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Steven Kazan – The Donald Trump of Asbestos Trusts – Collusion, Corruption, Fraud

Steven Kazan — The Donald Trump of Asbestos Trusts – Collusion, Corruption, Fraud – 

The comparisons are undeniable.


Steven Kazan – The “President” of Asbestos Trust Fraud – has his “dirty” hands in nearly every Asbestos Trust

Donald Trump and Steven Kazan – the Comparisons are Undeniable

The “President” of Asbestos Trusts (Steven Kazan) is no different than the President of the United States


  1. Both Trump and Kazan misappropriated billions of dollars – Kazan from Asbestos Trusts – Trump through ‘shady’ dealings.

2. Both Trump and Kazan enriched friends/family at the expense of victims.

3. Both Trump and Kazan held themselves out individuals doing ‘great things’ while committing vast fraud.

4. Both Trump and Kazan will leave a legacy of fraud and bad faith impacting millions of victims solely to enrich themselves.

5. Both Trump and Kazan operate through tyanny – Both write their own rules.

Unfortunately, neither of them is in jail.

Kazan continues to misappropriate funds from asbestos claimants – Millions per year – How? In every Asbestos Trust Kazan – as a “Fiduciary – inserts a “License to Commit Fraud” indemnity provision — thus allowing him to continue his wrath of dishonesty (i.e. …“No Asbestos Claimants’ Representative are to have or incur any liability to any Entity for any act or omissions arising out of the Chapter 11 cases or during the entirety of the Chapter 11 cases). 

Two Criminals

Two Thieves – 

Two of the biggest fund frauds in history (Kazan definitely!)

Two  very bad individuals.

Here is the KING OF ASBESTOS TRUST FRAUD – STEVEN KAZAN – Has stolen billions from asbestos victims….

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