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2017 Asbestos Trust Year in Review – Fiduciary Fraud and Concealment of Asbestos Sites at Nearly Every Trust

2017 Exemplified Asbestos Trust Fraud and the Concealment of Asbestos Job Sites. Defined it.

Fiduciary Fraud took place at nearly EVERY Asbestos Trust in the Country in 2017. The goal of the Fiduciaries? Divert as much money to the themselves, interested parties and “favored” Asbestos Claimant’s Committee Members. The leaders in the fraud? The “Asbestos Trust Mafia” (see my prior posts). The leaders? Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton, Tom Florence, Stephen Snyder, Gary Fergus, Michael Ahrens and a host of other “crooks” misappropriating Asbestos Victims’ funds. Despicable lawyers? Without question! But in 2017 – the fraud continued. Robust and Rampant.

Name the Trust and I will show you fraud. Owens Corning? Yes. Western Asbestos? The ‘billion dollar’ fraud! Thorpe Insulation? Concealment of thousands of ships. Other Trusts where thousands of Asbestos Sites Concealed to Defraud Present and Future Victims? ACandS, Yarway, Plant Insulation, A.P. Green, Fibreboard, USG….just to name a few.

Trust Reviewers in on the Fraud? Absolutely! They know whose claims to favor and misappropriate millions. Sara Beth Brown and Laura Paul at the Western Asbestos (and Thorpe and Plant Trusts) have diverted hundreds of millions of dollars to Kazan and Brayton. Both Brown and Paul have lied under oath (many times). Both had no experience in asbestos yet were ticketed to oversee a billion dollar Trust fund…….. Pure Fraud. Two despicable women corrupting asbestos Trusts — Brown and Paul.

But they weren’t the only women engaging in Fraud in 2017! Dozens of other women also engaged in fraud…here’s a short list:

  1. Bethany Recht – A.P. Green  Trust – ACand S Trust – Concealing thousands of sites. Favors Kazan and Brayton.
  2. Melissa Metzfield – Manville Trust – C.E. Thurston Trust – This lady is a true fraud.
  3. Molly Spieczny – DII Asbestos Trusts – This fraud misappropriated at least $500,000 from Trusts in 2017 through sham audits, mediations and lawsuits. To the core – a real dishonest ‘fiduciary’
  4. Jeanine Donohue – Western Asbestos, Thorpe Trusts – A Very Bad Lawyer who oversees the fraud of Stephen Snyder and Alan Brayton.
  5. Mary Ellen Nickel – Delaware Trusts – The ‘core’ of billions in  Trust Fraud. Conceals sites for many Trusts
  6. Marla Eskin – The worst lawyer of the bunch. A failed former Plaintiff lawyer who opted to misappropriate money from Asbestos Trusts.
  7. Kathleen Campbell Levine – Many Trusts – The “Queen of Fraud”

There are many more…..

To be continued….Let’s hope 2018 is a better year for Asbestos  Victims

Here’s some of the lawyers engaging in corruption in 2017:

Corrupt Lawyer

Corrupt Lawyer Defined – Kathleen Campbell Levine


Bethany Recht – Queen of Asbestos Liability Concealment


Dishonest Lawyer – Worse Person – Marla Eskin


Steven Kazan – The Face of Fraud


Billion  Dollar  Thief – Alan Brayton


The definition of “Insider Dealing” and Fraud – Stephen Snyder

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