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What Was Judge Sheri Bluebond’s Connection to Judge Alex Kozinski?

December 18, 2017


Let Justice Roll On Like a River, Righteousness Like A Never-Failing Stream….(James Comey, quoting Amos 5:24)….

I love that quote!

Did Former Judge Alex Kozinski’s Sexual Misconduct have a Negative Impact of Victims of Asbestos Diseases? 

Has Judge Sheri Bluebond (who oversees the J.T. Thorpe and Thorpe Insulation Trusts) acted with Impunity — thus harming thousands of asbestos victims — because of her Relationship to Alex Kozinski and the Trust lawyers?

Logical Reasoning says – “YES”

Consider the Facts below…


  • Former Judge Alex Kozinski resigned today after being accused by multiple women of sexual conduct. Multiple women. The pattern of misconduct dates back to the 1990’s.
  • Former Judge Alex Kozinski  (the “attractive”) Sheri Bluebond to the United States Bankruptcy Court in 2000 and they have continued to have a relationship since that time, including speaking together in 2017.
  • In 2000, Bankruptcy Judge Sheri Bluebond was one of 40 candidates who interviewed for the Bench. Why was she selected over the other 40 candidates?
  • Like Judge Alex Kozinski, Judge Sheri Bluebond had a reputation (from UCLA) as someone who liked to “party” and have a few drinks – is this what they shared in 2000 to help Bluebond’s chances for appointment?
  •  Judge Sheri Bluebond confirmed the J.T. Thorpe Settlement Trust and the Thorpe Insulation Settlement Trust awarding millions of dollars to “corrupt lawyers” (Alan Brayton/Steven Kazan) and allowing for “interested parties” (such as Stephen Snyder and Gary Fergus – former defense lawyers) to oversee the Trusts and misappropriate funds (…similar to allowing the Nazi’s oversee the Holocaust Memorial Fund)…. Millions of dollars per year are misappropriated to Gary Fergus, Stephen Snyder simply to perpetuate fraud.
  • From 2001-2017, Judge Sheri Bluebond has continued approve payments of millions of dollars to interested parties (Gary Fergus/Stephen Snyder), interested Law Firms who are essentially ‘stealing’ victims money (Morgan Lewis, & Bockius and known perjurer Benjamin Smith,  etc…).
  • From 2013-Present, Judge Sheri Bluebond “supported” a sham lawsuit against the Mandelbrot Law Firm harming thousands of victims of asbestos diseases – thousands.
  • Bluebond allowed for perjured testimony from a convicted felon, refused my office its Constitutional right to a Jury, and enforced an “illegal”, void, and improper Judgement after excluding exculpatory evidence …..all harming asbestos victims. The J.T. Thorpe Settlement Trust and Thorpe Insulation Settlement Trusts ‘stole’ at least 8 million dollars in victims funds for this lawsuit (hiring Snyder, Fergus, Chuck LaGrave and buddies…) while ‘harming’ thousands of present and future victims of the asbestos trusts.
  • Why has Judge Sheri Bluebond acted with Impunity on the Thorpe cases?
  • Was it because Bluebond KNEW any Appeals or Judicial Complaints would go to her “buddy” and the very individual who “interviewed” her for the bench in 2000 – Alex Kozinski??
  • Was Kozinski “not” impartial when reviewing Bluebond’s rulings due to their prior dealings?
  • Was Judge Bluebond “not” impartial in the  Thorpe cases due to her close relationship with Thorpe lawyers and Kozinski?

The questions have to be asked:

Was Chief Judge of United States Bankruptcy 9th Circuit Sheri Bluebond one of Former Judge Alex Kozinski’s Victims in 2000 and thereafter?

Were Judge Sheri Bluebond’s (clearly improper) rulings in Thorpe Cases against my office (which harmed thousands of victims of asbestos diseases) tied to the “protections” Bluebond knew she’d receive from Judge Kozinski in the Appellate Court? 

Why did Judge Sheri Bluebond act with Impunity and award “Interested Parties” (Steven Snyder/Gary Fergus)  awarding millions of dollars in Victims Funds from the Thorpe Insulation Settlement Trust and J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Settlement Trust to Fergus and Snyder (i.e. …like giving the Holocaust Memorial Fund to 2 Nazi’s….)?

The Department of Justice specifically prohibits this – why does Bluebond allow it?

Has Judge Kozinski’s misconduct impacted his “rulings”, Bankruptcy Court Rulings and Judicial Complaints filed against female Judges such as Sheri Bluebond?

Why Has Judge Sheri Bluebond acted with Impunity for Decades (while harming asbestos victims) in her oversight of Asbestos Trusts? 


These questions ABOVE need to be answered…..

Let Justice Roll On Like a River, Righteousness Like A Never-Failing Stream………..

Why has Judge  Sheri Bluebond acted with Impunity w/regards to Asbestos Victims?



Bluebond and Kozinski – Meet in 2000



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