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The Corrupt WOMEN of Asbestos Trust Litigation – Bad Lawyers/Bad People

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The Corrupt Women of Asbestos Litigation – Bad Lawyers/Worse People

There is over $30 Billion Dollars set aside for victims of asbestos diseases. But who oversees that money? Who decides which claimants/beneficiaries actually get compensated? Everyone talks about the “Trustees” or “Fiduciaries” (typically male)…..but they can’t do it alone. They need help to commit such massive fraud. Individuals with criminal intent and bad motives who will willingly engage in fraud if it benefits them. So what do these Trustees and Fiduciaries do? They fill the roles with “Corrupt Women Lawyers” and pay them well. The Appearance: “…these are esteemed female lawyers who have ‘broken the glass ceiling’…..”

The Truth: “These are fraudsters who have conspired with Fiduciaries and Trustee to Commit Fraud and Misappropriate Money to themselves and their male superiors.” And in so doing, the Corrupt Women of Asbestos Trust Litigation have misappropriated over a BILLION dollars to their male co-conspirators, while themselves stealing monies from Asbestos Victims. 

So who are they? The “Corrupt Women of Asbestos Trust Litigation” – a pack of low-esteemed, dishonest, poor quality lawyers, who have conspired with their male Fiduciary superior  (typically male) to funnel “billions of trust dollars” back to the Superiors/Fiduciaries while harming the true Beneficiaries/Victims of the  Trusts.

Falsely giving the public persona that they’ve “broken the glass ceiling” – the “Corrupt Women of Asbestos Trust Litigation” are surprisingly ‘poor’ and low quality lawyers.

Do their families or kids know the corrupt conduct carried out by the “Corrupt Women of Asbestos Trust Litigation”? Probably not! Using Trust money, I suspect these female ‘losers’ are driving around in BMW’s, working very little, while ‘billing’ the victims’ money millions per year. NONE has acted as a Fiduciary for the Beneficiaries (what they are paid for) – and they know it! Hopefully, the family’s of these female frauds below see this post.

So who are “The Corrupt Women of Asbestos Trust Litigation”? Exposing them is the easy part. I’ve dealt with each of them multiple times over the past 5 years. You cannot believe a word that comes out of their mouth. Liars to the core to protect their male superiors committing fraud. How do they sleep at night? Who knows – but it can’t feel good living your life as a complete fraud.

So here they are…

One-by-One these women have corrupted Asbestos Trusts, misappropriated millions of dollars to their male superiors, conducted ‘sham’ audits of legitimate claims to harm claimants, and knowingly diverted Trust funds of “interested parties”. It is literally is criminal Racketeering – “RICO”…For each of the “Female Fraudsters” below, I will detail the Trusts they have corrupted, which Lawyers they’ve conspired with, and their contact information.


The Corrupt Women of Asbestos Trust Litigation: Bad Lawyers/Worse People


1. Mary Ellen Nickel – The Undisputed “Queen of Asbestos Trust Corruption”

2. Marla Eskin – “The Snake” – Somehow this former asbestos plaintiff lawyer (she worked at Jacobs and Crumpler in Delaware deceived the Judge’s overseeing multiple Trusts that she was not an “interested party”. What a lie? As a result of that deception, this “thief” has misappropriated millions of dollars of victim’s money to herself and other interested parties. Not a good lawyer – Not a smart Lawyer – just a fraud

Marla-Eskin-Corrupt-Lawyer-Worse-Person-233x300Marla Eskin – Corrupt Lawyer – Worse Person

3. Bethany Recht- “The Lazy Liar”


This is one dumb lawyer. Lazy. A Liar. Hides and ignores clear liability documents harming thousands of asbestos victims. Has misappropriated millions from the  Trusts through sham billing…

4. Mary Ellen Nickel – “The Queen Bitch” – Quite possible the biggest liar of them all! Has misappropriated at least a billion dollars over the  past decade to interested parties while partaking in fraud and sham audits to harm the very beneficiaries she’s paid to ‘protect’. I’m not sure you can find a more dishonest lawyer in the Country. Highest ranking female member of the “Asbestos Trust Mafia”

  1. Trust Corrupting – Every Delaware Trust (over 10), including Owens Corning, Fibreboard, W.R. Grace, Flintkote
  2. Her “Male Superiors” Engaged in Fraud: Steve Kazan, David McClain, Alan Brayton, Tom Florence

5. Molly Spieczny-“The Judge’s Corrupt  Daughter” – Has misappropriated close to a million dollars through sham audits of Claims

6. Sara Beth Brown-

7. Laura Paul – “The Dummy”- No background in asbestos litigation yet hired to oversee a billion dollar Trust. Not even a lawyer. Had 4 kids w/4 different fathers before the age of 35 and no experience in asbestos yet hired to oversee a billion dollar trust. One can only wonder how she obtained that honor.

  1. Trusts Corrupting: Western Asbestos – J.T. Thorpe, Inc. – Thorpe Insulation-Plant Insulation.
  2. Her Male “superiors” engaged in massive fraud: Alan Brayton, Steven Kazan, Stephen Snyder, Gary Fergus, Chuck LaGrave.

8. Jeanine Donohue –  “The Troll” – Hired solely to further the fraud of Stephen Snyder and the other “Fiduciaries”

  1. Trusts Corrupting: Western Asbestos – J.T. Thorpe, Inc. – Thorpe Insulation-Plant Insulation.
  2. Her Male “superiors” engaged in massive fraud: Alan Brayton, Steven Kazan, Stephen Snyder, Gary Fergus.

9. Melissa Metzfield – “The Liar”

  1. Trusts Corrupting: Johns Manville – All Trusts at CRMC.
  2. Her Male “Superiors ? Jared Garelick, Jason Rubenstein

10. Marcellene Malouf – 

11. Sara Beth Kohut – “Big Red” – new entry to the List – Recently became involved in the corruption at the “Delaware Claims” processing Trusts (including Owens Corning, Babcock and Wilcox, etc..). Clearly not a bright or  honest lawyer. Solely hired by the Trust (a bribe) to assist in the corruption and the Trust fund misappropriation. 


Author’s Note: Some of the very best lawyers in the entire Country are women.  The best. This article has nothing to do with any gender bias. It does display how many women (who are very bad lawyers) will engage in fraud, conspiracy, racketeering, misappropriation….just so they will “look good.” Fiduciary duties mean absolutely nothing to the above women. Nothing. And if  you’ve seen my other posts, there are far more corrupt men. But don’t let these women fool you. They are fraudsters. Liars. And consciously ‘bad’ people.