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Double Dipper Steven Kazan’s Recent Filing Provides More Evidence the Western Asbestos-Western MacArthur Trial was a Complete Sham

Double Dipper Steven Kazan’s Recent Filing Provides More Evidence the Western Asbestos-Western MacArthur Trial (Chapter 11 Case No. 02-46284) was a Complete Sham

Everyone knows it. The Western Asbestos/MacArthur Trial was a complete sham with the Judge (really) an “insider” who was guaranteed Asbestos Trustee positions “post trial”. But even worse, the evidence brought forward by Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton in that Trial was fabricated, inflated, and pure fraud. And a recent filing by Double Dipper Steven Kazan proves it.

Here’s the filing: Darden v. WAST – Complaint for Dec. Relief (Rejected Kazan Meso) – N.D. Cal BK 5-26-20

To understand the nature of the mass Kazan fraud, you need to understand the underlying trial in which Western Asbestos liabilities were ultimately determined (with Ken Kawaichi was Kazan’s hand picked Judge…). Thousands of asbestos disease cases were at issue with Kazan and Brayton alleging that each was worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars. Under the weight of potential liability (due to Kazan/Brayton fraud), Western Asbestos (the insurance companies) settled the lawsuit for nearly $2 Billion dollars. KEY DISCUSSSION OF WESTERN TRUST HISTORY. Many knew there was mass fraud in this Trial before Ken Kawaichi. But it didn’t matter. With Kawaichi making every ruling for Kazan, a massive settlement was reached. Kazan pocketed at least $100 million (including millions in ‘sham’ fees).

So what does the recent Darden v. WAST filing have to do the Western Asbestos/Western MacArthur Trial? In paragraph 12 of the attached file, it says that “In 1986, Eddie (Darden) settled his asbestos lawsuit again Western MacArthur Company. In exchange for $1,300.00 (one thousand three hundred). “ Eddie Darden had asbestosis. In the Western Asbestos/MacArthur Trial, there were thousands of Claimants with Asbestosis. What did Kazan (and Brayton) represent to the Court and Defendants that each of the Asbestosis cases against Western Asbestos was worth? At least $50,000.00 per claim. Kazan had recently settled as Asbestosis case (Darden) with Western Asbestos for $1,300.00 – yet in this ‘big’ Trial, Kazan represented that each of ‘these’ thousands of Asbestosis cases were worth $50,000.¬† The insurance company ultimately settled with Western Asbestos using $20,000 and $50,000 as the “sample” settlement for the thousands of Asbestosis claims without ever knowing that Kazan was actually settling the claims for $1,300. Simple math makes clear this is no less than $35,000,000 difference (probably¬† more)….Back that up with 100’s of “Fraudulent” Default Judgments by Kazan and Brayton in the Western Trial (worth hundreds of millions – but represented as “Billions”…) and the Corruption is obvious. Kazan is a fraud. So is Alan Brayton.

Double Dipping: Kazan’s recent filing also makes clear that he’s the “King of Double Dipping”. Kazan gets “full value” for his mesothelioma cases in the 3rd party Lawsuit (by going to Court). And then, Kazan “Double Dips” by getting grossly overinflated moneys from the Asbestos Trusts (i.e. Double Dipping).

The recent filing confirms Kazan Double Dipping – Kazan got full value in the Darden case in the litigated portion. Full value (Kazan is also an insider dealer on many Asbestos Trusts and gets 10x identical claims by other lawyers). by most estimates, the Darden family has already collected $8 million dollars or so. But that wasn’t enough for greedy Kazan. Kazan wants to ‘rob” Asbestos Trusts too. As a result, Kazan “Double Dips…..”…such as this recent filing….Darden v. WAST – Complaint for Dec. Relief (Rejected Kazan Meso) – N.D. Cal BK 5-26-20

One good note – If there is any good news from the above – it is quite shocking that the this Darden mesothelioma claim wasn’t already paid by the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust. Had (the now retired to escape criminal liability) Stephen Snyder (former Chairman of the Trustees) been at the Trusts – Kazan would have been paid on this Darden claim long, long ago — and paid HUGE money. Snyder – a pure criminal – misappropriated Millions of Dollars to Kazan. Maybe the new Executive Director is actually doing his job (unlike the criminal Snyder).

However, as Laura Paul still works (steals) from the Western Settlement Trust – there is no doubt bad faith and fraud still taking place….(Brayton claims)….Proof – Kazan Reaping Billions from Trusts

If you are a victim of Mesothelioma or Lung Cancer – Do Not Hire Steven Kazan or his Law Firm KazanMcClain


If you are an Asbestos Lawyer – know that Steven Kazan is a complete Fraud who does NOT have the best interests of Asbestos Victims – only his own Clients


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