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Is Fraud Currently Taking Place at the Motor Liquidation Trust (General Motors Asbestos Trust)? Steven Kazan Involved so Probably….

UPDATE – AUGUST 21, 2020

The Motor Liquidation Trust provided me with the 2019 Annual Report discussed below and purportedly updated their website.

As expected – the 2019 General Motors/Motor Liquidation Trust ANNUAL REPORT IS FRAUD on the Beneficiaries!

Why? The Motor Liquidation Trust (GM) Annual Report Does NOT break down Claim Payments by DISEASE for 2019. For example – critical and required information such as “The MLC Trust paid 600 Mesothelioma Claims During the Account Period for a Total of xxxxxx Dollars” –

Why doesn’t the Trust (or most any Trust) provide this Information regarding Mesothelioma Claim Payments? Simple. It would provide clear evidence favoritism, fraud, insider dealing and bad faith. 

Especially excessive and disproportionate claims paid to Attorney/Trust Fiduciary/Favored Party/Traitor Steven Kazan (and Alan Brayton)

Every Asbestos Trust Fiduciary engages in Favoritism, Insider Dealing and Fraud. Every one. They know where their “bread in buttered”.

Fiduciaries KNOW that if Kazan and Brayton get Favorable Treatment (5 times what every other lawyer gets on identical claims), a lifetime lucrative Trustee Position is guaranteed. These Quid Pro Quo “deals” need to be investigated by the Department of Justice.

August 2020

Is Fraud Currently Taking Place at the Motor Liquidation Trust (General Motors Asbestos Trust)?

Probably since Steven Kazan ( and Kathleen Campbell Davis ( are involved…

The Motor Liquidation Trust announced it is evaluating its payment percentage. A BIG Notice was put on the Trust website (re-printed below). is the website. That Notice discussed the evaluation of the payment percentage and provided a link to the “most recent Motor Liquidation Trust Annual Report.”  

Where does that “Link” take you? TO AN ANNUAL REPORT FROM 2013!

copy and paste this in your browser..

Am I mistaken or are we in 2020?

So the “Notice” to Asbestos Claimants – Past, Present and Future is that the MLC Asbestos Trust – by and through its “Fiduciaries” (Kazan and Campbell Davis) — are Re-Evaluating the Amount paid to Victims based on an Annual Report from 7 YEARS ago. This is Blatant Fraud.

No doubt Steven Kazan and Kathleen Campbell Davis are behind the FRAUD!

Kazan and Campbell Davis have “corrupted” DOZENS of Asbestos Trusts by utilizing their “Fiduciary” Status. No doubt the same is taking place at the MLC Asbestos Trust (General Motors) under the guise of “good faith” by Kazan and Campbell Davis.

If you haven’t ‘met’ them – let me introduce you to these Corrupt Lawyers and Huge Frauds:

  1. Kathleen Campbell Davis – Here bio is below – Edited for “Accuracy” (in bold).

Kathleen Campbell DavisKathleen Campbell Davis

p: 302.426.1900  ext. 2105

Kathleen Campbell Davis joined Campbell & Levine in 2002 (definitely not on merit). Kathleen concentrates her practice on the fraud and misappropriation of funds from Mass Tort Settlement Trusts, as outside general counsel — thus allowing her to engage in fraud on multiple trusts. Kathleen has NO experience representing debtors, creditors, official committees, and asset purchasers in commercial bankruptcy proceedings and representing clients in civil litigation unless she’s working under a male superior engaging in fraud. Her Law Firm can best be described as “awful”. Another lawyer there – Marla Eskin matches Campbell Davis in her fraud, incompetence and buffoonery. 

2. Steven Kazan – Please read my Blog. Kazan has been engaging in Fraud for decades and has misappropriated BILLIONS from Asbestos Victims (and the Government).

Has also “set up” nearly ALL Asbestos Trusts so he gets “Favorable Treatment” and “Excessive Values” compared to identical claims from other Asbestos Lawyers. This is detailed in a recent lawsuit v. Kazan. 2020-02-20 Robert Baird Interrogatories to Armstrong World Personal Injury Trust BR-34

Do Not Hire This Fraud - Steven Kazan

Steven Kazan – The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in the Country

Below is the Post from the MLC Trust.

Welcome to Motors Liquidation Company Asbestos PI Trust

COVID-19 Notice

Notice of Reconsideration of the Payment Percentage (06/17/2020)

The MLC Asbestos PI Trust will use the Trust Assets to pay all Asbestos Personal Injury Claims, caused by exposure to asbestos-containing products for which by Motors Liquidation Company (f/k/a General Motors Corporation) and its affiliated debtors have legal responsibility under applicable tort law, as provided in and by the Plan of Reorganization and the Trust Agreement. The Trust was initiated on March 31, 2011, and commenced operations. The most recent annual report of the Trust may be found here. Kirk Watson was appointed Trustee and continues to serve in that role. Judge Dean Trafelet (Ret.) was named the Legal Representative for Future Claimants (the “Futures Representative”) and continues to serve as such. John Cooney, Steven Kazan and Perry Weitz were named to the Trust Advisory Committee (“the TAC”) and all three continue to serve on the TAC.

The Trust has established procedures and systems to receive and review claims. Information and instructions regarding the filing of PI Trust claims may be found in the Resources section of this website.

Payment Percentage Notice:

The Trustee of the MLC Asbestos PI Trust engaged in a process, as provided in the Trust Distribution Procedures (the “TDP”), with the TAC and the Futures Representative regarding the determination of the initial payment percentage.

As required by Section 4.2 of the TDP, the Trustee took into consideration current estimates of the number, types and values of present and future claims against the Trust, the value of assets currently available to the Trust for claims payments, anticipated administrative and legal expenses, and all other material matters that we and our advisors considered to be reasonably likely to affect the sufficiency of the Trust’s assets to pay a comparable percentage of full value to all holders of claims against the Trust. Further, the Trustee received and relied on advice from both the Trustee’s advisors and the respective advisors of the TAC and the Futures Representative.

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