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The Worst Lawyers and Bottom Feeders in America – Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries (Asbestos and Mesothelioma)

The “Enablers of Asbestos Trust Corruption” – 50 Disgraceful Individuals Engaged in Corruption –

Why is $10 Billion Dollars Missing from Asbestos Trust Funds? See below….

Do you want to know why $10 Billion Dollars is “missing” from Asbestos Victim Trust Funds?

You need to follow the Honeywell v. NARCO Asbestos Trust case. …Honeywell v. NARCO Asbestos Trust – Attorney Steven Kazan Using Trust Funds Like a Bottomless ATM In that case, the Insurance Company is suing the NARCO Asbestos Because Trust Advisory Committee Members have used the Asbestos Trust Funds…”like a bottomless ATM”…Honeywell v. NARCO Asbestos Trust – Attorney Steven Kazan Using Trust Funds Like a Bottomless ATM

The facts (further discuss NARCO Trust Advisory Committee Members (such as Steven Kazan) Insider Dealing, filing fraudulent claims, and committing criminal Conduct. This ‘clown’ Kazan is a Fiduciary for not just the NARCO Trust, but some 25 other Asbestos Trusts. Does Kazan engage in the same conduct on the other 25 Trusts where he is a Fiduciary? Of course!

To date, it’s estimated these individuals (including Steven Kazan) have misappropriated at least $200 Million from the NARCO Asbestos Trust. And you want to know what’s crazy? The exact same thing happens at nearly every Asbestos Trust in the Country! 

The only difference here in the NARCO Trust case is there is “oversight” of the Trust Advisory Committee (TAC/Steven Kazan) by the insurance companies who fund the NARCO Asbestos Trust… And they have found a bunch of criminal rats…. In total, it is easy to estimate that $10 Billion Dollars have been misappropriated from Asbestos Trusts. At least…

But who else is responsible for this theft of Asbestos Trust Funds? Steve Kazan and his fellow TAC Members can NOT do it alone…They need “enablers.” Individuals who are ‘happy’ to commit fraud and theft to line their pockets with Asbestos Trust Funds. Current Judges? Absolutely! Former Judges ‘acting’ as Trustees committing Fraud too? For Certain! Lawyers who portray themselves as advocates for Victims? Many! Alan Brayton and Steve Kazan to name a few.  And how about general ‘Bottom Feeders’…are they involved too? Of course! They are all involved.

So who are these individuals?

The list below contains some of the worst, most corrupt, dishonest, bribable, and disgraceful individuals in America. Bottom-feeders. Collectively, these “bottom-feeders” have misappropriated at least $10 Billion dollars from Asbestos Disease Victims – the Victims they are all paid handsomely to protect. $10 Billion!!!

Do these “Dirty 50” care? Probably not. These are “soulless” individuals. Disgracefully acting with impunity and knowingly committing fraud — but they just don’t care.

If you know any of these individuals below – be warned. Most are pathological liars. Each has knowingly stolen asbestos monies (or enabled the same).

And if you do know these individuals, did you realize that those fancy cars they’re driving, those nice homes they live in, and the food they put on their table is paid for with stolen Asbestos Trust funds? Did you know that Holiday Gift that bought you or paid you came from misappropriated funds? These individuals are the “worst of the worst”. Each individual below ‘kills’ the reputations of all lawyers (and Judges) with their corrupt actions and inactions. Disgracefully corrupt. Collectively happy to steal asbestos victim funds to “live their lifestyle”.

Criminal conduct by these individuals? Absolutely. They just don’t care! Many, many violations of the Criminal Sections of the Department of Justice Chapter 11 Rules — but these fraudsters just don’t care. All protecting each other to make a few bucks. The most corrupt 50 individuals in America.

