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Steven Kazan Has Completely Rigged Asbestos Litigation!! And Misappropriated Billions!

Steven Kazan Has Completely Rigged Asbestos Litigation!!

It’s rigged. Completely rigged. Asbestos litigation is a $100 Billion ‘industry’ and it’s been completely rigged. With one man primarily responsible — Steven Kazan (;; 

Steven-Kazan-The-Face-of-Asbestos-Trust-Corruption-and-Fraud-214x300The Man Who Rigged Asbestos Litigation: Steven Kazan

I’ve worked for 25 years as an attorney in Asbestos Litigation and there absolutely no doubt Steven Kazan has rigged the system. Every aspect of Asbestos Litigation has been rigged by Steven Kazan (and his Firm Kazan McClain, Satterly & Greenwood). Every aspect of Asbestos Litigation has been rigged to put “more” money in Steven Kazan’s pockets. Why Kazan hasn’t been jailed on corruption, fraud, and insider dealing in amazing…

What Aspects of Asbestos Litigation have been Rigged by Kazan? Every.

Generating and retaining new Asbestos/Mesothelioma cases? Kazan has rigged it.

Litigating Asbestos Cases? Kazan has rigged them too.

Asbestos Trials before Judges? Kazan has rigged them too.

Bankruptcy Claims? The biggest rigging of them all by Kazan – At least $1 Billion Dollars misappropriated to himself and insiders such as Tom Florence. Double  Dipping!

And the rigger Kazan keeps ‘working his magic’ ….Let’s provide some examples below –

Steven-Kazan-The-Face-of-Asbestos-Trust-Corruption-and-Fraud-214x300Steven Kazan – Has Completely Rigged Asbestos Litigation

How Kazan Has Rigged the Asbestos Litigation System?

How Steven Kazan Has Rigged Generating and Retaining New Cases:

Simple – Doctor Payoffs. Union Payoffs. Dr. David Jablons (UCSF) and Steven Kazan have a “quid pro quo” deal! Kazan will donate/payoff Jablons if Jablons sends Kazan his mesothelioma cases! How do I know? Dr. Jablons office told me! I phoned them and asked them. Wonder how Kazan gets so many mesothelioma cases? He’s rigged the system by paying off Doctors (and Unions) to send Kazan mesothelioma cases. I have absolute proof! Just last week (January 2020), a client went to UCSF for confirmation of their mesothelioma. After confirming the mesothelioma, the FIRST THING out of the Doctors mouth was “WE HAVE AN ATTORNEY WE WORK WITH FOR THAT…” – Referring to Steve Kazan. Unethical by both the medical and legal profession but Kazan doesn’t care….

How Steven Kazan has Rigged Asbestos Lawsuits:

A quick study of Kazan’s cases today and 10 years ago shows abundant fraud!!! How? Kazan conceals KNOWN asbestos exposures from solvent defendants in litigation. If those same cases were filed 10  years ago? Kazan would have called the (now) concealed exposures the “target exposures” or the key exposures in the cases. But today (since many of companies are bankrupt), Kazan conceals known asbestos exposures. This is fraud on a mass scale allowing Kazan to target solvent companies in litigation. The concealed exposures? Kazan uses those for his (fraudulent) Bankruptcy claims.

How Steven Kazan has Rigged Asbestos Trials:

Can someone say Judicial payoffs? With Kazan – Yes.

Quid pro quo deals with Kazan and (supposedly impartial) Judges? Asbsolutely! The best example is former Judge Ken Kawaichi (Alameda). Kawaichi (see this link). Kawaichi was the Judge on many, many Kazan firm Trials. Many. Including the  most corrupt Asbestos Lawsuit in history (spearheaded by Kazan) against the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust. So where is Kawaichi now? SERVING AS A HIGH PAID “TRUSTEE” ON ASBESTOS TRUSTS RUN BY KAZAN. Kazan had a DEAL with Kawaichi – …”rule for me (Kazan) and I’ll get you a high paid job at Asbestos Trusts…”)….And it worked. Notice how the equally dishonest Kawaichi says NOTHING about his  Trustee work on the JAMS website. Kazan “paid off” Kawaichi for favorable rulings with high paid jobs on Asbestos Trusts! No doubt about it. Kawaichi is as much of a fraud as Kazan.

