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Bankruptcy Judge Sheri Bluebond Files Fraudulent California State Bar Complaint Against Mandelbrot — California State Bar “Closes” Complaint

July 2022

Judge Sheri Bluebond is such a fraud with zero ethics or integrity. And when Judge Sheri Bluebond’s ongoing Judicial corruption and fraud was finally questioned in open Court- what did she do? Judge Bluebond filed a California State Bar Complaint against me and my office.  Laughable. Everything said and written about Judge Sheri Bluebond’s criminal fraud by me is 100% accurate. But I still had to respond to the California State Bar.

Since portions of her sham Complaint may be ‘confidential’ – I will not post them. However, my response to the California State Bar in 2022 is right here (I happily waive any confidentiality)….Mandelbrot State Bar Response- Case Number 19-O-10253 – Judge Bluebond Sham State Bar Complaint .

Here’s the Exhibits Attached –

Exhibit 1 – Improper Relationship – Karasik and Bluebond

Exhibit 2 -Signed Order – Dismissing Western Trust Case v. Mandelbrot

Exhibit 3 – Select Portions – Chapter 11 Trustee Handbook

Exhibit 4 -T-Shirts – Trust Anniversary Party

Exhibit 5 – The Bachelor Watch Party E-mails

Exhibit 6 – Annual Reports – Improper Payments to Interested Parties

Exhibit 7 – 2011 Mandelbrot Law Firm Brochure

Exhibit 8 – Eve Karasik (Bluebond’s Corrupt Buddy) Campaigning for Bluebond WHILE actively litigating before her (insider dealing)

Exhibit 9 – Kozinski Articles regarding Sexual Harassment (no doubt Bluebond was a ‘willing’ victim

Exhibit 10 – Proof Interested Party and Criminal Gary Fergus still employed at Thorpe Trusts

Exhibit 11 – MSP Recovery v. Thorpe Insulation – Current lawsuit before Bluebond regarding mass Fiduciary Theft and Medicare Fraud

Letter to Bluebond – State Bar Complaint

Memo by Alan Brayton re: Fraud to Cover up Western Fraud


The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country - Sheri Bluebond - Biased - Unethical Relationship to Eve Karasik

The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country – Sheri Bluebond – Biased – Can’t Follow the Law

By a landslide, Judge Sheri Bluebond is the “Most Corrupt Judge in America”. It’s not even close. Her Complaint against me was not only a sham, it violated multiple Judicial Ethics (i.e. Attempting to intimidate litigants and deter Judicial Complaints)..

Here are the Judicial Complaints Filed Against Judge Sheri Bluebond (which, not surprisingly, were relatively ignored by her fellow Judges who review the Complaints…)…

Judicial Complaint – Filed Against Judge Sheri Bluebond – Insider Dealing, Fraud, Favoritism – Judge Bluebond

Judge Sheri Bluebond will always be a complete fraud! The most unqualified, corrupt and dishonest Judge in America — Sheri Bluebond.


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