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America’s Top 10 Corrupt Female Lawyers (Asbestos) – 2022 Edition

America’s Top 10 Corrupt Female Lawyers (Asbestos) – 2022 Edition

October 2022

The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country - Sheri Bluebond - Biased - Can't Follow the Law

The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country – Sheri Bluebond – Biased – Can’t Follow the Law

The results are in! The “Most Corrupt Female Lawyers” in the United States have been chosen (Asbestos Litigation Edition)! Amazingly, one who made the list is not even a lawyer (or a College Graduate – Laura Paul, Reno, NV). Some Female Lawyers are the Top Lawyers in America. Others? A complete embarrassment to all lawyers and professionals. Insider Dealing, Corruption and Bad Faith is the ‘norm’ with these Female lawyers.

And the lawyer at the top of the list (Judge Sheri Bluebond, Bankruptcy Court -CA – Central District) remains unchanged. Bluebond is a disgrace to all female lawyers, a disgrace to all Judges, a disgrace to UCLA (where she partied her way through school), a disgrace to all Jews, and a disgrace to her family.

Collectively, these female lawyers are the “worst of the worst”. Insider dealing and corruption is the norm with these female lawyers. Heartless. Soulless. Happy to engage in corruption if it helps line their pockets. These female lawyers have collectively misappropriated BILLIONS of dollars (specifically earmarked for asbestos victims) from asbestos trusts. Billions! Always to appease their male superiors. Criminals? Absolutely. Pathological liars? Every one of them. Nothing these lawyers have ever done in the past 15 years  was not without fraud, insider dealing and bad faith – always to please their male superiors.

If you are a family member, “friend”, acquaintance, or colleague of one of these women – it’s time you knew the “truth” – these are the most corrupt, dishonest, deplorable, women lawyers in America. A disgrace to the legal profession.

So let’s introduce you to ….”The Most Corrupt Women Lawyers in America”…With Lots More Info on Each Below!!

  1. Judge Sheri Bluebond – Corrupt, Dishonest Judge – Bankruptcy Fraud, Los Angeles. The worst Judge in America. Solely decides cases based on who is representing a party (not the facts or law). Has enabled the criminal theft of nearly a Billion Dollars. Purposely harms Asbestos Victims and their lawyers to misappropriate Asbestos Trust Funds.
  2.  Delaware Lawyer – Marla Eskin – Eskin is a pathological liar. Fraudster. Delaware Lawyer. Should be disbarred – Complaints pending….Has misappropriated over $1B to Plaintiff lawyers through insider dealing and fraud –
  3. Corrupt Trust Lawyer Mary Ellen Nickel – Corrupt Trust LawyerBiggest Liar in America. America’s Fraud Queen. A criminal. Has misappropriated billions. Disgraceful.
  4. Caplin and Drysdale’s Ann McMillan – Lap Dog to Plaintiff Lawyers. Has never accomplished one thing but fraud!
  5. Trailer Trash – Reno’s Laura Paul – Trust worker/Liar/Fraudster – Former Mustang Ranch worker? See
  6.  Kathleen Campbell Davis – Trust Lawyer – HUGE Fraudster – Zero morals. Uses Trust Funds as her personal piggy bank thus robbing Victims of their funds. Shifts Trusts to Processing groups (MLC Trust) so she can steal additional funds.
  7. Melissa Metzfield – Manville Trust Liar, Insider Dealer. A puppet to her male superiors. Has misappropriated $1B from the Manville Trust. Look at how much money is going?
  8. Briana Cioni – Trust Lawyer – Fraudster. Works at the most corrupt Firm in Texas. Insider dealing. Complete fraud!! NARCO Trust fund thief.
  9. Eve Karasik – Judge Bluebond’s longtime buddy in fraud – Trust Lawyer (Dummy). A disgraceful human. Billion Dollar thief. Repugnant.
  10. Rebecca Sciarrino – Munger, Tolles, Olson fraudster. Bills Trusts over $750 per hour to commit fraud. A complete idiot with zero morals.

Want more….see below….

America’s Top 10 Corrupt Female Lawyers (Asbestos Edition – 2022)

  1. Judge Sheri Bluebond, Los Angeles, California – Not Just a Corrupt Female lawyer, but
    “The Most Corrupt Judge in America!

