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Notice: Manville Trust Fraud – Lawyers – Jason Rubinstein and Jared Garelick Engaging in Fraud – Bad Lawyers-Worse People

Editors Note: 9/29/2017 – It’s unfortunate for asbestos victims that two lawyers are ‘stealing’ money from the Manville Trust who are supposed to be Fiduciaries — Jason Rubinstein and Jared Garelick. Having accepted a ‘tacit bribe’ to commit fraud, Rubinstein and Garelick have done just that years — conspiracy and bad faith. Add Sham lawsuits. Sham audits. Tyranny. Fraud. Misconduct. Perjury….all to protect the fraud of others (Al Brayton and Steve Kazan) and pad their own pockets with Asbestos victims money.

Manville Trust run by 2 of the Worst and Most Corrupt Lawyers in the Country –

Jason Rubinstein & Jared Garelick

Rubinstein and Garelick are not just bad lawyers, but ‘bad’ individuals who give all lawyers a bad name. Sad for victims that these 2 losers are involved in asbestos Trusts at all. But the Manville Trust had to hire two “losers” to further their fraud….

Here’s the Face of the one of the most  Corrupt Lawyers in the Country….and where Manville money is going (not to victims)

Jason Rubinstein

One of the worst Lawyers in the Country – A Fraud, A Liar, A Tyrannist.

No doubt this loser only made “Partner” and his crappy Firm from over billing clients and asbestos trusts — definitely not on merit. Bad Person. Bad Jew. Bad Lawyer. Thief.

Jason-Rubinstein-Bad-Lawyer-Corrupt-Lawyer-300x234NEW YORK

Contact the fraud Jason Rubinstein:
7 Times Square
New York, NY 10036-6516
Tel: 212.833.1131
Fax: 212.373.7931
If you can’t find  him there – you may be able to find him at local LGBT meetings in N.Y. He says he does ‘charitable work’ for them. Presumably, another lie.
Here’s Rubinstein’s loser LinkedIn Address – Rubinstein and Garelick are Corrupt (

Why Rubinstein and  Garelick and Corrupt?

  • Fraudulent Claim Reviews of Manville Claims – Paying their “buddies” claims millions of dollars while denying legitimate claims for other attorneys
  • Misappropriation of Victims’ Funds- Millions – To themselves through sham billing to the  Trust and to other Lawyers filing fraudulent claims (Alan Brayton)
  • Bad Faith – Unable to comprehend or follow the Manville Trust Distribution Procedures to further fraud
  • Corruption- Bribery, Fraud
  • Tyranny-Utilizing role and position with the  Trust to commit fraud, bad faith
  • Incompetence- Complete
  • Bribery- The Payoff to Rubinstein/Garelick: Money, hourly billings, a “job”, an “open checkbook” from victims money in exchange for Payment of fraudulent claims (by Alan Brayton) by Trustees; Targeting “whistle blowers” who expose Manville  Trust Fraud (Mandelbrot); Theft of Trust Funds…

While there are a lot of corrupt and ‘bad’ lawyers in Asbestos Litigation – these 2 Fraudsters could be the worst. Bad Lawyers. Tyrannists. Frauds. Liars. 

  1. Jason Rubinstein –  Simply put, a complete loser. An awful lawyer. Counsel to the Manville Trust. Tyrannist. Fraud. Stealing money from Manville  Trust Victims and harming Counsel
  2. Jared Garelick – Truly, a horrible lawyer. Only a ‘figurehead’ at the Trust to engage in corruption. Bills the Trust a million dollars a year (his bribe) as a payoff to further corruption. A complete loser.

    Asbestos Trust Fraud

    The face of Asbestos Trust Fraud- Jared Garelick – This loser is supposed to be Counsel to the Manville Trust

Simply put, Garelick and Rubinstein are a couple of lawyers who act in bad faith, have malicious motives while harming the individuals (beneficiaries of the trust) they are paid to protect. Words can’t describe the despicable nature of their conduct.

It’s unfortunate that many other Fiduciaries around the Country are acting in concert with them. Hopefully, the Judges and Department of Justice notice…

Rubinstein and Garelick should be in jail. Their conduct has harmed thousands and thousands of sick victims. They divert money to ‘favored’ victims, while ignoring all others. Rubinstein and Garelick – 2 real ‘sick’ human beings.

As someone of Jewish descent – I can also say that these 2 Jews give all Jews a bad reputation by perpetuating negative Jewish stereotypes (“money-grubbing Jews”)….

Sad for Victims. Sad for Jews. Sad for Lawyers.

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