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Ankura Consulting LLC – Fired from Asbestos Trusts (Fraud) – Sham Audits…. The “Chips” are falling….

Ankura Consulting LLC – Fired from the Verus Asbestos Trusts (for conducting Sham Audits)

The chips are falling… Ankura Consulting LLC (Washington D.C.’s “Most Corrupt Company”) was FIRED from working for the Verus Asbestos Trusts! Why? No doubt for conducting “sham audits” of asbestos claims, insider dealing with Trust Advisory Committee members, and the excessive misappropriation of Asbestos Trust Funds (millions…).

There could not be a more corrupt company in Washington D.C. than Ankura Consulting LLC! Here are some details of Ankura’s corruption/criminal conduct over the past few years:

  • Ankura has ‘banned’ 4 very esteemed and reputable Doctors (with over 150 years experience combined) from writing reports for Asbestos Trusts throughout entirely sham audits. One of these cases is actively being litigated – see below Complaint Dr. William Durham v. Ankura Consulting LLC (MS). In the process, Ankura Consulting LLC has misappropriated at least $100 Million for conducting the sham audits.
  • Sexual Harassment Lawsuits Against Ankura Consulting LLC? Check. See below.
  • Workplace Discrimination Lawsuits Against Ankura  Consulting LLC? Check. See below.
  • Insider Dealing/Corruption/Fraud/Fiduciary Misconduct at Asbestos Trusts thus harming tens of thousands Asbestos Victim’s claims? Check. See below.
  • Misappropriating BILLIONS from Asbestos Trust Funds to Attorneys and Trust Fiduciaries Steven Kazan, John Cooney and others? Absolutely. 

Simply, Ankura Consulting LLC is Washington D.C.’s most corrupt organization.

In 2021 alone, multiple cases have been filed and/or litigated against Ankura Consulting Group LLC relating to “sham audits”, fraud, insider dealing and corruption related to Asbestos Trusts (where Ankura has misappropriated BILLIONS of dollars from Asbestos Victims Trust Funds). Ankura has been “stealing” Asbestos Victims monies from Asbestos Trusts for nearly a decade now and thankfully, a number of Doctors have sued Ankura.

Here’s a copy of the Sexual Harassment Lawsuit:

Shankar v. Ankura Consulting Grp – Sexual Harassment – Workplace Discrimination (United States District Court, S.D. New York) – Case 1:20-CV-07463-ALC

Here are a few of those lawsuits in addition to the Sexual Harassment Lawsuit above….

Lawsuit – Ankura Conducting Sham Audits to Ban Esteemed Doctors (authorized by Steven Kazan – Plaintiff Lawyer)

Complaint – Dr. Durham v. Ankura Consulting – SHAM AUDITS – MISAPPROPRIATION OF FUNDS

Here’s an example of a “Sham” Ankura Consulting Audit requestSham Ankura Audit Request – Boilerplate Letter Requesting Audit of Claims – Attached is an actual BOILERPLATE letter that is sent to ‘non-favored’ Law Firms from Ankura Consulting when an audit is conducted (“favored Firms” receive a “pass” from audits). Note that Ankura Consulting LLC bills (steals from) Asbestos Trusts at least $50,000.00 to conduct each of these (sham) audits. 99% of the claims they are auditing are claims valued at less than $1,000.00. This is Asbestos Victim’s Trust Fund monies that they are stealing. Ankura Consulting Conducts no less than 300 Audits per year (probably more). That’s $150,000,000 wasted/stolen/misappropriated by Ankura Consulting LLC per year from Asbestos Trusts.

It is important to note one of those “instrumental” in Ankura Consulting LLC’s fraud – Disgraceful Lawyer – Marla Eskin – Eskin has “enabled” Ankura for decades through collusion, insider dealing and criminal motives. Eskin is a terrible attorney and a worse person. A pathological liar to asbestos victims, Law Firms, and Doctors. Eskin should be disbarred and ordered to pay restitution to the Trusts. She is solely responsible for the theft of BILLIONS.

Dishonest Lawyer - Ankura's "Puppet" - Worse Person - Marla Eskin - The "Enabler of Ankura Consulting Fraud"

Dishonest Lawyer – Ankura’s “Puppet” – Worse Person – Marla Eskin

Here’s a picture of Ankura Consulting LLC’s Most Corrupt Employee involved in EVERY Sham Audit

Gary Wingo (The “King of Asbestos Trust Fund Fraud and Theft”)

Wingo_Gary_Digital1-445x445Gary Wingo – Ankura Fraudster

So which Ankura Employees/Consultants are involved in theft, misappropriation of Trust funds and/or sexual harassment?

  1. Gary WingoInsider Dealer/Corrupt Gary Wingo – Misappropriated Billions From Asbestos Victims (link to picture of Wingo). For the past 10 years, Wingo has acted with impunity, despite his “Fiduciary Status”. Wingo calls himself a “certified fraud examiner” – but clearly, this is a sham title as Wingo is only a certifiable fraudster. NOTHING Wingo does is “honest” with his sole goal to ‘steal’ (bill) Asbestos Trusts. EVERYONE knows Wingo is a complete fraud.
  2. Bruna Patterson – Not the Rebecca Patterson mentioned in the lawsuit. Bruna is a huge fraudster.
  3. Tom Florence (retired) – Florence ‘taught’ Wingo and Patterson how to commit fraud and how to steal from Asbestos Trusts….He retired just as the lawsuits against Ankura Consulting, LLC were filing up (after stealing millions and misappropriating billions of dollars from asbestos victims.
  4. Steve Kazan, Attorney – As an “Asbestos Claimant’s Committee” Member of 35+ Asbestos Trusts, Kazan has colluded with  Ankura Consulting Group LLC, to engage in favoritism, fraud and other wrongdoing. Kazan is the “enabler” of Ankura Consulting’s corruption, fraud, and theft.

    Steven Kazan - The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America

    Steven Kazan – The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America-Has colluded with Ankura for over a decade…

The clear message:

Never hire Ankura Consulting Group, LLC unless you want monies misappropriated (Billions of dollars…), sexual harassment, and workplace discrimination….


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