The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country - Sheri Bluebond - Biased - Can't Follow the Law

The Most Dishonest Judge in the Country – Sheri Bluebond. Has her “favored parties” write rulings for her weeks before hearings! Entirely biased. Breaks every ethical rule for Judges with no remorse. Can’t follow the Law. Somehow, this troll Bluebond is a California Lawyer/Judge. She could not be a more disgraceful person. Compilation of Letters to Judge Bluebond (Notice)-Detailing Thorpe Insulation and J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Corrupt and Fraud 2014-Present. Primarily responsible for multiple lawsuits filed in 2021 that will cost Asbestos Victims tens of Millions. Lawsuit v. J.T. Thorpe, Inc. – Medicare – Bluebond Judge – Sham Oversight and here’s another link to a 2021 Lawsuit related to a Trust this troll Judge oversees – MSP Recovery v. Thorpe Insulation – Medicare Fraud – Corrupt Judge Sheri Bluebond presiding

It’s even worse with her – Used sexual harassment (she was receptive!)to get ‘Appointed’ as a Judge(Judge Kozinski-known sexual harasser was her ‘mentor’). Bluebond Insider Dealer/Fraud/Bribery. Here are some letters written to Judge Bluebond detailing her fraud. An embarrassment to all Judges. A complete embarrassment to UCLA Law School (she was known as a ‘drunk’ in Law School).  Bluebond Letter – Thorpe Trust Record – Jan 2021, Exhibit 2 – Misconduct, Insider Dealing Presiding Judge Sheri Bluebond, Chart – Bluebond – Following the Money – Following the Corruption, Improper Relationship – Karasik and Bluebond. Here are Judicial Complaints filed against Judge Bluebond (rejected because her ‘buddies’ reviewed the Complaints) – Judicial Complaint – Filed – Judge Bluebond and here’s another Letter to Bluebond – Judicial Misconduct – J.T. Thorpe

2. Marla Eskin ( Delaware Lawyer – Former Plaintiff Lawyer who was hired to by Delaware Asbestos Trusts to Assist in “MASS” Fraud. A pathological liar with no soul. Terrible lawyer and clearly a worse person. Dishonest. Due to her insider dealing and fraud as an attorney for many Trusts, this buffoon has ‘banned’ multiple esteemed Doctors and Lawyers from submitting to Trusts and has misappropriated “billions” to corrupt Plaintiff lawyers. Currently (2021) stealing Trust monies to hire lawyers to defend her Fraud in Missisippi Federal Court. Marla Eskin behind his Lawsuit to Conceal Fraud – .Amended Complaint.DURHAM.07.27.20 A criminal. Link: Eskin Criminal Complaint. 

3. Mary Ellen Nickel-Delaware Lawyer – Delaware Claims Processing Facility FRAUD. Dumb as a box of rocks!  A Liar to her core. Has Misappropriated hundreds of millions to Kazan and Brayton above through insider dealing and bias. A corrupt and dishonest lawyer (and person). Former Defense Lawyer who lied to multiple Judges to obtain a Trust Fiduciary position. Personally  has stolen millions. Ankura’s Motion to Dismiss – A Pack of Lies – Nickel behind this sham audit. 

4.Washington D.C. (Caplin Drysdale) Lawyer Ann C. McMillan  (Pathological Liar) Implicated in Justice Department’s Unprecedented Filing in Bestwall Asbestos Trust

– Ann McMillan –Corrupt Caplin Drydale Lawyer Implicated In Justice Department Filing


Ann C. McMillan DC Asbestos Lawyer Implicated in Justice Department Filing

For the past 20 years, Ann C. McMillan has been a Fiduciary of Asbestos Trusts and acted with impunity. McMillan always values money, bad faith, and insider dealing above Asbestos victims despite a strict Fiduciary Duty.

McMillan has misappropriated  hundreds of millions of dollars – if not a billion dollars from meritorious asbestos disease victims though her work with Asbestos Trusts.

Finally, it appears the Justice Department is coming for Ann C. McMillan ( Finally!

On December 28, 2020 the Justice Department (DOJ) filed a Statement of Interest in the In Re Bestwall LLC  Bankruptcy Case “Urging Transparency in Asbestos Claims”….This is everything Ann C. McMillan has tried to avoid for decades because of her insider dealing and misappropriation of Asbestos Trust funds.