Another Judge involved with Kazan and His Firm in payoffs and Corruption? Judge Sheri  Bluebond – Los Angeles Bankruptcy Court. Bluebond has APPROVED EVERY Annual Report submitted by Kazan and his Firm while KNOWING Kazan has engaged in mass fraud.

How Steven Kazan has Rigged Asbestos Bankruptcies and Bankruptcy Claims

There is over $30 Billion Dollars is Asbestos Trusts and Kazan has rigged nearly every one of them….If you’ve seen my blog – I’ve detailed precisely how Kazan has corrupted every Asbestos Trust Fund and misappropriated nearly $1 Billion Dollars in “4 Steps”. As a “Fiduciary” on some 25 Asbestos Trusts, Kazan  has one goal – “Suppress claims as much as possible with misappropriating and diverting monies to his Firm, Clients, and ‘buddies’ also serving as Fiduciaries. On EVERY Trust Kazan is a “Fiduciary” – you know who loses? Asbestos Victims! Every Asbestos Victim in the entire Country – if they get any money – gets less money due to Steven Kazan. Identical claims (diseases/exposures) filed by Kazan Firm and Another Firm? Kazan get 10x more money. And that happens of EVERY TRUST. Kazan has written in special rules to allow his buddies to value his claims. The Asbestos Trust System has been rigged by Kazan.

Double Dipping: In addition – You may have heard about “Double Dipping” (deceiving solvent defendants into believing they are one of few possible recoveries for  a Claimant when you intend to file 30 Bankruptcy claims…). Kazan is the KING of Double Dipping. And even worse – Kazan misappropriates far ‘more’ funds than his claims are worth due to insider dealing and fraud.

Steven Kazan (like Donald Trump) has Quid Pro Quo Deals with Fiduciaries to Investigate Attorney Rivals and Top Doctors (while misappropriating Trust money). ….

I’ve got nothing to hide. My office was sued by Asbestos Trusts in 2012. Who was behind it? Steven Kazan (and Alan Brayton). Kazan didn’t like my office filing Asbestos Trust claims so he cut a deal….”Investigate Mandelbrot and use Trust monies to try and bury him……you can generate millions in billings from Trust funds if you do…” And so started a 5 year odyssey of lawsuits – Trust corruption, Trust lies, sham lawsuits etc…. Like a spoiled 4 year old kid – Kazan wanted all of the settlement money for himself.

Personal Note – Could a man be more GREEDY? It’s pure greed! To show you just how ‘sick’ Kazan is –  Over the past 30 years – Steven Kazan has ‘made’ nearly $800 million dollars (much of it through fraud). At one point – he was in negotiation to buy the Oakland A’s. Kazan has also defrauded the government with (sham) charitable foundations in order to divert money to his family and avoid taxes.  Kazan has enough money for 5 Generations (at least). So why would Kazan rig Asbestos Litigation and harm the exact victims (and lawyers) Kazan purportedly represents? Greed. Abhorrent character. Narcissism. Just a bad human being. The most corrupt lawyer in the Country……

If you are client of Kazan, you probably did well in your case….but know that at least 1/2 of the settlements you received were through fraud AND you’ve deprived other asbestos victims of the compensation they deserve.

And please know that your Lawyer (Kazan) rigged the system! Abhorrent. Despicable. Thief. That’s Kazan.

Steven-Kazan-The-Face-of-Asbestos-Trust-Corruption-and-Fraud-214x300Asbestos Litigation Rigger – Steven Kazan

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