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New -Cleaning UP the Asbestos Litigation Mess: A Role for the Department of Justice? …..Top 5 Trusts to Investigate!

Have you seen the new Forbes Article – Cleaning UP the Asbestos Litigation Mess: A Role for the Department of Justice? …..

This is too good to be true! As these corrupt Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries have fraudulently attempted to harm me personally, let’s give the Department of Justice a “Top 5 Asbestos Trusts to Investigate” – Each of these Trusts has engaged in massive fraud, misappropriation of funds, “enabled” double-dipping by select Plaintiff lawyers (Alan Brayton, Steven Kazan), misappropriated millions to “interested” parties (former defense lawyers), and continues to be operated in “bad faith”.

“Top 5 Asbestos Trusts to Investigate”

  1. Western Asbestos Settlement Trust – – Reno, NV. Massive fraud. Nearly a billion dollars misappropriated. A billion. Individuals at the Trust engaged in corruption, collusion and fraud: Alan Brayton (Managing Director/Corrupt Plaintiff Lawyer – see docs below); David McClain – Kazan’s sidekick and huge fraudster; Steven Snyder – Managing Trustee – stolen at least $100 million from victims; Sara Beth Brown and Laura Paul – the fraud in Reno; Chuck LaGrave – Snyder’s old corrupt running mate; Gary Fergus – a complete loser who has ‘stolen’ monies for over a decade with the payments ‘hidden’ in Annual reports as “payments over $100,000” – it’s literally theft; Michael Ahrens – Brayton’s buddy/barterer/lawyer engaging in fraud.
  2. ASARCO Trust – Massive payouts to interested parties. Site lists concealed. Millions misappropriated.
  3. Owens Corning Settlement Trust – Hundreds of millions misappropriated with ‘discretionary’ payouts by “interested parties” – Bribery. Fraud.  Concealment of sites. Individuals engaged in fraud – Alan Brayton, Steven Kazan, Mary Ellen Nickel (she’s the ‘ringleader’ on about 10 Trusts), Tom Florence – the kinds of fraud and misappropriation.
  4. AC&S Settlement Trust – Millions in improper payouts. Concealment of thousands of AC&S liability sites. Individuals engaged in fraud and concealment: Trust Counsel Bethany Recht, Dan Myer (in addition to favoritism on a dozen other Trusts).
  5. Any Trust where Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton are Trust Advisory Committee Members – About 30 Trusts. These are the kings of fraud, double dipping, hiring “interested parties” and the misappropriation of asbestos trust funds.

Here’s some documents for the Department of Justice …..

Evidence of Insider Dealing – Snyder – Snyder paid himself over $30 million from Trust funds right here! He worked for Brobeck and the Trust simultaneously and paid himself.

Hanna Order – Brayton Fraud and Malpractice – Here’s proven evidence of Alan Brayton (Brayton Purcell) filing fraudulent Asbestos Trust claim, deceiving courts, double dipping.

Malpractice Claim Targets Bay Area Attorney (Legal Pad) – Articles detailing Brayton fraud

Plant Site List – Published by Fiduciaries (fraud) – Example of a “sham” site list. Brayton  has concealed thousands and thousands of Plant sites from future Asbestos victims. Plant Insulation – Example of the ‘correct’ site list which Kazan concealed! – Plant Site List Part 1 – Plant Site List Part 2

November 2012 Declaration Notifying Trusts of John Lynch – An example of how honest attorneys act when bad actors exist…This happened in my office. Would Brayton and Kazan have been honest? NEVER.



Steven Kazan – The Face of Fraud



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