Here is the filing by the Justice Department in the Bankruptcy Court in the Western District of North Carolina.

Justice Department – Statement of Interest – Bestwall Bankruptcy – December 2020

Justice Department Bankruptcy Court Filing – Bestwall – December 28, 2020

Critical in these filings in the fact that every dishonest and corrupt act cited by Justice Department has been accomplished with regards to Asbestos Trusts by Ann C. McMillan. And although the Justice Department does not refer to her by name – they are clearly referring to Ann C. McMillan and other Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries McMillan has colluded with  regards to Asbestos Trusts (Plaintiff lawyer Steven Kazan et al.).

In fact, the  Justice Department’s  In Re Bestwall LLC  Bankruptcy Case filing “Urging Transparency in Asbestos Claims” specifically refers to the following dishonest, corrupt, and unethical conduct McMillan has committed for the past 15 years (and currently):

  1. Collusion among Plaintiff lawyers/Trust Advisory Committee Members and other Trustees – Ann C. McMillan, as a Trust Advisory Committee – TAC – Member has done this on dozens of  Asbestos Trusts, including Owens Corning Asbestos Trust, NARCO Asbestos Trust, Western Asbestos Settlement Trusts and many, many more).
  2. Excessive (grossly) payments on (fraudulent) claims – Again, McMillan has made grossly excessive payments on THOUSANDS of claims, thus ‘stealing’ hundreds of millions from asbestos victims (Note – that McMillan not only ‘runs’ the Trusts – she also colludes with those filing claims like Steve Kazan!).
  3. Excessive duplicative recoveries (“Double Dipping) from the every Asbestos Trust. This is why McMillan has avoided “transparency” for decades – she uses Trust funds for excessive, duplicative recoveries is EVERY asbestos trust claim (thousands per year!) filed by  her buddies (Steve Kazan). Disgraceful.
  4. Diminishing and depleting of Asbestos Trust funds through illegal and excessive improper payments to Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries  so that ALL future Asbestos victims get a small fraction of what they should have received from DCPF Trust funds – The Justice Department is clearly referring to Ann C. McMillan here! And her corrupt ‘band’ of Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries.
  5. Insider dealing and favoritism among Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries – Again, The Justice Department is clearly referring to Ann C. McMillan here! And her corrupt ‘band’ of Asbestos Trust Fiduciaries.
  6. Completely“Sham” Audits (by hiring interested parties) to ban esteemed Lawyers and Doctors and misappropriate Trust funds – Ann C. McMillan is absolutely behind ‘sham audits’ taking place at Trusts. These (fake) audits have banned nearly half a dozen doctors (none used by McMillan) and Lawyers from submitting to Asbestos Trusts. This is criminal, punitive conduct by McMillan. Her corrupt Firm ( never audits favored parties on exposure evidence and excessive payments. In addition, McMillan’s favored Firm never get audited. This fraud by McMillan is solely to suppress legitimate claims and ‘steal’ Asbestos victims monies.
  7. Gross mismanagement of Asbestos Trusts – McMillan has grossly mismanaged at least 25 Asbestos Trusts (as the controlling TAC member). McMillan is a fraud…

5.  Laura Paul, Reno, Nevada ( – Easily could be #1 on the list. But considering she’s not a lawyer or even a college graduate, she’s a bottom (feeder). Many have speculated she used sexual favors (on corrupt male lawyers) to even get her job (she does have 4 kids with 4 different fathers).  Has stolen BILLIONS from Asbestos Victims. Has ruined distinguished medical and legal careers to carry out fraud. Here’s a prior post about this troll Laura Paul – Should be jailed for theft. One of the ‘dumbest’ humans on this planet….It would be compliment to call her “Trailer Trash” – The Country’s most disgraceful Trust employee at;;; and Can someone tell me how Paul – with no College Education – was effectively running these Billion Dollar Trusts?  Western/Thorpe Trust ‘pigeon’ – liar who has spent a decade assisting Brayton/Snyder/Kazan is misappropriation. Incredibly unqualified to work at Trusts (maybe McDonalds) yet was hired solely to aid in fraud. Dumb as a box of rocks. Probably dumber. Trust thief from –  Not surprising why Paul had 4 kids w/4 different dads by the age of 35. Reno/Sparks ‘poster child’ of fraud. Laura Paul – Picture

6. Kathleen  Campbell Davis- Another Campbell and Levine Fraudster (along with Marla Eskin) – PA Lawyer – Clearly corrupt. Not bright. Has used GM Trust money and others as her personal piggy bank. Sham artist and liar. One troll of a lawyer. p: 302.426.1900  ext. 2105

8. Ankura Consulting Lawyers, Washington, DC – Coming soon….Lawsuits are piling up against Ankura. Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination, Trust Fraud. The most corrupt company in Washington DC.

