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Plaintiff Asbestos Lawyers – You And Your Clients Are Getting “Screwed” By One Of Your “Own” – Steven Kazan

September 2020 –


Plaintiff Asbestos Lawyers – You And Your Clients Are Getting “Screwed” By One Of Your “Own” – Steven Kazan

Do Not Hire This Fraud - Steven Kazan

Steven Kazan – The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in the Country

If you are one of the thousands of Asbestos Plaintiff Lawyers out there representing victims of Asbestos Diseases – you are getting screwed over. Did you know that EVERY CASE, your client (asbestos victims) are getting less money than they deserve because of Plaintiff Asbestos Lawyer Steven Kazan? Yes, that is correct. Steven Kazan – who is supposed to be a Fiduciary for Asbestos Victims – is a complete fraud who has “schemed the system” and engaged in “insider dealing” — costing EVERY ASBESTOS VICTIM fair compensation.

A white collar criminal would be the nicest way to describe Steven Kazan ( As a “Fiduciary” (Trust Advisory Committee Member) of Asbestos Trusts, Kazan ‘controls’ over $30 Billion in Victim’s funds. Does Kazan act as a “Fiduciary” with this $30 Billion? No! He acts as a greedy Plaintiff Lawyer who files claims with those same Trusts knowing he will get favorable treatment….

Insider Dealing, Misappropriation of Funds, and Bad Faith are the standard dealings for Kazan-led Trusts. Kazan “infects” every Asbestos Trust with shady dealings solely to benefit HIMSELF. Given the complexity of his fraud – let me give you some examples of how this plays out in legal (asbestos) claims:

A. Kazan Files Claims with Asbestos Trusts and Receives (at least) 5 times the value of Claims from other lawyers who file “identical claims.”

    1.  Kazan has inserted rules with the Trusts (filing in “Individual Review”) which allow his “buddies” to value his claims. As a result – Mary Ellen Nickel (DCPF Fraud), Peter D’Apice (Verus and NARCO Fraud) value Kazan’s claims and pay him 5x more than anyone else.
    2. See attached where KAZAN WAS SUED  by Trust Beneficiaries for this BAD FAITH (note – he immediately settled)2020-01-31 Robert Baird v Armstrong World Industries Asbestos Personal Injury Trust, et al Complaint Cover Sheet Verification BR-34 – Kazan Sued
    3. Note – Kazan receives 5 times valuation from not just one Trust  – but from OVER 30 Asbestos Trusts. What this means? In every case – Kazan has misappropriated MILLIONS from Asbestos Trusts. MILLIONS. And Kazan has an estimated 200 mesothelioma cases a year. Easily $250 Million misappropriated by Kazan — which should have went to other Asbestos victims… (instead, payment %’s go down and all victims get less)….

B. Kazan – despite his Asbestos Trust Fiduciary Status – has created “Sham Trusts” – concealing tens of thousands “Asbestos Sites” from Trusts in an effort to “suppress claims”

  1. When an Asbestos Company goes bankrupt – It is the duty of Fiduciaries to ensure a “Site List” is published so that all Present and Future Asbestos Victims receive compensation from the Trust. It is a Fiduciary Duty! But not with Steven Kazan. Even worse, Kazan actively conceals known Asbestos Jobsites from every Asbestos Trust….Again – the whole goal here is suppress valid claims and preserve Trust Funds for Kazan claims (which he knows will receive 5x what everyone else gets…). It is criminal.
  2. Examples of Trusts where Kazan has supported publishing a “sham” site list or “no” site list (Breach of Fiduciary Duty-Fraud on all Asbestos Plaintiff Lawyers) – 
    1. Armstrong World Industries Trust –
    2. Yarway Asbestos Trust –
    3. Garlock Trust
    4. Western Asbestos Settlement Trust – KAZAN STOLE APPROXIMATELY $500 MILLION FROM THIS TRUST – Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Victims Annual Reports – Millions of Dollars Misappropriated to Kazan, Brayton, Snyder, Brobeck, Morgan Lewis (all “Interested” parties)
    5. General Motors Asbestos Trust (MLC Trust) –
    6. NARCO Asbestos Trust ( – Note that the Trustee of this NARCO Trust (who also values Kazan’s claims) is none other than former Alameda Judge Ken Kawaichi – who presided over hundreds of Kazan’s cases. Kazan clearly had a “quid pro quo” deal with Kawaichi when he was on the Bench…..

….and these are just examples….

Asbestos Plaintiff Lawyers – Bottom Line – You and Your Clients are Getting Screwed by one of your “Own” – Steven Kazan

In every since case – You are losing money. Asbestos Victims are losing money. And you are getting screwed. While Kazan is misappropriating funds and rich…although Kazan did see the need to steal a PPP Loan –  PPP Loan Information





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