Why hasn’t the Department of Justice stepped up and gone after these individuals? While the Department of Justice has sued Trusts recently for Medicare Fraud, we all know who will pay any settlement, judgment, and ALL the defense costs — The Asbestos Victims’ Trust Funds! Not the Corrupt, Fraudsters below. Why hasn’t one (just ONE) Trustee stepped up and stopped this mass fraud? They are all of the ‘take’. All happy to be receiving their Trustee Fees for doing nothing for being ‘enablers’. And what about the Futures Representatives and their attorneys? It is their “Fiduciary Duty” to preserve these funds. What a joke! Each is clearly on the ‘take’. And who pays them? As always – the Asbestos Victims’ funds.

Does anyone realize these individuals use the Asbestos Victim’s Trust funds as their “personal piggy banks”?….Having already misappropriating at least $10 Billion in Asbestos Trust Funds? The evidence of corruption by these individuals below is overwhelming. For example,  Actual Checks for a Trust Fiduciary’s (Alan Brayton’s) Wedding! Here’s a link: Actual Check proving Misappropriation – Check from Western Asbestos Trust to Brayton’s Wife Lisa Correnti

Where dozens of individuals working for Asbestos Trusts were given all expenses paid trips to the wedding, again, paid for by the Trust!

Evidence ‘hidden’ in Annual Reports of improper payments of over $50 Million! (Eve Karasik, Steven Snyder, Gary Fergus, Laura Paul, Sara Beth Brown)? Sure. Tons. Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Trust Victims, J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Annual Reports – Detailing Kazan stealing millions – Annual Reports – Millions of Dollars Misappropriated to Kazan, Brayton, Snyder, Brobeck, Morgan Lewis (all “Interested” parties) The  Department of Justice even has clear evidence of lying before Congress (Steven Kazan). But nothing stops these corrupt individuals below. Acting with impunity like a criminal “Cartel”. Deplorable humans.

It’s Time…

Let’s introduce you the most Corrupt individuals in the Country!!

Collectively – over $10 Billion Criminally Misappropriated through Insider Dealing Fraud, Bribes and Villainous Individuals…

