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PLANT INSULATION SETTLEMENT TRUST – Fraud, Bad Faith and the Concealment of Asbestos Job Sites by Trust Fiduciaries

NOTE – If you are an attorney filing claims with the Plant Asbestos Settlement Trust – You are being scammed by the Plant Asbestos Settlement Trust (

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Marin County Superior Court Judge Haakenson required an amended Complaint to be filed against Stephen Healy. Judge Haakenson requested more specificity in 5 of the 16 causes of action. The First Amended Complaint was filed on December 21, 2016. A Copy of the Complaint is attached. Causes of Action against Healy include Breach of Contract, Fraudulent Misrepresentation and Legal Malpractice.

Copy of First Amended Complaint – Complaint filed Against Petaluma Lawyer Stephen Healy

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