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Steven Kazan’s Newest Asbestos Scam – Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder Mesothelioma Cases

Steven Kazan’s Newest Asbestos Scam – Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Mesothelioma Cases

Steven-Kazan-The-Face-of-Asbestos-Trust-Corruption-and-Fraud-214x300Steven Kazan – Asbestos Litigation “Scammer”

The “Scammer” is at it again! Steven Kazan. More asbestos litigation scams. There have been at least 2 big asbestos litigation ‘scams’ he’s successfully accomplished. And now he’s onto a third – Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder asbestos-related mesothelioma cases. And he’s filed hundreds.

Why are Steven Kazan’s (Kazan McClain) Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder mesothelioma cases a big scam? Simple – in every single one of those, Kazan is concealing exposures to other or alternate asbestos products. For decades (1985-2015), in nearly identical cases, Kazan never named Johnson & Johnson in asbestos mesothelioma cases  – yet pursued many other asbestos exposures and nearly every asbestos trust (which he runs through corruption). Now – all of the sudden, Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder is the only exposure in these ‘nearly identical’ mesothelioma cases? It’s a big scam!

No doubt each of Kazan’s clients suing Johnson & Johnson have many other asbestos exposures such as exposure through a family member, exposure on a home remodel, or exposure to a company is no longer solvent – but not according to Steven Kazan in his current cases. He’s undoubtedly concealing his own client’s exposures –  and future recoveries from asbestos trusts – to point the finger at Johnson & Johnson. It’s a big scam!

In addition, given Steven Kazan’s corrupt involvement with nearly all Asbestos Trusts, there is no doubt that Kazan is concealing the fact that each claimant will recover (excessive funds) from nearly all Trusts. These ‘same’ client’s recovered millions from Trusts when represented by Kazan in the past – so why is he concealing these exposures now? It’s a big scam!

Kazan’s prior ‘scams’ include but are not limited to:

  1. Paying off Doctors and Unions to refer him mesothelioma cases (…’fake’ charitable donations to Dr. David Jablons etc….)…(1990-present)
  2. Misappropriating and aiding in the misappropriation of “billions” from Asbestos Trusts (from victims he purportedly helps…)… and now..(1990-present)
  3. Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder mesothelioma cases…

As a note – the Department of Justice is now investigating nearly every Trust which Steven Kazan is involved.  If the Trustees don’t conceal Kazan’s fraud in their response to the D.O.J. – the Department of Justice will find extensive Kazan fraud. Sham defaults. Sham claims. Excessive monies paid to Kazan (insider dealing). Faster reviews for Kazan claims (no proper FIFO).  The Department of Justice will hopefully know what to look for…..

Editor’s NoteThis opinion solely relates to Steven Kazan and his Firm of Kazan McClain. David McClain – Kazan’s partner – has also been involved in decades of fraud and Trust misappropriation. This opinion does not apply to other Law Firms who file cases against Johnson & Johnson. Those Firms are (presumably) not concealing asbestos exposures in their current cases (like Kazan) nor did those Firms misappropriate millions from Asbestos Trusts and solvent defendants in ‘identical cases’. To those Trial Lawyers who work for Kazan – I’d suspect you were unaware of his decades of asbestos litigation fraud and scams.


Steven Kazan’s Newest Asbestos Scam – Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder Mesothelioma Cases



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