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Sheri Bluebond – Corrupt Judge! Insider Dealer – Disgraceful Fraud!! (Los Angeles, California)

Sheri Bluebond – Corrupt Judge! Insider Dealer – Disgraceful Fraud!! (Los Angeles, California)

The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country - Sheri Bluebond - Biased - Unethical Relationship to Eve Karasik

The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country – Sheri Bluebond – Biased – Can’t Follow the Law – Only rules for her “buddies”….

Everything about ‘sham’ Los Angeles Bankruptcy Judge Sheri Bluebond should be questioned. Bluebond is a complete fraud!

Can you imagine a Judge who only rules based on “who” is appearing before her? i.e. the Facts and Law mean nothing to her….A judge who will use sexual harassment just to get appointed to the Bench (since no one would ever elect her…)….A Judge who completely ignores the Law so she can rule for friends? A Judge who has her favored parties write Orders for her months in advance so she can rule exactly for her favored parties? A Judge who will improperly exclude evidence for her non-favored parties? A Judge who is a pathological liar? Let me introduce you to Los Angeles Bankruptcy Judge Sheri Bluebond…

Corrupt Judge Sheri Bluebond, Bankruptcy Judge (Central), Los Angeles, CA

  The most corrupt Judge in America – Sheri BluebondCorrupt-Judge-Sheri-Bluebond-Insider-Dealer


Here is why Judge Sheri Bluebond is the “Most Corrupt Judge in California” and the Winner in 2022:

  1. Judge Sheri Bluebond is entirely ‘biased’ and will only rule for her ‘Favored Parties’ in Litigation (2004-Present)
  2. Judge Sheri Bluebond has out-of-court communications with litigants so she can rule for her favored parties
  3. Judge Sheri Bluebond will improperly exclude evidence (on her non-favored parties) in any Trial which involves ‘Favored Parties’ (such as her old buddy Los Angeles Bankruptcy Fraudster Eve Karasik)
  4. Judge Sheri Bluebond has her “Favored Parties” in any litigation write “Orders” weeks before a hearing so (fake) Judge Sheri Bluebond can rule precisely for her ‘buddies’
  5. Judge Sheri Bluebond will create “Bad Law” – upsetting longstanding rules and regulations – without any authority solely to assist her ‘favored’ parties
  6. Judge Sheri Bluebond relies on convicted felons and known Frauds in Trials (non-lawyers) while demeaning reputable lawyers
  7. Judge Sheri Bluebond has KNOWINGLY misappropriated BILLIONS of dollars in Asbestos Trust Funds (Thorpe Insulation/J.T. Thorpe, Inc) by “signing off” on every Thorpe Insulation and J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Annual Report knowing they contain fraud, misappropriated Trust Funds (criminal conduct), and “interested party” (Steve Kazan/Alan Brayton) theft/misappropriation. Yet every year, like a ‘good soldier’ Judge Bluebond just signs off on the Annual Reports (clearly as a payoff for assisting her (fake) selection to the Bench.
  8. And Finally! Judge Sheri Bluebond’s entire Appointment to the Bench was due to Insider Dealing and Sexual Harassment (w/former disgraced sexual deviant Alex Kozinski). Just look at the facts. No Politician appointed Bluebond. Bluebond wasn’t elected. Bluebond simply applied for the job of Bankruptcy Judge (like you’d apply at Vons, Safeway, or 7-11). She then got “recommendations” from the local community (i.e. her buddies such as Eve Karasik, Thorpe Trust Lawyers, douchebag/corrupt lawyers who KNEW they would be appearing before her is selected)…which gave her an opportunity for dinner and drinks with former Judge Alex Kozinski to see if Bluebond was worthy. Apparently she was….just a few years later Kozinski was deemed a ‘serial sexual harasser’ and undoubtedly Bluebond was ‘willing’ participant….
  9. Files entirely false State Bar Complaints against lawyers who question her criminal conduct and fraud in an effort to intimidate and retaliate against parties who ‘out’ her as a corrupt Judge (the State Bar closed her sham complaint against me…).
  10. Has enabled the misappropriation of over $1 Billion to her friends from Asbestos Victims’ Trust Funds (Thorpe Insulation and J.T. Thorpe, Inc.)

There simply cannot be a Judge more corrupt than Judge Sheri Bluebond!

An embarrassment to the Court.

An embarrassment to her family.

An embarrassment to her Temple.

An embarrassment to her friends. 

An embarrassment to UCLA.

An embarrassment to the California State Bar.

An embarrassment to the Judiciary.

Corrupt Judge Sheri Bluebond    – Bribery and Insider Dealing are the “Norm” for this Corrupt Judge


Here are just a portion of documents exemplifying Judge Sheri Bluebond’s Disgraceful Conduct

– – February 1, 2018 – Transcript – Bluebond Insider Dealing – Fraud     

Bluebond Letter – Thorpe Trust Record – Jan 2021

Compilation of Letters to Judge Bluebond (Notice)-Detailing Thorpe Insulation and J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Corrupt and Fraud 2014-Present

Chart – Bluebond – Following the Money – Following the Corruption

Improper Relationship Detailed – Karasik and Bluebond

Bluebond Meets Kozinski in 2000 – Sexual Harassment? Probably knowing Kozinski – and Bluebond was receptive…? Note – Judge Kozinski later thrown out of Office for Sexual Harassment of other Judges. Was Bluebond a “willing” victim so she could get “approved” by Kozinski…? Bluebond was clearly unqualified to be a Judge.

Improper Relationship Detailed – Karasik and Bluebond

J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Annual Reports – Detailing Kazan stealing millions – Annual Reports – Millions of Dollars Misappropriated to Kazan, Brayton, Snyder, Brobeck, Morgan Lewis (all “Interested” parties)


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Worth noting is the Corrupt Lawyers involved in cases involving my office, Bluebond’s  “Close and Personal Friends of Judge Bluebond” – Daniel J. Bussell & Thomas E. Patterson (Klee, Tuchin…) got ALL the privileges of Bluebond’s corruption — These lawyers are Bluebond’s long time buddies engaging in Judicial influence and fraud.

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