50 Individuals Engaging in Asbestos Trust Corruption:


  1. Steven Kazan – The Most Corrupt Plaintiff Asbestos Lawyer in America. Insider dealer, fraudster. Billion Dollar thief the exact individuals (asbestos victims) he had a Fiduciary Duty to protect.
  2. Alan Brayton  – Misappropriated nearly a billion dollar! Corrupt Plaintiff Lawyer. Changes Trust Rules through insider dealing to divert hundreds of Millions of Dollars.
  3. Judge Sheri Bluebond – Disgraceful Judge. Worse person. Rules only for favored parties. Biased. Can’t follow the law. Probably engaged in bribery with Eve Karasik, below.
  4. Eve Karasik – Bluebond’s ‘close and personal’ friend and ‘bribery’ partner – 15 years of Eve Karasik Perjury in Annual Reports (Every Year). Enabler of mass fraud.
  5. Mary Ellen Nickel – Pathological liar. DCPF Executive Director – A complete fraud. Has improperly paid hundreds of millions to insiders. Former corrupt defense lawyer. A troll.
  6. Marla Eskin – A criminal. Pure and simple. Cambell & Levine Lawyer. Acts with impunity. Also a pathological liar. Will probably be disbarred due to her mass fraud.
  7. Gary Wingo – Fraudster to the core. Ankura Consulting’s face of corruption. MIT trained fraudster. Under CFE Investigation for mass fraud. Should lose licensing.
  8. Gary Fergus – Unprincipled, amoral, swindler lawyer. Interested lawyer who’s stolen hundreds of millions from Asbestos Trusts. Snyder’s old partner in crime at Brobeck. Calling him a piece of shit is a compliment.
  9. Laura Paul – “Reno Trailer Trash” – Has overseen the theft of billions. Pathological liar. Deceitful felon. The dumbest person on the list – by far! Former Mustang Ranch worker?
  10. Sara Beth Brown – Worse than trailer trash. Lawyer who oversaw theft of Billions from the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust (now fired). Fired from multiple jobs for theft, but hired by the Western Trust to oversee the Trust. See below. Fired from previous job for theft but still hired by these Fraudsters.
  11. Stephen Snyder –  Disgraceful human. CA Lawyer. Lied to Court on MANY occasions. For Brobeck buffoon befriended by Kazan and Brayton. Double-dealing pathological liar. Stole and misappropriated at least $2 Billion. Hated by all, except the criminals here.
  12. Dan Myer – Verus LLC Fraudster. Insider dealer. Liar. Oversees billions through favoritism, disreputable deceit. Known alcoholic whose abilities are impaired.
  13. Ann McMillan – Caplin Drysdale Fraudster – Lies to Asbestos Plaintiff repeatedly to protect criminal bankruptcy fraud. Makes ALL women lawyers look bad with pathological fraud.
  14. Kathleen Campbell Davis – Huge “enabler” of corruption. Worthless shameful lawyer.
  15. Jeanine Donohue – “The Troll” – Trust fraudster lawyer.  Western Asbestos Trust. Stephen Snyder-trained corruption artist.
  16. Molly Spieczny – Corrupt Lawyer. Liar. Enabler of fraud. Stole hundreds of thousands from victim through sham arbitrations to meet her billings. Dumb as a box of rocks.
  17. Jason Rubinstein – Manville’s corrupt New York lawyer. A complete ‘douchebag’. Pathologically amoral.
  18. Jason Garelick – Manville’s unprincipled inside lawyer – Has paid hundreds of millions in fraudulent claims to insiders. Lies to Court/Judges regularly. Enabler of mass fraud.
  19. Peter D’Apice – Texas Fraudster who has his dirty hands in many Trusts. Corrupt Stutzman Firm.
  20. Michael Ahrens – Brayton’s handpicked fraudster.  Terrible person. Traded Brayton wine for services. Fat slob.
  21. Kim Lavin – Verus Trust fraudster. Liar. Insider dealer. Has misappropriated at least a BILLION dollars from victims.
  22. Peter Kraus – Texas Plaintiff lawyer (Waters and Kraus) and huge Fraudster. Liar. Not the brightest.
  23. Gilbert Purcell – Shift plaintiff lawyer  – partners with Alan Brayton. Purcell is a pathological liar. Shifty thief. Zero morals. Find him in Vegas strip clubs.
  24. Barbara Malm – Reno Accountant for Trusts. Pays trust misappropriations (BILLIONS) with no remorse.
  25. Melissa Metzfield – Manville Trust liar. Another ‘female lawyer’ just collecting checks to commit fraud (disgraceful human).
  26. Former Judge Ken Kawaichi – Steven Kazan’s former Judge who took a “Golden Parachute” to commit fraud at Trusts. Kazan’s hand-picked fraudster collecting a check for committing fraud. Extensively involved in the NARCO Trust Fraud. Did Kazan bribe him? “Rule for me on some cases and I will get you a job as an Asbestos Trustee…”
  27. Tom Florence – Retired Ankura Fraudster. Makes ALL lawyer look bad with her corruption. Disgraceful. A true white collar criminal. No respect for rules.
  28. Gregory McHugh – DII/HAL Trust Fraudster. Has improperly paid hundreds of millions to insiders.
  29. Bethany Recht – Thief of Trust funds. Incapable of good faith.
  30. Benjamin Smith – “Doofus” – Morgan Lewis and Bockius bottom feeder lawyer along with Aaron Dutra.
  31. Aaron Dutra – Former Asbestos Defense lawyer – Morgan Lewis and Bockius bottom feeder lawyer
  32. Whitney Lauren – Reno Asbestos Trust processor who will issue “sham” denials – yet pay claims to “insiders”.
  33. Rebecca Sciarrino – Munger Tolles & Olson enabler of fraud and bad faith. Harasser. Misappropriated hundreds of thousands in Trust Funds filing ‘sham’ Motions. Has wasted at least $100,000.00 in Trust Funds in 2022.
  34. Stuart Senator – Munger Tolles & Olson – “Big Law” douchebag. Sciarrino’s sidekick in fraud.
  35.  Aaron Dutra – Corrupt little liar. Unscrupulous Morgan Lewis & Bockius buffoon. Shameful human.
  36. Beverly Weiss Manne – Pittsburgh fraudster. Insider dealer. Bad faith artist.
  37. John Brophy – Former Ankura Fraudster who left their fraud to commit fraud at other Trusts.
  38. Janet Jardin – Low level fraudster working with the DCPF Trust and the DII/HAL Trusts.
  39. Marcellene Malouf – DII Fraudster. Dumb as can be!
  40. David McClain – Kazan’s partner in fraud. Wannabe ‘tough guy’. Complete buffoon with zero social skills (mail order bride fan…)…
  41. Sander Esserman – Has his dirty hands in many, many Asbestos Trusts. A Federalist snob who acts with impunity. Another lawyer at the crappy Stutzman Firm (who has stolen millions).
  42. Michael Molland – Former Morgan Lewis buffoon. This stuttering fool is a bottom feeder. Snyder and Fergus’ buddy.
  43. Rachael Rowe, Esq – Another horrible lawyer stealing a check to commit fraud.
  44. Andrew Ghio – Fraudster radiologist. Hired to be ‘nuetral’ by Ankura but is not. Biased terrible radiologist. Paid off Doctor criminal.
  45. Lisa Correnti Brayton – Alan Brayton’s wife. Knowingly e-mailed the Trust to steal funds for her wedding to Brayton.
  46. David Parsons, Esq. – English dummy handling NARCO Trust fund theft and fraud.
  47. Briana Cioni, Esq. – Pathological liar. Terrible attorney.
  48. Ethan Flint, Esq. – Plaintiff Lawyer who does NOT pay referral fees. Crappy lawyer too!
  49. Emily Stubbs, Esq. – Friedman Kaplan Seiler & Adelman LLP bottom feeder.
  50. Benjamin G. Stewart – Fraudster Lawyer – Many Trusts – find this loser at Sham billing has misappropriated millions from Trusts. A true criminal.
  51. Bethany Recht – Has stolen millions from Trusts through sham billing. Stewart’s partner at their shitty Keating Firm.