9. Melissa Metzfield – A Pathological Liar.  Manville Trust. Has engaged in insider dealing, fraud, bad faith for decades. Manville Trust pays 1/5th of what it used to due to Metzfield’s misappropriation of funds.

10. Briana L. Cioni – – Her fraud, lies, corruption have led to NARCO Asbestos Trust Lawsuits.  NORTH AMERICAN REFRACTORIES COMPANY ASBESTOS PERSONAL INJURY SETTLEMENT TRUST v. HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC., – Insider Dealing, Fraud – logoThis entire Law Firm has stolen billions, is insider dealers and a pack of frauds.

Honorable Mention:

  1. Molly Spieczny – – Corrupt Daughter of a Judge. Heartless lawyer who has harmed thousands of asbestos victims.
  2. Melissa Metzfied – Manville Trusts Fraudster – Liar
  3. Bruna Patterson – Ankura Consulting LLC – Has Conducted many “sham audits” harming thousands of Asbestos Victims
  4. Sara Beth Brown – Fired from Trusts for Stealing Funds. Misappropriated BILLIONS to Alan Brayton and Steven Kazan from the Western Asbestos Settlement Trust. Reno’s biggest fraud!!! Dumb!! Fired for Stealing from previous job but Asbestos Trust hired her anyway!!

Some female lawyers are absolutely the best in the Country. The best Trial Lawyers. The best Litigators. The best Transactional lawyers.

But just as there are distinguished female lawyers – there are “bottom feeders”. Contemptible humans and lawyers. These females above are an embarrassment to ALL FEMALE LAWYERS. These female lawyers above perpetuate a stereotype of incompetence, bad faith, and insider dealing — always to please male superiors. If you are a family member or friend – Know that these women are a complete disgrace in the legal profession; Know that the food on your table is from stolen asbestos victim funds; Know that the clothes on their back, and the jewelry on their bodies are from stolen asbestos victim’s money; Know that the cars they drive are from stolen asbestos victim money.

America’s Top 10 Corrupt Female Lawyers (Asbestos Edition – 2021)

Mandelbrot Blog: The Mandelbrot Law Firm Blog was started in 2015 in an effort to expose corruption, fraud, bad faith, and theft at Asbestos Trusts. To date, there has been at least $20 Billion stolen/misappropriated from Asbestos Trusts by the lawyers, Judges, Professionals, and fraudsters employed or working with Asbestos Trusts. In 2012, these same corrupt lawyers initiated 3 simultaneous identical ‘sham’ lawsuits against my office. One of the these lawsuits was dismissed. The other two were heard in front of  “the Most Corrupt Judge in the Country” – Judge Sheri Bluebond. Bluebond ruled with favoritism, bad faith, created bad law, and had her favored parties provide her with Orders weeks before a hearing so that she could rule for her ‘buddies’. Sheri Bluebond is not an Appointed or Elected Judge. She applied for the job (like one would apply at a 7-11), and used her Asbestos Trust connections to recommend her to the bench (so Bluebond could then rule for them and ‘enable’ corruption and fraud). Because of Bluebond’s many misguided rulings, Billions of Asbestos Victim monies have been misappropriated while Bluebond has ignored irrefutable evidence of Attorney fraud, bad faith, and criminal conduct (Alan Brayton, Steven Kazan, David McClain). In the cases against my office before Judge Bluebond, her rulings were overturned on Appeal twice (!) after which Bluebond created bad and incomprehensible solely to rule for her buddies at the Trusts (Thorpe Insulation Asbestos Trust and J.T. Thorpe, Inc. Asbestos Trust). The contents of this blog are solely the opinions of Michael Mandelbrot based on publicly available information about public figures. If there is anything inaccurate in this blog, please contact and prompt corrections will be made.
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