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Bethany Recht – Corrupt Attorney – Asbestos Trust Fraudster (2020) – AC&S Trust Fraud

Bethany Palmer Recht – Corrupt Attorney – Asbestos Trust Fraud …the face of corruption…


Bethany Recht – Queen of Asbestos Fraud

The Department of Justice will catch her! She’s next….

I’ve been an attorney over 25 years and one of the most corrupt and deplorable attorneys I’ve ever encountered is Bethany Recht! Dumb! Lazy! A Thief! And Corrupt! A very bad Combination. 

A true menace to the asbestos victims world.

Who is Bethany Palmer Recht? A “lowlife” Attorney working at the Firm below ( while bilking asbestos victims of millions…) –

Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL
One East 4th Street
Suite 1400
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Tel: (513) 579-6408
Fax: (513) 579-6457

How Does She Misappropriate Asbestos Trust Funds? 

  1. Conspiring/Insider Dealing with Asbestos Attorneys who oversee Trusts (Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton) to unethically divert monies to them and the exclusion of all future and present victims of asbestos diseases.
  2. Collusion (w/favored lawyers) while overseeing asbestos Trusts for her (shitty) Law Firm Keating Muething & Klekamp PLL in Ohio.
  3. Overbilling/Sham billings to Asbestos Trusts to make her yearly hours (at her crappy Firm, more hours billed is the quickest road to “partner”).
  4. Lying to Courts, State Bars and Asbestos Victims
  5. Working closely with Ankura Consulting to commit mass Bankruptcy Fraud

Has She Ever Accomplished Anything in Her Legal Career? NOTHING. All losses in Court –

To think this “dirtbag” attorney Bethany Recht steals millions of dollars of year from asbestos victims while enabling mass theft (by her cohorts) shocks the senses…but it’s True!!

Asbestos Trust Corrupted by Recht? Garlock Asbestos Trust, A.P. Green Asbestos Trust, Armstrong World Asbestos Trust…

Bethany Palmer Recht
Partner (aka – “the corrupt clown of the asbestos world”) – If you know her, see her, or do business with her – Please do let her know that you she’s a complete fraud!


Queen of Asbestos Liability Concealment-Only smiling because she’s stolen so much in asbestos victims’ funds


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