Here’s some pictures of the Fraudsters:

Gary Wingo - Certified Criminal Fraudster - Ankura Consulting - MTO's Corrupt Client

Gary Wingo – Certified Criminal Fraudster – Ankura Consulting – MTO’s Corrupt Client

Eve Karasik - California Lawyer Behind the Thorpe Insulation and J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Asbestos Trust Fraud - Medicare Fraud

Eve Karasik – California Lawyer Behind the Thorpe Insulation and J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Asbestos Trust Fraud – Medicare Fraud

The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country - Sheri Bluebond - Biased - Can't Follow the Law

The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country – Sheri Bluebond – Biased – Can’t Follow the Law

Dishonest Lawyer - Ankura's "Puppet" - Worse Person - Marla Eskin - The "Enabler of Ankura Consulting Fraud"

Dishonest Lawyer – Ankura’s “Puppet” – Worse Person – Marla Eskin

New York Fraudster and Trust Fund Thief Jason Rubinstein - Corrupt Lawyer

Jason Rubinstein – Corrupt New York Lawyer – Trust Fund Thief – Unprincipled Douchebag


Steven Kazan - The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America

Steven Kazan – The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America

Alan Brayton - Has stolen over $500 Million from Trusts - Used Trust Funds to Pay for His Wedding!

Alan Brayton -Used Stolen Trust Funds to pay for his wedding.

Stephen Snyder - Fat, Corrupt Lawyer - This Loser "retired" just as the Department of Justice was Investigating

Stephen Snyder – Corrupt Lawyer – This Loser “retired” to escape DOJ Scrutiny…

Kathleen Campbell LevineCorrupt Lawyer

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