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Ankura Consulting Sued in Federal Court – Sham Asbestos Trust Audits, Fraud, Bad Faith

Ankura Consulting Sued in Federal Court – Sham Asbestos Trust Audits, Fraud, Bad Faith

Finally. Dr. William Durham has stepped up to stop the Fraud, Corruption and Bad Faith taking place at Asbestos Trusts.

Ankura Consulting has been engaging in Corruption for decades with regards to Asbestos Trusts. Decades. And now – Ankura Consulting has been Sued for Conducting Sham Audits (which they are!).

Hopefully, these lawsuits will stop that fraud and insider dealing which has been taking place at Asbestos Trusts.

Why did Dr. Durham sue Ankura Consulting?

Durham has sued Ankura Consulting in Federal Court for Fraud, Bad Faith, and “Sham” Audits of Asbestos Doctors. Durham was ‘banned’ from writing reports for Asbestos Trusts after a sham audit was conducted by Ankura. And thankfully, Dr. Durham isn’t going away…here are the lawsuits…

Complaint – Dr. Durham v. Ankura Consulting

Summons – Dr. Durman v. Ankura ConsultingExhibit – Examples of Sham Audits

Exhibit – Sham Audits

Nothing better than a corrupt bunch of Asbestos Lawyers being sued.

And Ankura has engaged in corruption, theft of Trust funds and insider dealings for decades. This should be good.

And let’s be clear – ANKURA CONSULTING’S AUDITS OF DOCTORS AND PLAINTIFF LAWYERS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A COMPLETE SHAM. Those behind the Fraud at Ankura who engage in quid pro quo deals with Plaintiff Lawyers are Tom Florence (now retired) and John Brophy (the King of Ankura Fraud).

No doubt Ankura will try and hide behind “Indemnity Provisions” of the Trusts (their license to commit fraud) so the Asbestos Victim’s funds pay to defend this lawsuit.

What’s despicable is the main individual behind Ankura Consulting’s Fraud and Corruption is Plaintiff Lawyer Steven Kazan (the undisputed King of Asbestos Trust Corruption) who – through insider dealing with Ankura – authorized the sham audits. 

Why would Steven Kazan authorize these Sham Audits? Simple – To  Suppress Claims so more Asbestos Victims’ funds are criminally misappropriated to Steven Kazan and Ankura Consulting. Think about it – if credible Doctors such as William Durham are banned from Trusts (Kazan doesn’t use Durham as an expert), there are thousands less asbestos victims’ claims filed and millions more in the Trusts (for Kazan and Ankura). Kazan should be in Jail (along with Ankura).

Kazan is Fiduciary with Asbestos Trusts yet despite this Fiduciary Status – Kazan ONLY ACTS TO HELP HIS CLIENTS (not all Asbestos Victims as is his Fiduciary Duty). And with John Brophy’s insider dealing at Ankura – so far it’s worked…

Ankura is a bunch of frauds.

Steven Kazan is a criminal who should be sued with Ankura – He is behind it.Steven-Kazan-The-Face-of-Asbestos-Trust-Corruption-and-Fraud-214x300Steven Kazan – the biggest fraud is Asbestos…

Their day is coming….


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