radiologists and physicians in 2021, Washington D.C.’s Ankura Consulting LLC’s is continuing its criminal conduct in 2022.

More sham audits of lawyers and Doctors are coming in 2022. My office has already received multiple “sham” audit requests.

Attached here – is another Ankura “sham” Audit received in February 2022. Ankura – Sham Asbestos Trust Audit Request.

Why this Ankura Audit Request is a Complete Sham – 

  1. Boilerplate letter from Ankura despite Ankura auditing for “boilerplates” (90% of their letter has nothing to do with the actual claims at issue).
  2. Claims being Audited have a combined value $4,000.00. Ankura bills Trusts over $50,000.00 for these Audits.
  3. Ankura’s “Favored Firms” don’t get Audited – Ankura would never audit with exposure evidence of “favored counsel” (i.e. Steven Kazan). Ankura gives Kazan a “pass” from audits so that Kazan can commit fraud with impunity.
  4. Ankura’s Audits are not neutral. Ankura Consulting LLC has hired biased, defense expert radiologist to perform the medical reviews. Audits are designed to be unbiased, neutral — but not when Ankura is involved.
  5. Ankura has “cherry picked” specific claims to audit involving “targeted Doctors”. Ankura has already reached a conclusion on these audits before they have even began….


To top it off –  another noted Radiologist has received word he’s been “targeted” in 2022 by Ankura….could Ankura Consulting LLC. be a worse company? Can someone please show me another company that has misappropriated BILLIONS of dollars like Ankura Consulting LLC? Doubtful you can find a more corrupt company on this planet….(Bernie Madoff was close…).

Who is Conspiring and Colluding  for the Sham Audits taking place by Ankura Consulting LLC

  1. Gary Wingo – Ankura’s Certified Fraudster Expert: Gary Wingo is one of the most dishonest men in America. A complete Fraudster with no morals, no remorse, no dignity. It would be an insult to “shit stains” to call Gary Wingo a shit stain.
Gary Wingo - Certified Criminal Fraudster - Ankura Consulting - MTO's Corrupt Client

Gary Wingo – Certified Criminal Fraudster – Ankura Consulting – MTO’s Corrupt Client

2. Steven Kazan – America’s Most Corrupt Plaintiff Lawyer/Trust Fiduciary- The Vladamir Putin of Asbestos Trusts. Literally just colludes with Wingo and goes in and takes the monies he wants from Trusts – has misappropriated over $2 Billion Dollars from Asbestos Trusts. 

Steven Kazan - The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America

Steven Kazan – The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America

3. Marla Eskin – This buffoon coordinates with Ankura and Kazan to conduct the Sham Audits. A COMPLETE Liar to her core. Disgraceful. Perjurer. Ugly. Liar. Has she used Trust monies for cosmetic surgeries?

Dishonest Lawyer - Ankura's "Puppet" - Worse Person - Marla Eskin - The "Enabler of Ankura Consulting Fraud"

Dishonest Lawyer – Ankura’s “Puppet” – Worse Person – Campbell and Levine’s Marla Eskin – Has Misappropriated BILLIONS from Asbestos Victims – Should be Disbarred

4. Ann McMillan – Caplin Drysdale – A meek, bowing lap dog to Plaintiff Lawyers and Trusts. Has assisted in misappropriating BILLIONS to Steve Kazan. A terrible lawyer and worse person.


Ann C. McMillan DC Asbestos Fraudster. Dumber than a box of rocks.


How Ankura has Misappropriated BILLIONS in Asbestos Trust Funds in 4 Steps: 

Step 1 – 

Conspire with Trust Counsel (Marla Eskin), Asbestos Trusts (DCPF’s Mary Ellen Nickel), and Trust Fiduciaries (the “TAC” or “ACC”) to conduct extensive audits of Asbestos Law Firms (such as mine) who are “not”  TAC (Trust Advisory Committee) Law Firms or Asbestos Claimant’s Committee (ACC) Law Firms and their Counsel Caplin and Drysdale (Ann McMillan). TAC/ACC Members receive 85% of all Trust Funds.

