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Judge Sheri Bluebond – The Most Corrupt Judge in American History

Judge Sheri Bluebond – The Most Corrupt Judge in American History


The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country - Sheri Bluebond - Biased - Unethical Relationship to Eve Karasik

The Most Corrupt Judge in American History = Sheri Bluebond – Has Financial and Personal Interest in EVERY big case she oversees. Deplorable human being.

Everything ruling by ‘sham’ Los Angeles Bankruptcy Judge Sheri Bluebond should be questioned. Every one.

Bluebond is a complete fraud! Can you imagine a Judge who only rules for parties when she has a personal financial interest in the outcome or a personal loyalty to a lawyer involved? A Judge who ignores the Law entirely? That is Judge Sheri Bluebond. 

You can find corrupt Judge Sheri Bluebond roaming the Bankruptcy Courts in the Central District of California.

And be assured – Judge Sheri Bluebond is the “Most Corrupt Judge in American History.”

Let me introduce you to Corrupt Judge Sheri Bluebond – Los Angeles Bankruptcy Judge…

  1. Is Sheri Bluebond a Judge who only rules favorably for litigants based on “who” is appearing before her when one of her “friends” is a Litigant? Ruling ONLY based on “loyalty”? You got it! Despite rules prohibiting the appearance of “bias” and serving with Litigants on Boards of Directors, Bluebond maintains her seat on at least 3 Boards of Directors for Los Angeles Bankruptcy Organizations (presumably to take more bribes).
  2. Is Sheri Bluebond a Judge who rules on cases when she personally has a financial interest in the outcome of the case? Absolutely! In any case involving Los Angeles corrupt lawyers Eve Karasik, Daniel J. Bussel, Thomas E. Patterson, and others – if you are the opponent – you don’t stand a chance. Bluebond will ONLY rule for her buddies who then ‘fund’ her Judicial Campaign.
  3. Will Sheri Bluebond funnel Bankrupt Victim monies to her Lawyer friends and ignore Department of Justice Rules prohibiting the same? You know it! Sheri Bluebond has misappropriated at least $400 million in bankrupt victim funds improperly.
  4. Will Sheri Bluebond ignore well settled Law (precedent) from cases decades ago solely so she can rule improperly for friends? Yes! Only Judge Sheri Bluebond.
  5. Has Judge Sheri Bluebond taken BRIBES? You know it! Tacit or otherwise from lawyers Los Angeles lawyers Eve Karasik, Thomas E. Patterson, Daniel J. Bussel, (a complete fraud), and Sasha M. Gurvitz (these lawyers should be in jail along with Bluebond).
  6. Was Sheri Bluebond a ‘willing participant’ in  sexual harassment (from ‘serial’ former Chief Judge Alex Kozinski who interviewed Bluebond) just to get appointed to the Bench (since no one would ever elect her…)? 100% – Bluebond “enabling” Sexual Harassment was her only chance to get appointed to the Bench!
  7. Is Sheri Bluebond a Judge who has her “favored parties/close buddies” write Orders for her months in advance so she can rule exactly for her favored parties? Yes. Only Bluebond.
  8. Is Sheri Bluebond a Judge who will improperly exclude evidence for her non-favored parties? Absolutely!! She did it to me, thus harming thousands and thousands of Asbestos Victims solely for “bribery payback” to her buddies who were litigating.
  9. Is Sheri Bluebond a  Judge who is a pathological liar? Yes. Yes. Yes.
  10. Has Sheri Bluebond filed false and sham State Bar Complaints against litigants who questions her Corruption? Of course. The narcissistic Sheri Bluebond couldn’t handle being caught! And finally…
  11. Has Sheri Bluebond enabled the misappropriation of over $1 Billion to her friends from Asbestos Victims’ Trust Funds (Thorpe Insulation and J.T. Thorpe, Inc.)? You know it!! The proof is overwhelming and irrefutable!

HERE IS A COLLECTION OF DOCUMENTS PROVING Judge Sheri Bluebond is the Most Corrupt Judge in American History – A liar to her core!

Charts Displaying Improper and Unethical Bluebond Relationships

Mandelbrot State Bar Response- Sham Bluebond Complaint – Case Number 19-O-10253

10 years of Notice to Bluebond of her Fraud and Theft – Compilation of Letters to Judge Bluebond (Notice)

Judicial Complaint – Filed Against Corrupt Judge Bluebond (Reviewed by Sexual Harasser Former Judge)

Letter to Bluebond – State Bar Complaint -Sham Sheri Bluebond Complaint Against Mandelbrot

Improper Relationships – Karasik and Bluebond- Bluebond has Financial Interest/Loyalty to Karasik, Daniel J. Bussel, Thomas E. Patterson and will ONLY rule for them

2022 Annual Report Fraud – Judge Sheri Bluebond and Eve Karasik – Partners in Corruption

Proof – Eve Karasik Campaigning for Judge Bluebond while Litigating Before Her

Exhibit 2 – Misconduct, Insider Dealing Presiding Judge Sheri Bluebond

Chart – Judge Sheri Bluebond – Following the Money – Following the Corruption

Bluebond Meets Kozinski in 2000 – Sexual Harassment? Absolutely knowing Kozinski – and Bluebond was receptive solely so she could become a corrupt Judge

Bluebond’s Order Approving Fergus to Continue Misappropriating Trust Funds

$50 Million in Stolen Funds – Western/Thorpe Annual Reports – Improper Payments to Interested Parties by Judge Bluebond – the Department of Justice Rules prohibit these Payments! Bluebond Ignored the D.O.J.



  The most corrupt Judge in America – Sheri BluebondCorrupt-Judge-Sheri-Bluebond-Insider-Dealer

There simply cannot be a Judge more corrupt than Judge Sheri Bluebond!

An embarrassment to the Court.

An embarrassment to her Family.

An embarrassment to her Jewish Temple.

An embarrassment to her friends. 

An embarrassment to UCLA.

An embarrassment to the California State Bar.

An embarrassment to the Judiciary.

Corrupt Judge Sheri Bluebond    – Bribery and Insider Dealing are the “Norm” for this Corrupt Judge


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