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2019 Asbestos Trusts Year in Review – Fraud, Insider Dealing, Misappropriation of Funds but….the DOJ Investigates Trusts

2019 Again Exemplified Fraud, Misappropriation of Funds, Insider Dealing, and Corruption Taking Place at Asbestos Trusts.

The Goal of the Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries? Simple – Divert and Misappropriate as much Trust Money (Billions) to Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton, Tom Florence, Bethany Recht, Mary Ellen Nickel and other Corrupt Fiduciaries while at the same time suppressing legitimate claims from honest lawyers AND banning (through sham audits) Doctors that the “honest” lawyers work with….High Level Corruption in 2020 awaits…

Examples of Corruption in Asbestos Trusts Discovered in 2019:

  • Alan Brayton stealing Trust Funds to pay for his wedding!Actual Check — Snyder – Brown paying Brayton’s Wife!
  • Steven Kazan ‘concealing sites’ at EVERY TRUST (Kazan is a “Fiduciary” – really a fraud) to suppress legitimate claims. Here he is –  Kazan has cemented himself as the “Most Corrupt Lawyer in the Country”.Steven-Kazan-The-Face-of-Asbestos-Trust-Corruption-and-Fraud-214x300
  • Tom Florence (a “Trustee”) diverting millions in Trust Funds by conducting SHAM audits of lawyers of Doctors. Florence conducts these audits through his other business “ANKURA CONSULTING”. These audits are solely to divert money, suppress claims and to deceive the Department of Justice.
  • Bethany Recht (AC&S Trustee) favoritism and fraud to divert monies to Steven Kazan. Recht is a complete moron solely hired to engage in corruption.
  • Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton misappropriating HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars from the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust and J.T. Thorpe Settlement Trusts (They are both Trustees/Fiduciaries AND filed claims with the Trust – insider dealing at it’s finest). Fraudulent Claims – Fraudulent Defaults.

The “Asbestos Trust Mafia” still is in full force –  The leaders? Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton, Tom Florence, Peter D’Apice, Marla Eskin, Mary Ellen Nickel, Judge Sheri Bluebond, Judge Ken Kawaichi, Michael Ahrens and a host of other “crooks” misappropriating Asbestos Victims’ funds. Despicable lawyers? Without question!


The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country – Sheri Bluebond

But in 2019 – the fraud continued. Robust and Rampant.

The Good News in 2019

  • Department of Justice Began Investigating Trusts (not coincidentally, nearly every one in which Steven Kazan is involved. Here are some links:Department of Justice – False Claims Act Filing – DII Trusts ASARCO Trust Notice of CID (03-17-2019)USG Dept. Of Justice Letter Investigating Kazan-run FraudOCFB Dep of Justice – Investigation Kazan-run Fraud
  • Steven Snyder (Diverted billions to Kazan and Brayton from and “retired” (his “retirement” was really a sham to escape the DOJ investigations – Snyder immediately signed a bunch of Kazan approved confidentiality agreements)
  • Sara Beth Brown “Retired” – Snyder’s “sidekick” in fraud also “retired” just as the DOJ began investigating. This thief coordinated with Brayton and Kazan for decades to divert Trust funds.
  • State of Texas launched investigation of the HALIBURTON TRUST! So much fraud at this Trust – Mary Ellen Nickel, Marla Eskin, Bethany Recht, Steven Kazan…For Decades these Trusts have misappropriated funds to Kazan and Brayton.

The Women of Asbestos Trust Fraud in 2019 – How ANY of these women even got hired by Trusts is questionable. Each is an insider dealer – Fraud – corrupt – 

  1. Bethany Recht – A.P. Green  Trust – ACand S Trust – Concealing thousands of sites. Favors Kazan and Brayton.
  2. Melissa Metzfield – Manville Trust – C.E. Thurston Trust – This lady is a true fraud.
  3. Molly Spieczny – DII Asbestos Trusts – This fraud misappropriated at least $500,000 from Trusts in 2017 through sham audits, mediations and lawsuits. To the core – a real dishonest ‘fiduciary’
  4. Jeanine Donohue – Western Asbestos, Thorpe Trusts – A Very Bad Lawyer who oversees the fraud of Stephen Snyder and Alan Brayton. Dumb. A complete troll. Snyder’s ‘hand picked’ Trust thief remains….
  5. Mary Ellen Nickel – Delaware Trusts – The ‘core’ of billions in  Trust Fraud. Conceals sites for many Trusts
  6. Marla Eskin – The worst lawyer of the bunch. A failed former Plaintiff lawyer who opted to misappropriate money from Asbestos Trusts.
  7. Kathleen Campbell Levine – MLC Trusts – Many Trusts – The “Queen of Fraud” – works closely with Eskin and Recht – the “3 Stooges”.

There are many more…..

To be continued….Let’s hope 2020 is a better year for Asbestos  Victims

Here’s some of the lawyers engaging in corruption in 2019:

Corrupt Lawyer

Corrupt Lawyer Defined – Kathleen Campbell Levine –


Bethany Recht – Queen of Asbestos Liability Concealment and Fraud


Dishonest Lawyer – Worse Person – Marla Eskin


Steven Kazan – The Undisputed King of Asbestos Trust Corruption


Billion  Dollar  Thief – Alan Brayton


The definition of “Insider Dealing” and Fraud – Stephen Snyder 

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