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Quite Possibly the Most Corrupt Judge is the Country is in Los Angeles, California. Amazingly – she’s the “Chief Judge of the United States Bankruptcy Court” – 9th Circuit. 

Here’s just a sample of the “Corrupt and Dishonest” Activities of Sheri Bluebond

  • First off, her entire time on the Bench needs to be reviewed for 2 reasons which clearly put into question her Appointment 

1) She was appointed by Judge Alex Kozinski (#metoo ??).

No doubt the sexual predator Kozinski (former Chief Judge of the 9th Circuit) worked his ‘magic’ on Bluebond when she ‘interviewed’ for her judgeship. But unlike women with class and dignity, Bluebond used Kozinski’s ‘sex talk’ to her advantage (“hey, this is how things are done – if I go along with it, I can become a Judge….” figured Bluebond…).

And it worked! Clearly, Bluebond wasn’t worthy of sitting on the bench. But used Kozinski to get a “leg up” on the competition

Why was she selected over 43 others?? Clearly, one reason and one reason only…. #metoo. And Bluebond used it to get on the bench….a despicable woman who used a male’s sexual harassment to her advantage….

2) Corruption/Collusion (w/Asbestos Trust Lawyers)- 

Note that every ruling Bluebond has ever made has been exactly what her buddies (those she worked with in L.A. before being “appointed” to the Bench)…

There is no question Judge Sheri Bluebond has been bribed by J.T. Thorpe, Inc. and Thorpe Insulation Settlement Trusts.

Because who runs the BILLION DOLLAR Trusts? Sheri Bluebond’s “buddies” – Former Asbestos defense lawyers and other bankruptcy lawyers who she’s known for 30 years and effectively acted as Bluebond’s campaign manager.

Simply put, Asbestos Lawyers (Steve Kazan, Alan Brayton, Steve Snyder) knew that if Sheri Bluebond got appointed – it was a “License to  Commit Fraud”.

Even though the  Department of Justice prohibits her buddies (Steven Snyder, Gary Fergus, Eve Karasik) from working on Trusts — since Bluebond was appointed – they appropriated tens of millions….

What has Bluebond done? Ignored the Department of Justice Rules, allowed her buddies (the former Asbestos “soldiers/nazi’s”) to misappropriate over $50,000,000 of the Victims’ funds with sham billing (just look at the Annual Reports).

The payoff to Bluebond? At a Minimum – guaranteed ‘donations’, ‘contributions’ and (probably) under-the-table payments AND an assurance that if she turns the “other way” they lawyers (her ‘buddies’) will continue to recommend her for the bench. Essentially, what she has overseen and approved (for her buddies) is the theft/misappropriation of $50,000,000 for victims and her payoff was her seat on the bench. And now – her buddies act with Impunity and steal victims money. See the Annual Reports at and What she is doing is akin to a “Jew stealing from Victim’s funds and providing it to the Nazi’s…”

Who get the Yearly Payoffs of Millions of Dollars?–  in Asbestos Victim’s Funds  to her “Buddies” and Former Asbestos “Soldiers” (akin to Nazi’s) including:

  • Gary Fergus
  • Steven Kazan (…a ‘traitor’ to Asbestos Victims…. – akin to “Nazi supporter”….)
  • Alan Brayton (see Kazan, above)
  • Steven Snyder (Former Brobeck/Asbestos Soldier) – wouldn’t suprise me if his relatives were actually Nazi’s
  • Michael Ahrens
  • Eve Karasik

Why else is Bluebond Corrupt?

Fails to Recuse Herself or Disclose “Close and Personal Connections” to Asbestos  Trust Lawyers so she can rule in their favor – which she’s done many, many times.

Here’s examples:

Other Notes

  • Excludes Evidence which helps Lawyers who are opposing her buddies. She’s like a 12 year old who has to cheat to let her buddies win…”..if his evidence gets in…my buddies lose….I’ll just exclude it….”…
  • She really is not that smart (only #metoo ‘acceptance’ got her on the Bench)
  • Admits she amassed personal wealth?? And could afford fertility treatments? HOW? Did the Thorpe Trusts pay for the Treatments or just pay her off…??
  • “Not” the marrying type, Bluebond had to rely on “fertility treatments” (who would marry a corrupt Judge?) to conceive. Bluebond knew she could not be a full time mother AND continue to work at a Bankruptcy Firm (as she did prior to the Bench). A seat on the Bench was clearly her “way out”…..and a chance to raise children. As such – “anything to get a seat on the Bench (even corruption and fraud and #metoo)” had to her attitude…

Trust me – from someone who’s now appeared before Judge Bluebond for 6 years – she’s as corrupt as they come.

Here’s some pictures of her “nazi” buddies (no, they are really not “nazi’s” – just akin to them…)


Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Victims….The-Face-of-Fraud-Alan-Brayton-The-Rat


Steven Kazan – The Face of Fraud – has misappropriated at least a billion dollars from Trusts. Every asbestos victims gets less because of this fraud.


The definition of “Insider Dealing” and Fraud – Stephen Snyder – Fergus’ former Partner – should be in jail.


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