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California Lawyers Alan Brayton and Steven Kazan – The “Pioneers of Asbestos Trust Fraud” – Never hire Brayton or Kazan!

August 2022


For decades, lawyers Alan Brayton and Steven Kazan have held themselves out as “Pioneers” of Asbestos Litigation.

The reality is – Alan Brayton and Steven Kazan are the “Pioneers of Asbestos Trust Fraud”.

Billions (yes, billions) of dollars set aside for victims of asbestos have been misappropriated by Alan Brayton and Steven Kazan. Billions! Misappropriated by Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton out of pure greed!

In fact, every victim of Asbestos Disease (from now till the end of Asbestos Litigation) will receive far less money directly due to the theft, fraud and misappropriation of Asbestos Trust Funds by Alan Brayton and Steven Kazan.

Let’s introduce you to these reprehensible criminals Brayton and Kazan…..

1) Alan Brayton – The most dishonest Asbestos Trust Fiduciary member of them all. Here’s just some of the reasons why.


The Face of Fraud – Alan Brayton – The Rat

  1. Alan Brayton submitted hundreds of fraudulent and inflated defaults to help create the 2 billion dollar Western Asbestos Trust through collusion with other Fraudster lawyers and fellow Mafia members (Steve Kazan Stephen Snyder, Michael Ahrens, Gary Fergus…).
  2. Alan Brayton stole Asbestos Trust Funds to Pay for his Wedding!! Actual Check proving Misappropriation – Check from Western Asbestos Trust to Brayton’s Wife Lisa Correnti
  3. Alan Brayton engages in Tax Fraud yearly! Here’s proof. Underreported over 9 million dollars in (stolen) Trust Funds and got caught! Brayton – Guilty of Tax Fraud – Unreported income (money Brayton stole from Trust Funds)

Here’s some more details of Alan Brayton’s criminal conduct, fraud, and bad faith….

2) Steven Kazan – The King of Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Fraud – Hall of Fame Fraudster


Steven Kazan – The man most responsible for destroying more than one hundred once-thriving American businesses and putting tens of thousands of their diversely-colored employees out of work. Kazan – as a “Fiduciary” on 25 Trusts –  then ‘controls’ the Asbestos Trusts through tyranny, fraud, and collusion to misappropriate Trust funds to his firm, his clients and ‘favored’ lawyers. Steven Kazan is a reprehensible human being. Here’s some details about his fraud.

  • Steve Kazan serves as a ‘Fiduciary’ on over 25 Asbestos Trusts allowing him to control/collude over $20,000,000,000 (yes, billion) in assets and to divert hundreds of millions to his clients, “interested” parties, lawyers engaging in fraud, and other non-victims/beneficiaries.
  • Fills Trust Fiduciary Roles with “Interested Parties” (Tom Florence, Steven Snyder, Dan Myer, Stutzman Law Firm etc….) allowing for Favoritism and grossly excessive payments (for his Firm’s claim)… and bias (against other Firms legitimate claims).

Here’s Proof:

  • ACTUAL LANGUAGE FROM ANNUAL REPORTS PROVING THE COLLUSION AND FRAUD: Fees for Plaintiffs’ Firms: In the process of entering the Confirmation Order, the Bankruptcy Court entered Order Regarding Fees Paid to Certain Law Firms, on January 26, 2004 (“Fee Order”), requiring three firms to pay to the Trust a total of $12.3 million in legal fees previously paid to such firms by USF&G. The three firms were Brayton and Purcell, Kazan, McLain, (NOT ONLY DID THESE ‘LOSERS’ RECEIVE OVER 200 MILLION IN ATTORNEY FEES FROM CLAIMS, BUT THEY HAD TO)…the Trustees approved payment on July 27, 2004 of the $12.3 million in fees to Plaintiffs’ Counsel (Brayton and Kazan).
  • In addition, Steven Kazan helped misappropriate fees for ‘Special Counsel’. Here’s the language from the Annual Report. : Pursuant to this Court’s July 13, 2004 Order of Final Allowance of Contingent Bonus Fees to Debtors’ Special Counsel, the Trust paid fees totaling $35,542,397 to Brobeck, Phleger and Harrison, Faricy and Roen, Miller, Starr and Regalia and Morgan, Lewis & Bockius (THESE ARE STEPHEN SNDYER’S 2 FIRMS – THIS WAS HIS ”PAYOFF” FOR CONSPIRING WITH BRAYTON AND KAZAN) law firms.
  • Kazan is one of the most dishonest, self-dealing and corrupt lawyers in the Country.
  • Controls over 20 billion in Trust funds through fraud, insider dealing, bad faith, and misconduct.
  • Steven Kazan Conceals asbestos job sites (preventing future victims from getting compensated from Trusts) from nearly EVERY Trust to which Kazan is a Fiduciary. As a result, tens of thousands of Asbestos Victims cannot get paid (while Kazan’s claims are paid excessive values).
  • Steven Kazan has “Secret relationship” w/ Trust fiduciaries at every Trust — (Sander Esserman – Texas incompetent, Mary Ellen Nickel – Delaware Dunce to name a few…).
  • Steven Kazan pays off Doctors to refer him cases. This typically done through and in coordination with UCSF. Kazan ‘donates’ to various UCSF “Charitable’ Funds as a payoff to get Asbestos Mesothelioma cases from these Doctors. Most of his Law Firms mesothelioma cases come from mesothelioma Doctor David Jablons (UCSF) and their office – who unethically maintains Kazan’s brochure and intake packet at his office.

Simply put, Kazan is a piece of shit. Oh, and I forgot to mention, both Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton stole PPP monies too with fraudulent applications (neither needed the monies) – PPP Loan Information – Kazan and Brayton Fraud

Honorable Mention – Asbestos Trust Fraudsters and Hall of Fame Members:

Judge Sheri Bluebond (Los Angeles Bankruptcy Judge): Was clearly ‘bribed‘ by her close buddy criminal Eve Karasik to help further the Asbestos Trust Fraud of Alan Brayton and Steve Kazan. The most biased and corrupt Judge in the Country – bar none. Can’t follow the law. An embarrassment to UCLA.

David McClain (Steve Kazan’s Corrupt Partner) – A complete ‘douchebag’. A big fan of “mail order” brides in addition to Asbestos Corruption.

Peter D’Apice (Texas’ disgrace to lawyers) – Has stolen millions from Trust Funds through insider dealing, sham billings, bribery


Note: The above are opinions of the author Attorney Michael Mandelbrot – former employee of the Brayton Purcell, and local litigant with Steven Kazan for decades. It is my opinion that everything above is true and correct as I observed and displayed. If there are any corrections, please contact me at anytime at
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