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Alan Brayton – Harvey Weinstein. The comparisons are undeniable. How do I know? I saw it from the inside from the years  1994 to 1999. I worked at Alan Brayton’s office and knew him well. Disgusting, despicable, and used intimidation to harass sexually.

Like with Harvey Weinstein’s companies, at Brayton Purcell – Sexual harassment and intimidation were the norm. The leader – Alan Brayton. I observed it on many, many occasions. Everyone knew to avoid the ‘corner’ office after 3-4 p.m. because that’s when the alcohol flowed the sexual harassment began. It was perverse, and deviant. Example of what I personally witnessed or am aware of:

  1. A drunk Alan Brayton cornering a 19 year old female multiple times in a sexual and perverse manner.
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In the battle of States v. Asbestos Trusts – Round 1 goes to the Trusts. “The Trusts got lucky,” said longtime Asbestos Attorney Michael Mandelbrot.

“13 States there is MAJOR fraud taking place at Asbestos Trusts and want the evidence. What does the Trust have to hide?” added Mandelbrot. Many lawyers have complained that extensive fraud and double dipping is taking place at the Trusts. “Of course it is! When the same lawyers are running the Trusts – Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton – are also filing claims with the Trusts, it’s a recipe for fraud. Kazan and Brayton have misappropriated a billion dollars from victims, thus harming States, and present and future beneficiaries of the Trust. A complete joke!”

“The lawyers at the Delaware Trusts, including  Tom Florence, Mary Ellen Nickel, Molly Spieczny, Marla Eskin, and Marcellene Malouf have to be concerned. These Trusts and victims money have been their ‘gravy train’ for decades and it’s soon coming to a halt. These terrible lawyers will never get another job.”

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