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Former Judge Ken Kawaichi and Attorney Steven Kazan – Corruption, Fraud, Insider Dealing & Quid Pro Deals

Steven Kazan’s Quid Pro Quo Deals With Judges, Former Judges and Asbestos Trustees Need to Be Investigated by the Department of Justice

Steven-Kazan-The-Face-of-Asbestos-Trust-Corruption-and-Fraud-214x300Steven Kazan –  Corrupt Quid Pro Quo Deals With Former Judges – Asbestos Trustees

Judge Ken KawaichiFormer Judge Ken Kawaichi – Insider Dealing – Fraud – Biased rulings for Steven Kazan (Kazan McClain) – His Payoff? A $250,000.00 per year seat on the NARCO Board of Trustees (along with Kazan)….

The King of Corruption and (illegal) Quid Pro Quo Deals is none other than Asbestos Attorney Steven Kazan.

Are his deals a “fraud” on Asbestos Victims? Of course.

Do Kazan’s Quid Pro Quo Deals misappropriate money from Asbestos Victims? – Billions.

Corrupt deals with Former Judges? It’s Kazan’s modus operandi. 

Even worse – Kazan touts himself as a ‘Champion’ for Asbestos Victims. Kazan’s a loser. A thief. A big fraud.

The number of (corrupt) quid pro quo deals Kazan has negotiated to misappropriate Asbestos Trust Funds cannot be accurately measured. We know Kazan has quid pro deals with former and current judges. We know Kazan has many quid pro quo deals with Asbestos Trustees. And in every case – the goals are simple:  Misappropriate as much from Asbestos Trust Funds as possible. ‘Double Dip’ at will. Because when you’re a greedy lawyer (Kazan) who has lined every Asbestos Trust with “insiders”  who then value your claims – the fraud is limitless…

Let’s give you some examples of Kazan’s Quid Pro Deals:

  1. Kazan has a Quid Pro Quo deal with Former Alameda Judge Hon. Ken Kawaichi. Which Judge presided over dozens and dozens of Kazan Trials in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Kazan donated to Kawaichi’s “Judges Dinners”. No doubt had a personal relationship with him. But then Kawaichi presided over Kazan’s (biggest) case versus Western Asbestos/Western McArthur. Positive rulings for Kazan’s meant hundreds of millions in Kazan’s pockets. Did Kazan get the rulings from Kawaichi (despite obvious fraud!)? Of course. Now why would Kawaichi do that? Simple – Kazan’s ‘golden parachute’ was awaiting Kawaichi. A quid pro quo (promise) from Kazan that if Kawaichi ruled for Kazan (and his buffoon partner David McClain) – Kawaichi could retire from the Bench with multiple high paying Asbestos “Trustee” positions. What happened? Kawaichi ruled for Kazan (despite obvious fraud) and retired. And what does Kawaichi do now? Makes millions of dollars as a “Trustee” for Asbestos Trusts – just as promised. See attached documents – Kazan appeared before Kawaichi and received favorable rulings in hundreds of cases – Kawaichi’s payoff? A seat on the NARCO Board of Trustees (run by Kazan) and a salary of $250,000.00 per year for life…. See attached documents as proff of their dealings – Kawaichi – Kazan – Insider Dealing – Bad Faith – Interested Party  Kawaichi – Bad Faith – Kaminski v. Western MacArthur Co (highlighted) Ken Kawaichi – Interested Party – Relationship to Asbestos Trust Lawyers
  2. Kazan has a Quid Pro Quo deal Asbestos Trustees (former Judge Ken Kawaichi) to “Destroy” Attorney Competition or Doctors Used by Attorney Competitors. Like Tom Florence, Kazan is ‘responsible’ for appointing dozens of other Asbestos Fiduciaries. Do you think those Fiduciaries who are appointed by Kazan provide favoritism to Kazan? Definitely! Examples include Mary Ellen Nickel (DCPF Trusts), Laura Paul (Western Asbestos Trust), Bethany Recht (Many Trusts), Marla Eskin (DCPF – she’s basically Kazan’s ‘bitch’…). But it’s not just favoritism they provide. Marla Eskin banned the Mandelbrot Law Firm (without ever auditing) from ALL DCPF Trusts. Marla Eskin banned  Dr. William Durham (in conjunction with Ankura – Florence) – who treated thousands of asbestos victims – from ALL DCPF Trusts. Why would they do that? Simple – More Money for the Greedy Kazan. More Money for Eskin, Paul, Nickel. Less money for victims.

Kazan and Kawaichi make Trump look like an Angel. If the Department of Justice wants to find the definition of corrupt quid pro quo deals – start with Steven Kazan!!!


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