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Asbestos Lawyers Cry “Foul” in Monsanto Roundup Weed Killer Settlement — They Were About to Get a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Asbestos Lawyers were about to get a taste of their own medicine in the $10 Billion Monstanto Roundup Settlement!!

And they sure didn’t like it!

The Roundup Settlement would have shut Asbestos Lawyers out of Attorney Fees and Future Claims (exactly like they have done with Asbestos Victims with Asbestos Trusts).  The Large Monsanto Roudup Settlement would have ALSO  shut the Asbestos Lawyers out of the Large Attorney fee Award (which the Asbestos Lawyers ‘stole’/received from every Asbestos Trust). The Asbestos Lawyers sure didn’t like it….

In fact,  they cried to the Court like a bunch of little babies.

“No Fair”.

“Future Victims get screwed.”

“We don’t share in the fees.”

Wait?! This is exactly what the Asbestos Lawyers have received from EVERY Asbestos Trust. Large Fee Awards. Favorable Treatment. Ability to “Insider Deal”…And like the proposed Roundup Settlement – the Asbestos Lawyers harmed Future Asbestos Victims (in every Asbestos Trust) knowing their clients (like Lieff Cabraser’s clients) would get favorable treatment (allowing for the misappropriation of funds…).

There is fundamentally NO DIFFERENCE from the Proposed Roundup Settlement and every Asbestos Trust Created…..

There similarities between the Roundup Settlement and Every Asbestos Trust?

Elizabeth Cabraser/Lieff Cabarser’s attempts here are entirely analogous to what Steven Kazan, David McClain and Al Brayton have done with nearly EVERY ASBESTOS TRUST.
The similarities?
1) A “Deal” is cut where the Law Firm (Cabraser/Kazan McClain/Brayton) reap millions in fees; and
2) Their (Cabraser/Kazan/Brayton) Law Firm Clients receive favorable treatment resulting in…
3) Additional (excessive) fees for the Law Firm (Cabraser/Kazan/Brayton)….where…
4) Claimants from Law Firms for the rest of Country (tens of thousands of future Asbestos victims) are precluded from suing…and…
5) Effectively get screwed (!) by EVERY Asbestos Trust…all while
6) The Law Firm (Cabraser/Kazan McClain/Brayton) reap hundreds of millions from Asbestos Trusts (or Roundup)…and…
7) Become entirely insulated/indemnified from any future liability despite corruption, insider dealing and bad faith…and …
8) Will utilize bad faith tactics (not allowing extensions of times/sham lawsuits against Counsel/excluding esteemed Doctors)…so that
9) The Law Firm (Cabraser/Kazan/McClain/Brayton) can protect their excessive fees (and use the Trusts as their personal piggy banks) all while…
10) Entirely ignoring/even actively actively ‘harming’ Law Firms/Victims and Claims of both “present” and especially “future” victims who they don’t represent………there’s more, but I think you have the idea….
 So what’s the difference here in the Monsanto Roundup Settlement?
Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton, and other Asbestos Lawyers aren’t sharing in the large fees, didn’t participate in the “deal cooking”, and their future victims get screwed — like with every Law Firm’s Asbestos Clients with EVERY ASBESTOS TRUST…….. DUE TO  KAZAN, MCCLAIN, BRAYTON
The Asbestos Attorneys were about to get taste of their own medicine….
As always – the  Corrupt Asbestos Lawyers won this battle….but they sure didn’t like a taste of their own medicine

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