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Steven Kazan Has Completely Rigged Asbestos Litigation!!

It’s rigged. Completely rigged. Asbestos litigation is a $100 Billion industry and it’s been completely rigged. With one man primarily responsible — Steven Kazan.

I’ve worked for 25 years as an attorney in Asbestos Litigation and there absolutely no doubt Steven Kazan has rigged the system. Every aspect of Asbestos Litigation has been rigged by Steven Kazan (and his Firm Kazan McClain, Satterly & Greenwood). Every aspect.

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Updated June 2018

Mary Ellen Nickel ( and The Corrupt Women of Asbestos Litigation – Bad Lawyers/Disgraceful Thieves from Asbestos Victims

The “Corrupt Women of Asbestos Trust Litigation” – a pack of low-esteemed, dishonest, poor quality lawyers, who have conspired with their male Fiduciary superior  (typically male) to funnel “billions of trust dollars” back to the Superiors/Fiduciaries while harming the true Beneficiaries/Victims of the  Trusts.