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Mesothelioma Stockton Lawyer: Various Pipe Supply and Construction Material Companies in Stockton and San Joaquin County Are Alleged Asbestos Exposure Sites

The Asbestos Legal Center, a law practice focused on representing mesothelioma patients and victims of asbestos related disease that represents patients in the Stockton and San Joaquin County area, today cited documentation alleging various pipe supply and construction material supply companies that operated in the Stockton and San Joaquin County area over the last century were asbestos exposure cites. The release of information is a part of the continuing effort led by Asbestos Legal Center founder, Mike Mandelbrot, to supply information to the public in the Stockton and San Joaquin County area regarding where residents may have been exposed to asbestos. Recently, Mr. Mandelbrot highlighted statistics indicating that the age adjusted incidence rate of mesothelioma per capita is higher in San Joaquin County compared to the incidence rate per capita in California as a whole.
“Many individuals are under the misconception that asbestos containing construction materials were only sold to industrial and large construction projects. Unfortunately that is absolutely not the case. For decades the asbestos industry supplied asbestos containing products to the mass market packaged as personal home remodel and repair items.” said Mr. Mandelbrot. “Today our office is proud to share information with the public, that documentation exists identifying suppliers of pipe and construction materials in the Stockton and San Joaquin area, as alleged asbestos exposure sites, so the public can access the information should any family member or loved one become ill.”

Documentation exists alleging that the following supply companies in the Stockton and San Joaquin County area were asbestos exposure sites in the past: Moran Supply, Western Building Materials, Record Supply Company, Delta Pipe and Supply Company and Center State Pipe & Supply, Inc.. Asbestos was widely used in drywall, joint compounds, stucco and acoustic materials, roofing products, mastics, floor tiles, cement, and cement sewer pipe into the late 1970’s. Asbestos cement pipe continued to be manufactured and distributed well in to the 1980’s, specifically in the Stockton and San Joaquin County area, where Johns-Manville, one of the world’s largest producers of the product, operated a manufacturing plant.
Malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM) is a unique cancer because it grows in a diffuse manner throughout the entire chest cavity rather than as a typical solid growth or nodule. It is caused by exposure to asbestos. There is no cure for the disease. However, one’s survival length typically can be extended if the cancer’s treatment begins early enough.

That’s why if a person knows they were exposed to asbestos, identifying the symptoms of the disease, often mistaken for pneumonia and other diseases, is so important.

The symptoms of mesothelioma include persistent dry cough, difficulty swallowing, fatigue, sweating, a fever, difficulty and painful breathing, shortness of breath, pain in the chest or rib cage sometimes accompanied by bumps, unexplained weight loss, and blood in fluid one spits up from their mouth. All the symptoms should be discussed with a physician immediately, whom also should be informed of the individual’s exposure to asbestos. If one has a significant asbestos exposure, they need not wait for such symptoms to develop but rather should speak to their doctor about scheduling a spiral CT screening of the chest and lungs.

Earlier the Asbestos Legal Center released information identifying public buildings and schools in the Stockton and
San Joaquin County Area where documentation indicates asbestos exposures occurred.

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