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Pittsburgh Corning Asbestos Trust Fraud – Concealment of Unibestos exposure sites

Update October 2017: Nothing has changed since the original publishing. The site list for this Trust is a complete “sham” with Fiduciaries “concealing” thousands of thousands of known Unibestos sites and ships! The Goal of the Corrupt Fiduciaries: To steer as much of the Asbestos Victims PCC Trust Fund to themselves and co-conspirators. Attorneys Tom Florence, Alan Brayton and Steven Kazan and behind this mass fraud.


Notice re: Trust and Fiduciary Fraud — PCC Asbestos Trust


Please allow this notice to Fiduciaries, from Beneficiaries, serve as a Notice of Fiduciary fraud, concealment of job sites and ongoing rackateeing that is taking place with regards to the PCC Asbestos Trust.

Specifically, the Fiduciaries of this Trust (Tom Florence, Steven Kazan, Alan Brayton, Kathleen Campbell Davis, Andrew Oh, Mary Ellen Nickel are ‘concealing’ PCC Unibestos asbestos sites AND ships to favor “Interested Parties” and their Claimants and to fraudulently deprive Trust Beneficiaries by publishing a “sham” site list. Specifically, the named Fiduciaries have verifiable invoices and evidence and records of thousands of PCC Unibestos job sites and ships, and have concealed the same. The clear purpose of the concealment and ‘sham’ site list is to misappropriate PCC Trust funds to ‘interested parties’ Firms, (solely their) claimants and other “interested” Trustees.

If the known, verifiable, and actual PCC Unibestos job sites and ships were published by the Trust — which creates and ‘presumption of exposure’ for anyone who worked at those sites and on those ships — thousands of additional PCC Trust Beneficiaries would have their claims paid.

However, as the PCC Trust currently exists, hundreds of millions of dollars will be misappropriated to “Interested” parties (Steven Kazan/Alan Brayton), PCC Trust Fiduciaries (Kathleen Campbell Davis, Tom  Florence-Ankura Consulting and Trustee, Mary Ellen Nickel, Marla Eskin) and others engaged in this rackateering.

Further, this is an effort to conceal “Double Dipping” by Steven Kazan and Alan Brayton. Each client of Kazan and Brayton will be paid on PCC Claims – after having been fully compensated in the tort system – in a clear case of “Double Dipping”.

PCC’s Interrogatories (language copied below) clearly identify PCC Unibestos “ledger cards” and “invoices”. The current PCC California site list relies solely on a ‘very small portion’ – maybe 25% of the invoices where approximately 75% of the invoices, sites and ships for California have been ‘concealed’ by the Fiduciaries for their personal benefit.

This Defendant’ s records of

sales of its asbestos thermal insulation product consist

of the following for the years indicated:

(a) 1962 – 1972 – Customer ledger cards showing, for each

transaction, an invoice date, product code, invoice

number and dollar amount of transaction.

(b) 1969 through 1972 – Copies of invoices showing

information described in (a), material purchased and

shipping address.


Invoices referred to above are attached. These are just a portion of the documents in which you, the Fiduciaries, are concealing in an effort to misappropriate funds to Steven Kazan (Kazan McClain) and  Alan Brayton (Brayton Purcell) whose claimants receive ‘favorable treatment’ due to their positions as Fiduciaries. We are well aware that your ultimate goal is to divert as much of the PCC Beneficiaries billions in Trust funds to yourselves, your Firms, Delaware Claims Processing, and Kazan and Brayton.

Pittsburgh Corning Invoices – Unibestos Sales (concealed by Trustees)

Pittsburg Corning – More Records straight from Brayton’s files (concealed by Brayton and the Fiduciaries)

The invoices attached include extensive PCC Unibestos sales to the Oakland Army Base (Page 8), Naval Supply Center Oakland (Page 45 and others), Matson Navigation, as well as for use on specific ships including but not limited to the USS Oriskany, USS Diablo, USS Joseph Strauss, USS Cippola and others. In addition, well known to Brayton (since his own documents ID show PID) and the  Trustees is PCC Unibestos specified use on the USS Pintado, USS Guitarro, and many other submaries built in Mare Island. In fact, every Sturgeon-class submarine had PCC Unibestos installed. Every single one of these sites and ships are being concealed by the Fiduciaries in an effort to harm claimants/beneficiaries. These are just a portion of hundreds of sites and ships being concealed.

Victims, Claimants, and Claimants Representatives deserve much better than these frauds….

Copy to U.S. Trustee/Attorney General

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