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Lawsuit Alert! DC’s Ankura Consulting Group LLC Sued – Sexual Harassment – Workplace Discrimination

Lawsuit Alert! Ankura Consulting Group LLC Sued – Sexual Harassment – Workplace Discrimination (Asbestos)

Here’s the Lawsuit! We always knew Ankura Consulting was a pack of frauds – but sexual deviants too? (see link below)

Shankar v. Ankura Consulting Grp – Sexual Harassment – Workplace Discrimination (United States District Court, S.D. New York) – Case 1:20-CV-07463-ALC

Everyone knows that Ankura Consulting Group LLC is corrupt organization engaging in Asbestos Trust Fund Theft, insider dealing, and misappropriation of funds – but now we learn those at Ankura Consulting Group, LLC also engage in Sexual Harassment and Workplace Discrimination….what a disgracefully corrupt organization.

In 2021 alone, multiple cases have been filed and/or litigated against Ankura Consulting Group LLC relating to “sham audits”, fraud, insider dealing and corruption related to Asbestos Trusts. Ankura has been “stealing” Asbestos Victims monies from Asbestos Trusts for nearly a decade now and thankfully, a number of Doctors have sued Ankura.

Here are a few of those lawsuits….

Lawsuit – Ankura Conducting Sham Audits to Ban Esteemed Doctors (authorized to Kazan)

Complaint – Dr. Durham v. Ankura Consulting – SHAM AUDITS – MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS

So which Ankura Employees/Consultants are involved in theft, misappropriation of Trust funds and/or sexual harassment?

  1. Gary WingoInsider Dealer/Corrupt Gary Wingo – Misappropriated Billions From Asbestos Victims (link to picture of Wingo). For the past 10 years, Wingo has acted with impunity, despite his “Fiduciary Status”. Wingo calls himself a “certified fraud examiner” – but clearly, this is a sham title as Wingo is only a certifiable fraudster. NOTHING Wingo does is “honest” with his sole goal to ‘steal’ (bill) Asbestos Trusts. EVERYONE knows Wingo is a complete fraud.
  2. Bruna Patterson – Mentioned in the sexual harassment lawsuit.
  3. Tom Florence (retired) – Florence ‘taught’ Wingo and Patterson how to commit fraud and how to steal from Asbestos Trusts….He retired just as the lawsuits against Ankura Consulting, LLC were filing up (after stealing millions and misappropriating billions of dollars from asbestos victims.
  4. Steve Kazan, Attorney – As an “Asbestos Claimant’s Committee” Member of 35+ Asbestos Trusts, Kazan has colluded with¬† Ankura Consulting Group LLC, to engage in favoritism, fraud and other wrongdoing. Kazan is the “enabler” of Ankura Consulting’s corruption, fraud, and theft. Kazan-pic:

    Steven Kazan - The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America

    Steven Kazan – The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America-Has colluded with Ankura for over a decade…


The clear message:

Never hire Ankura Consulting Group, LLC unless you want involvement in Asbestos Victim monies misappropriated (Billions of dollars…), sexual harassment, and workplace discrimination….

I guess Bill Clinton wasn’t the only one in Washington DC engaging in Sexual Harassment — Now we have Ankura¬† Consulting Group, LLC (sexual deviants) right behind…

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