Ankura’s Fraud in Step 1? Disguising the audit as legitimate by sending boilerplate letters and utilizing Marla Eskin and Ann McMillan to send “official” letters to Law Firms and/or radiologists regarding the (sham) audits. Everyone KNOWS these audits are designed to misappropriate Trust Funds and harass Counsel (and Radiologists).

Step 2 – 

Conspire with Mary Ellen Nickel and Marla Eskin to determine a) What “non” TAC/ACC Law Firms are filing the most claims; and b) What radiologists are they using?

Ankura’s Fraud in Step 2? Since TAC/ACC Member (Steven Kazan, Kazan McClain) receive a “pass” from Audits, Ankura is not auditing the MOST IMPORTANT and Most Valuable Evidence submitted to the Trust  – “Exposure Evidence of Kazan McClain’s claims”

Step 3

Ankura ‘bills’ Asbestos Trusts tens of millions of dollars to conduct these sham Audits which is then paid by DCPF’s Mary Ellen Nickel (from Trust Funds!!!!). Ankura Consulting bills Asbestos Trusts at least $50,000.00 for each of the 1000 yearly “audits” they conduct. 90% of the claims being audited are worth less than $1000.00

Ankura’s Fraud in Step 3? Not even auditing the correct evidence. What results in billions being paid out of Asbestos Trusts are (sham) affidavits filed by Kazan, McClain (Steven Kazan) as evidence of “exposure to Asbestos”. The affidavits are often fraudulent from Kazan, but ignored by Ankura.

Step 4

Ankura Consulting LLC, in collusion with Mary Ellen Nickel, Marla Eskin and the ACC/TAC inform reputable Doctors and Lawyers that they have “failed” the audits are banned from Asbestos Trusts.

Ankura’s Fraud in Step 4? Not conducting “neutral” audits using “neutral” Doctors as required by ALL Trust Rules. And not reviewing any TAC/ACC exposure evidence.  In fact, Ankura Consulting LLC specifically hires biased Doctors who have ONLY worked for Defense Lawyers and are paid to find the results Ankura (and the TAC/ACC) desires.

So why would the TAC/ACC (Steven Kazan) collude to ‘ban’ reputable Doctors and Lawyers who also help Asbestos-Disease Victims? Greed. Pure Greed. Criminal greed. Disgraceful conduct. Theft. Fraud. It’s what makes Steven Kazan “The Most Corrupt Lawyer in America”.

So who is biggest CRIMINAL at Ankura Consulting LLC? GARY WINGO. This “shit stain” (which is really an insult to shit stains) Gary Wingo is involved in ALL criminal conduct at Ankura Consulting LLC. No lawyer in America has engaged in more fraud than Gary Wingo with regards to Asbestos Trusts (except Steven Kazan).

Sham Ankura Audit Request – Boilerplate Letter Requesting Audit of Claims – Example

Shankar v. Ankura Consulting Grp – Sexual Harassment – Workplace Discrimination (United States District Court, S.D. New York) – Case 1:20-CV-07463-ALC

Durham v. Ankura – Order Denying Ankura’s Venue Motion – Case Remains in Federal Bankrupcty Court in MS


Here’s Ankura’s Linkedin –

History of Sham Ankura Audits:

January 2014 – Sham Audit of Mandelbrot Law Firm – Mandelbrot Law Firm ‘banned’ from DCPF Trusts – Cost to Asbestos Victims:– Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. The “last honest asbestos plaintiff lawyer”  couldn’t submit with certain Trusts. In addition, Ankura, the Trusts and their  Counsel (Eve Karasik, Morgan Lewis) spent at LEAST $4 Million dollars (of Victim’s money) coming after me.

January 2018 – Sham Audit of Dr. William Durham. Durham banned from DCPF Trusts. Over 9000 claims immediately withdrawn by DCPF Trusts – Cost to Asbestos Victims: Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. Dr. Durham sued Ankura. Case ongoing.

