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4 Ways Steven Kazan Rigs Asbestos Trusts to Misappropriate Millions from Asbestos Victims

Opinion – June 2020

4 Ways Plaintiff Lawyer Steven Kazan Manipulates Asbestos Trusts to Misappropriate Millions from Asbestos Victims – Donald Trump is Using this “Playbook”….

Steven-Kazan-The-Face-of-Asbestos-Trust-Corruption-and-Fraud-214x300Steven Kazan – Asbestos Trust Manipulator & Thief

The Washington Post recently had a great article entitled: Four Ways Donald Trust is Already Manipulating the U.S. Election.

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In the article, the author discusses the book “How to Rig an Election” and the steps Trump is (purportedly) taking to rig the 2020 Presidential Election.

These “steps” are identical to the steps  Steven Kazan has used to manipulate (rig) Asbestos Trusts. Identical. 

In fact, Attorney Steven Kazan (@kazanlaw)  could write the playbook on rigging the system. He’s the king!!

“How to Rig Asbestos Trusts by Steven Kazan”….

The book “How to Rig an Election” discusses 4 steps “frauds” use to manipulate the system. 1) Suppressing Votes; 2) Discrediting the System; 3) Dividing; and 4) Distorting the Trust About Rivals/Competitors…

Asbestos lawyer Steven Kazan has used EVERY ONE of these steps in rigging Asbestos Trusts. Every one.

And stolen billions. Let’s discuss these steps as they relate to Steven Kazan’s theft from Asbestos Trusts and Asbestos victims.

4 Steps Used by Steven Kazan to Manipulate Asbestos Trusts and Misappropriate Millions:

  1. Kazan Suppresses Asbestos Claims (like Trump is trying to suppress votes): Since Kazan only represents mesothelioma victims, Kazan suppresses any and Asbestos Claims that are not mesothelioma claims. How does he accomplish this? As a Fiduciary on 30 Trusts, Kazan inserts rules (no one objects) which ultimately suppress thousands of claims. Example 1: Making medical requirements more stringent and difficult for Asbestos Victims; Example 2: Under the strict authority of Steven Kazan, dozens of Trusts have banned (prestigious) Doctors (used by non-mesothelioma Law firms) to suppress claims. Example 2: Kazan diverts millions in Trust Funds to (former Asbestos Defense) lawyers to file sham/fictitious Lawsuits against other Plaintiff counsel to wipe out/ban their claims. Please see my prior blog posts regarding the Western Asbestos and Thorpe Insulation Trusts. Kazan is complete fraud.
  2. Kazan Discredits the System (like Trump): The buffoon Kazan stood before Congress and LIED! Discrediting the Asbestos Litigation System regarding non-mesothelioma cases. Kazan – Fraud before House Judiciary Committee (2002)
  3. Kazan Divides Asbestos Plaintiffs (favored Firms versus non-Favored) and Rules as a Dictator (like Trump Divides States): This is easy for him. Kazan, along with his “favored” Law Firms, always get favorable treatment from the $30 Billion Dollar Asbestos Trusts. Kazan falsely criticizes competitors to create bias’ and favoritism. In addition, since Kazan in integral in appointing other Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries (like his former Alameda Asbestos Judge Ken Kawaichi) so Kazan gets favorable treatment. Kazan is the definition of a Fraudulent Fiduciary. He should be in jail next to Madoff.
  4. Kazan Distorts the Truth About Rivals/Competitors (like Trump distorts the Truth about rivals in order to misappropriate Trust funds). See #1 above. Kazan falsely accuses Rivals of filing fraudulent claims (while he’s filing them!) and initiates sham Lawsuits. Kazan has been doing this for decades. In addition, while paying off UCSF Doctors just to get his cases, Kazan also distorts the Truth about rivals. Simply put – the biggest fraud in Asbestos is Steven Kazan….

But wait…there is a close second. Alan Brayton. Kazan’s sidekick in fraud. Everything above can also be said about Alan Brayton. Everything. How do I know? I worked there and saw it from the inside. Brayton is the King of Fraud. Kazan is the King of Corruption. Both should be in jail.

Donald Trump – Have you considered Steven Kazan as a Campaign Manager ?- No one rigs the system more than Kazan…No One……


The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country – Sheri Bluebond – Kazan Couldn’t Accomplish his Fraud without insider dealings to Bluebond

And of course – Kazan’s sidekick – Alan Brayton who was also heavily involved in Kazan and Bluebond’s fraud.

Kazan's Corrupt Sidekick - Alan Brayton

Brayton – Asbestos Trust Fund Thief!


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