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Department of Justice Investigates Western Asbestos Settlement Trust!! Is15 Years of Asbestos Trust Fraud Coming to End?

November 11, 2018
Department of Justice Investigating Western Asbestos Settlement Trust!! Is 15 Years of Asbestos Trust Fraud Coming to End?

Great news for Asbestos Victims!!!

The Department of Justice is investigating the most corrupt Asbestos Trust in the Country – the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust.

For 15 years, the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust has been “operated” by 2 “Sham” Fiduciaries – Steven Snyder (Managing Trustee) and Gary Fergus (Futures Representative Attorney) – solely to divert victims funds to 2 corrupt and dishonest Plaintiff Lawyers – Alan Brayton (Chairman of the Trust and founder of Plaintiff Firm Brayton Purcell) and Steven Kazan/David McClain (Fiduciaries of the Trust and founder of Plaintiff Firm – Kazan McClain). The “Kings of Corruption.”

So how is the Western Asbestos Trust responding to the Department of Justice Civil Investigative Demand Letter? As you’d expect – scheming on how to “cover up” fraud. Here’s the e-mail from the Western Asbestos Trust attorneys (perjurer Steven Sacks) – 2018.10.28 CID email.1_1 – Steven Sacks and Alan Brayton Efforts to Conceal Trust Fraud

As can be expected – the “cover up” is on…

IF they provided the details the Department of Justice is requesting – it will show mass insider dealing, Medicare fraud, tax fraud, misappropriation of funds, favoritism (why do Brayton and Kazan’s claims get paid subjectively more money?), and racketeering….without question – the biggest fraud is the history of asbestos litigation — with over a BILLION DOLLARS misappropriated.

Please review my prior blog posts for many documents and details on Asbestos Trust Fraud at the Western Asbestos Trusts.

Department of Justice – Here’s your list of fraudsters/fiduciaries at the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust

  1. Alan Brayton – Chairman of Trust Advisory Committee – Collusion, fraud, misappropriation, false claimsOrder Detailing Brayton Fraud
  2. Steven Kazan/David McClain – Co-Chairman of the Trust Advisory Committee – Misappropriation of funds, fraud, collusion, racketeering. Annual Reports Detailing MILLIONS stolen (disguised as fees)
  3. Steven Snyder – Managing Trustee – Represented the Debtor!! Disqualified from working for Trust – but engages in fraud!See Page 6 – Snyder and Fergus were the Brobeck lawyers Brayton’s fraudulent Releases were sent too
  4. Gary Fergus – Attorney for Futures Representative – Former Brobeck lawyer – colluding with Snyder since Day #1.Motion Detailing Fergus Insider Dealing
  5. Sara Beth Brown – Executive Director – See prior blog post re: “Corrupt women of Reno” – She was fired for theft from IGT and has corrupted with Trusts for decades.
  6. Laura Paul – Head of Claims – See prior blog post re: “Corrupt women of Reno” – a former nurse without a college degree hand picked by Snyder/Fergus (why??….) to engage in fraud.
  7. Perjurer Benjamin Smith – Attorney for Trust – Mogan Lewis and Bockius – Committed multiple acts of perjury and fraud to misappropriate funds and conceal fraud of all of the above.
  8. Charles LeGrave – Outside/Inside Counsel for the Trust – former PARTNER of Fergus/Snyder – Drives to Reno to ensure fraud is carried out regularly.
  9. Barbara Malm – Western Asbestos Trust Accountant – Knowingly diverts and misappropriate millions of dollars per year. Allows Brayton to use trust as his personal piggy bank.
  10. Steven Sacks/Michael Ahrens – Shephard, Mullin, Richter and Hampton – Brayton’s handpicked lawyers/fraudsters. Engaged in racketeering and cover-up since Day 1 of the Western Asbestos Trust. Sacks is a well know perjurer!

More Documents of Western Asbestos Settlement Trust Fraud:


  1. 10th Anniversary T-Shirt Party – Stolen Asbestos Victim’s Funds
  2. Notice of Thorpe Trust Fraud dated April 5, 2018
  3. Exhibit 5 – WAST Annual Reports – Detailing Theft of Funds by Snyder, Fergus, Brayton, McClain
  4. Exhibit Fergus Affidavit Detailing Adverse Interests and Involvement in Payments to Brobeck – Grounds for Disqualification!Objection Detailing Trust Fraudsters and Bad Faith-
  5. Objection dated June 9, 2014 detailing Insider Dealing – Conflicts
  6. Tax Fraud – Brayton – Concealing Funds Stolen from Trusts

There are many, many more. Including EVERY Annual Report with “payments over $100,000” (but no details) to Fergus Law and Snyder Miller and Orton!!!


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