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Mandelbrot Law Firm wins Appeal versus Thorpe Trusts – Case Remanded!

Note from Michael Mandelbrot regarding successful Appeal against Thorpe Trusts –

This was a long time coming! It’s been decades of bad faith and corruption by the J.T. Thorpe, Inc. ( Settlement Trust Fiduciaries and Thorpe Insulation Settlement Trust Fiduciaries ( My office was only sued for exposing this corruption and misappropriation of funds by these Fiduciaries. Everyone knows I have never filed an unreliable claim and in fact, my office files the most thorough and reliable claims in the Country. These fraudsters tried to wipe out the “Whistleblower” (me) through a sham lawsuits, sham audits, judicial bias, and bad faith — while misappropriating millions of dollars of victims funds in the process (Gary Fergus, attorney in California ‘stole’ millions). This victory in the Appeal of the bad faith lawsuit me is one step towards justice. Justice for me. Justice for my office. Justice for my family. And justice for all victims of asbestos diseases.

The pack of fraudsters and co-conspirators who run these Trusts, including Trust Fiduciaries Alan Brayton, Sara Beth Brown, Gary Fergus, Stephen Snyder, and David McClain have misappropriated nearly a billion dollars from Thorpe, Western and J.T. Thorpe Trust Beneficiaries, while breaching their duty to these same Beneficiaries. Here are examples of mass Trust Fraud and Misappropriations by the “Fiduciaries” who sued me:

– Malpractice Claim Targets Bay Area Attorney – Brayton Sued for Trust Fraud

Annual Reports – Millions of Dollars Misappropriated to Kazan, Brayton, Snyder, Brobeck, Morgan Lewis (all “Interested” parties)

Chart – Bluebond – Following the Money – Following the Corruption

Victims deserved better.

On September 14, 2017, the United States Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit VACATED the District Court’s Order against the Mandelbrot Law Firm which enforced an “illegal” settlement agreement.

The Court got it right! This is great opportunity for vindication and to expose the ‘mass corruption. There was never a valid settlement and the Trusts and Court knew it. Had a completely biased and corrupt Judge (Sheri Bluebond) not heard the case, the case would have dismissed years ago.

A copy of the United States 9th Circuit Appellate Court Opinion is attached here — where the Mandelbrot Law Firm was successful in against the ‘crooks’:

9th Circuit Opinion – Case Remanded – Mandelbrot wins!

I cannot wait to get back to Court. I suspect other Trusts (also engaging in corruption) will ‘band together’ and conspire with the Thorpe Trusts. We’re ready! After the corruption and bad faith we’ve faced, we’re ready for anything.

When I despair, I remember that all through the history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants (like Brayton and Steven Kazan) and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall – Think of it, ALWAYS. (Gandhi).


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