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Alan Brayton – Harvey Weinstein. The comparisons are undeniable. How do I know? I saw it from the inside from the years  1994 to 1999. I worked at Alan Brayton’s office and knew him well. Disgusting, despicable, and used intimidation to harass sexually.

Like with Harvey Weinstein’s companies, at Brayton Purcell – Sexual harassment and intimidation were the norm. The leader – Alan Brayton. I observed it on many, many occasions. Everyone knew to avoid the ‘corner’ office after 3-4 p.m. because that’s when the alcohol flowed the sexual harassment began. It was perverse, and deviant. Example of what I personally witnessed or am aware of:

  1. A drunk Alan Brayton cornering a 19 year old female multiple times in a sexual and perverse manner.
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