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Alan Brayton (Brayton Purcell) – The “Harvey Weinstein” of Asbestos Litigation

Alan Brayton – Harvey Weinstein. The comparisons are undeniable. How do I know? I saw it from the inside from the years  1994 to 1999. I worked at Alan Brayton’s office and knew him well. Disgusting, despicable, and used intimidation to harass sexually.

Like with Harvey Weinstein’s companies, at Brayton Purcell – Sexual harassment and intimidation were the norm. The leader – Alan Brayton. I observed it on many, many occasions. Everyone knew to avoid the ‘corner’ office after 3-4 p.m. because that’s when the alcohol flowed the sexual harassment began. It was perverse, and deviant. Example of what I personally witnessed or am aware of:

  1. A drunk Alan Brayton cornering a 19 year old female multiple times in a sexual and perverse manner.
  2. Alan Brayton having an affair with Doctor Carolyn Ray – who was writing reports for nearly Brayton asbestos claims (Ray mysteriously passed away shortly after the affair was uncovered).
  3. Partner David Donadio “massaging” paralegals in the office on a regular basis.
  4. Alan Brayton and Gil Purcell sued for a sexual harassment by attorney Ann Braudis.
  5. Rumors that Alan Brayton’s long time personal secretary had slept with him.
  6. Alan Brayton having ‘relationships’ with office attorneys and paralegals married at the time they began working at Brayton
  7. Gilbert Purcell regularly attending Las Vegas strip clubs and promoting the same for Brayton attorneys.
  8. Alan Brayton making sexual suggestive actions towards numerous paralegals

There is so much more…..

If you are a former employee of Brayton Purcell – do tell your story – I’m certain nothing changed after I left and I suspect it got much worse. Like with Harvey Weinstein, I’m certain there are dozens of stories out there…

ALL of the above and much, much more can be confirmed by attorney Eric Solomon – who worked in the office at the same time and witnessed and was aware of all of the above….


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