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Mandelbrot Law Firm Publishes Comprehensive List of Asbestos Products

The Asbestos Factbook – 1944.pdf

Sure – many know that insulation materials contained asbestos. But did you know automobile floorboards contained asbestos? How about movie curtains? Christmas Tree flock? Baking Sheets? Yes to all of them.

“The Asbestos Fact Book published in 1944 is one of best lists of asbestos products I’ve seen and a great article for anyone who wants to learn about asbestos” said noted asbestos lawyer Michael J. Mandelbrot. “We now know these products cause mesothelioma, lung cancer and other disabling diseases and many companies have hid information on their utilization of asbestos. But this list of uses in the Asbestos Factbook came out before the public learned on the dangers and is one of the most comprehensive list I’ve seen.”

Another comprehensive list has been added as well:
Asbestos Bankruptcy Product List.pdf

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