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Asbestos Trust Fraud – Ankura Consulting LLC Loses Venue Motion – Must Stand Trial in Mississippi for Conducting Sham Audits of Lawyers

Asbestos Trust Fraud – Ankura Consulting LLC Loses Venue Motion – Must Stand Trial in Mississippi for Conducting Sham Audits of Lawyers

Ankura Consulting LLC has been engaging in Asbestos Trust Fraud for Decades!!
But is it finally coming to an end?
The esteemed and credible Dr. William Durham sued Ankura Consulting for conducting a sham audit and banning him from writing reports from Asbestos Trusts. As expected – Ankura filed a Motion to Dismiss. Ankura Consulting lost and must now face Trial and litigation in Mississippi!!
Judge Keith Starrett – United States District Court Judge wrote a 21 page Opinion denying Ankura’s Motion.
Ankura Consulting has to go to Trial is Mississippi as a Defendant.
After decades of Ankura Consulting LLC fraud – it may finally be coming to an end. 
Below  is an e-mail I sent to Ankura Consulting (January 12, 2021) and the Trust Fiduciaries they have been colluding with for decades.
From: Michael Mandelbrot <>
To: Marla Eskin <>; Mary Ellen Nickel <>; Molly Spieczny <>; Gregg McHugh <>; <>; <>; Audit Team <>; Rachael A. Rowe <>; <>; Peter D’Apice <>; Dan Myer <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2021, 11:04:27 AM PST
Subject: Durham v. Ankura Consulting LLC. – Great News from District Court – Mississippi (Ankura Bankruptcy Fraud) – Opinion Attached
Hi All,
Great news yesterday out Mississippi. See the attached District Court Opinion (if you haven’t alreadyEmoji) denying Ankura Consulting’s Motion.
United States District Judge Keith Starrett refused to transfer venue in Durham v. Ankura Consulting from Mississippi.
I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this case….!!! Ankura Consulting has engaged in “sham” audits for decades, banned esteemed Doctors and Lawyers in bad faith, and has misappropriated billions from Asbestos Trusts — while always working closely with the recipients of this e-mail (…the criminals “disguised” as Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries). This is going to be fun….
As I’m sure you’re aware, there are “Does” named as well in the Complaint filed by Dr. Durham……I can hear the clock ticking on new Defendants (the recipients of this e-mail)….tick tick tick….Kazan too! Emoji
Laughable how some of the Trusts are already taking subsequent remedial measures (DII/HW) in light of yesterday’s ruling!! Clear evidence and recognition of Ankura’s criminal conduct. Who’s next?
I look forward to assisting Dr. Durham and his team in each of your depositions (and, of course, the TAC member depos).
The insider dealing, sham audits, corrupt ‘banning’ of Doctors and lawyers, and decades of collusion (by the recipients of this e-mail) is slowly coming an end…EVERYONE knows Ankura Consulting conducted entirely sham audits to ban Doctors and Lawyers (who aren’t connected to TAC members)
And please, do NOT use Trust Beneficiary funds to pay for your Defense(s)…You’ve already stolen enough in Beneficiary funds.
I’ve included the Justice Department in this e-mail and would ask that they keep this Opinion in the Bestwall files. As Ankura is a “Fiduciary” with the Bestwall Trust – this case (and Ankura’s corrupt/adverse history) will help shed light on the how:
1)  Plaintiff Lawyers who are also Trust Fiduciaries (such as Steven Kazan) receive fraudulent/excessive payments and can “Double Dip” from Asbestos Trusts (Steven Kazan)
2) Ankura Consulting misappropriates millions from the Asbestos Trusts through sham audits, insider dealing and favoritism, and
3) Trust Fiduciaries (who are supposed to be independent) – use insider dealing, bad faith and fraud to misappropriate “Billions” from Trust funds….
4) Ankura’s audits are a complete ‘sham’
I’ve made sure to add Ann McMillan from Caplin Drysdale to this e-mail who has engaged in insider dealing and bad faith for decades and was instrumental in banning Dr. Durham and my office from various Trusts (through, of course, bad faith!). Ms. McMillan – you are on Notice to save all of your correspondence with Ankura relating to Dr. Durham and my office (since you would likely try and destroy it).
“…I remember that all through history the way of Truth and love as always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall – Think of it, ALWAYS.”  (quoting Mahatma Gandhi).



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