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Multiple Asbestos Trust Fraud Investigations and Lawsuits Ongoing All With One Common Link – Asbestos Attorney Steven Kazan

Multiple Asbestos Trust Fraud Investigations and Lawsuits Ongoing All With One Common Link – Asbestos Attorney Steven Kazan

Steven Kazan - The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America

Steven Kazan – The Most Corrupt Asbestos Lawyer in America

The investigations and lawsuits are just piling up. One after another related to Asbestos Trust Fraud. Some of these cases specifically refer to Corrupt Oakland Asbestos Lawyer Steven Kazan. And while other don’t refer to Kazan….he’s “involved.”

For the past 2 Decades – through mass corruption and fraud – one lawyer has misappropriated BILLIONS of dollars from Asbestos Victims.  Yes, BILLIONS. Whether through insider dealing, fraud, bad faith, sham lawsuits, sham audits – Steven Kazan has “corrupted” nearly EVERY Asbestos Trust in America. And there are lots of Trusts.Chart – Complete List of Asbestos Trusts – Most Corrupted by Asbestos Lawyer Steven Kazan

Amazing that this douchebag Kazan is supposed to be “Fiduciary” for Asbestos Victims….but he is no less than a “Greedy Thief”.

And everyone knows. Everyone. Plaintiff lawyers. Defense Lawyers. Even his own Staff.

Let’s take a look at NEW Lawsuits and Investigations All Tied to Steven Kazan:

  1. 2 Esteemed Doctors are Suing Asbestos Trust Fiduciary “Ankura Consulting” for Ruining their Careers and Reputations through Sham Audits. How is Steven Kazan behind this corruption? Kazan works closely with Ankura and has authorized these sham audits. Why? Kazan – who also files claims with the Asbestos Trusts (wearing the ‘hat’ of Plaintiff Lawyer) is SO GREEDY that he simply wants all the money for himself. By banning and ruining the careers of esteemed Doctors, Kazan (who has already STOLEN billions from these same Trusts) thinks there will be more money for him. Note the Complaint (see link) specifically mentions Kazan. Lawsuit – Ankura Conducting Sham Audits to Ban Esteemed Doctors (authorized to Kazan)
  2. Lawsuit v. J.T. Thorpe, Inc. – Medicare Fraud – July 13, 2021 – See link. Kazan is undeniably tied to this ‘mass Trust fraud’ resulting in a Lawsuit filed against the Trust. Kazan – like most Trusts – is a “Fiduciary” for the J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Trust. By defrauding Medicare, Kazan put millions more $$$ in his pockets (after received “favorable” treatment and “excessive payments” from this same Trust. Kazan and his cronies have defrauded Medicare out of tens of millions…. I have personally urged the attorneys to also sue the Western Asbestos Trust, Thorpe Insulation Trust and Plant Asbestos Trust where identical Fiduciaries (Kazan) engaged in identical Medicare fraud.
  3. Justice Department Bankruptcy Court Filing – Bestwall – December 28, 2020 – Bestwall – who was pushed into Bankruptcy, in part, by Steven Kazan KNOWS that Kazan has committed mass fraud in Asbestos Trust Claims. Excessive Payments. “Double Dipping” etc… – Kazan is the KING of Fraud. In fact – many, many articles have been written about the “Broken” system of Asbestos Trusts (fraud) and specifically referred to Steven Kazan…. Here is an ORDER from the Bankruptcy Court that Kazan is desperately fighting (even risking contempt – to hide his mass fraud) – Bestwall – Court Order Currently being Opposed by Kazan to Hide His Asbestos Trust Fraud. See the United States Bankruptcy Court – Western District (Charlotte) – In re BESTWALL LLC, Debtor, Chapter 11 – Cas No. 17-31795 (LTB).
  4. In Mississippi – Another esteemed Doctor is suing Ankura. Durham v. Ankura – Order Denying Ankura’s Venue Motion – Case Remains in Federal Bankrupcty Court in MS. See #1 above. Is Kazan involved? OF COURSE!! Same reason. The greedy pig (Kazan) wants to misappropriate Trust money -Kazan doesn’t utilize Dr. Durham as an expert. If Durham is banned from Trusts – less claims pass (thousands) and there is more $$$$ for the greedy bitch Kazan.
  5. Justice Department Files Statement Of Interest Urging Transparency In The Compensation Of Asbestos Claims –Justice Department – Statement of Interest – Bestwall Bankruptcy – December 2020. Everyone KNOWS Kazan is a Fraud. Again – this is solely tied to Steven Kazan. This article will help explain -Link –  Article – Need for Transparency in Asbestos Trusts and the Tort System – “Double Dipping” – Referring to Steven Kazan, Insights And Inconsistencies – Asbestos Trust Fraud Kazan Fraud Brayton Fraud, Article – DUBIOUS DISTRIBUTION – ARTICLE DETAILING FIDUCIARY FRAUD – Again – it is Steven Kazan they are referring to….

How the Justice Department has not investigated this clown Kazan is shocking! Other corruption relating to Asbestos Trusts and Litigation Kazan has accomplished:

  1. Kazan has Secret Deals with Doctors at USCF Medical Center – Quid Pro Quo Deals to Refer Kazan Cases – Everyone Knows for Decades (yes, decades) Kazan has “paid off” the Doctors at UCSF to refer him cases. I have personally had many clients to to UCSF and the first thing out of their mouth is “we have a lawyer for that”…referring to Kazan….
  2. Kazan has “Stolen” Asbestos Trust Funds i.e. Awarding himself “Attorney Fees” from Asbestos Trusts even though it’s absolutely precluded by the Department of Justice. Brayton, Kazan, McClain and Snyder Stealing 47 Million from Trust Victims, J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Annual Reports – Detailing Kazan stealing millions – Annual Reports – Millions of Dollars Misappropriated to Kazan, Brayton, Snyder, Brobeck, Morgan Lewis (all “Interested” parties).
  3. Kazan has violated nearly EVERY Justice Department “Criminal” provision on Asbestos Trusts – Department of Justice Chapter 11 Handbook – Numerous Violations by Steven Kazan
  4. Nearly a DOZEN Addition Asbestos Trust Wrongdoings – – All tied to Kazan…
    1. AWI Dept of Justice Filing – Tied to Kazan Fraud
    2. ASARCO Trust Notice of CID (03-17-2019)-Department of Justice Letter to Trusts – tied to Kazan
    3. OCFB Dep of JusticeDepartment of Justice Letter to Trusts – tied to Kazan
    4. Justice Department – Statement of Interest – Bestwall Bankruptcy – December 2020
    5. Department of Justice Motion – Fiduciary Fraud – Again – tied to Kazan!
    6. Department of Justice Press Release – Asbestos Trusts – Kazan
    7. Department of Justice – False Claims Act Filing – DII Trusts – Kazan runs this Trust too!!
    8. Trust Fiduciary Alan Brayton and Steve Sacks Collusion to Deceive DOJ – Kazan tied to this too
    9. Filing exemplifying Kazan’s Double Dipping – here is a recent Court filing – Kazan attempting to “Double Dip”
    10. Kazan – Fraud before House Judiciary Committee (2002) – Kazan even lied to Congress…
    11. PPP Loan Information – Yes, not only did Kazan misappropriate from Asbestos Trusts – but he stole MILLIONS from the government through PPP Loan Fraud (this was for companies that “needed” the monies – not greedy lawyers who have hundreds of millions (if not “billions”)…


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