January 2019-2020 – Sham Audits of Dr. Mark Klepper, Dr. Harry Smith and Dr. Donald Breyer result in the banning of these Doctors (from submitting reports) to the DCPF Trusts (10+ Trusts). Over 15,000 (legitimate) claims are immediately wiped out. Cost to Asbestos Victims: Billions. While Ankura has billed Asbestos Trusts no less than $100 Million to perform these sham (criminal) audits.

Net results of sham audits by Ankura LLC:

1) Hundreds of Millions of Dollars of Asbestos Victim’s Trust Funds  Misappropriated to Ankura (this is criminal!!);

2) Billions in Trust funds criminally diverted to Steven Kazan (Ankura to Steve Kazan….”hey, now that we’ve banned professionals and doctors at your request, there is more $$$ for you Mr. Kazan….”…)

3) 5 esteemed professionals with over 175 years total of professional accomplishments – get banned from Trusts and their reputations harmed. Solely due to Ankura and their shit stain employee Gary Wingo coordinating with equally disgraceful Steven Kazan. Could there be a more corrupt company in Washington D.C. than Ankura LLC


Ankura Consulting LLC has already (2010-present) misappropriated BILLIONS of dollars from Asbestos Trust Fund Victims by conducting sham audits and misappropriating Asbestos Trust Funds (through insider dealing and excessive payments) to their “favored” Law Firms (Steve Kazan). While the Department of Justice wholly prohibits this conduct, Ankura Consulting completely ignores theses rules. And nobody does anything. For example, Department of Justice Rules prohibit Fiduciaries from being an “interested party” – Ankura, by billing Trusts at least $50 million dollars per year and serving in various Trust Fiduciary capacities (Futures Representative etc..) are an interested party. The Department of Justice Rules prohibit “schemes” to misappropriate Asbestos Trust Funds (these audits are a scheme…). “Favoritism” is prohibited. Why does Steven Kazan and others (and their fraudulent exposure evidence) receive a “pass” from audits? Ankura “favors” Steven Kazan. Ankura Consulting, through insider dealing with Asbestos Trust  (DCPF) Counsel Marla Eskin (Campbell & Levine), has misappropriated at least $500 million to Steven Kazan alone. As a result, EVERY victim of Asbestos Disease receives less than they should.

Mandelbrot Blog: The Mandelbrot Law Firm Blog was started in 2015 in an effort to expose corruption, fraud, bad faith, and theft at Asbestos Trusts. To date, there has been at least $20 Billion stolen/misappropriated from Asbestos Trusts by the lawyers, Judges, Professionals, and fraudsters employed or working with Asbestos Trusts. In 2012, these same corrupt lawyers initiated 3 simultaneous identical ‘sham’ lawsuits against my office. One of the these lawsuits was dismissed. The other two were heard in front of  “the Most Corrupt Judge in the Country” – Judge Sheri Bluebond. Bluebond ruled with favoritism, bad faith, created bad law, and had her favored parties provide her with Orders weeks before a hearing so that she could rule for her ‘buddies’. Sheri Bluebond is not an Appointed or Elected Judge. She applied for the job (like one would apply at a 7-11), and used her Asbestos Trust connections to recommend her to the bench (so Bluebond could then rule for them and ‘enable’ corruption and fraud). Because of Bluebond’s many misguided rulings, Billions of Asbestos Victim monies have been misappropriated while Bluebond has ignored irrefutable evidence of Attorney fraud, bad faith, and criminal conduct (Alan Brayton, Steven Kazan, David McClain). In the cases against my office before Judge Bluebond, her rulings were overturned on Appeal twice (!) after which Bluebond created bad and incomprehensible solely to rule for her buddies at the Trusts (Thorpe Insulation Asbestos Trust and J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Asbestos Trust). The contents of this blog are solely the opinions of Michael Mandelbrot based on publicly available information about public figures. If there is anything inaccurate in this blog, please contact and prompt corrections will be made.
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